Sulphur And Spirits

22712026_143329693079113_370281420_oDespite its associations with brimstone, fury and the Old Gentleman, sulphur is actually a very beneficial crystal. It is toxic so I must emphasise DO NOT make an elixir from it and ALWAYS wash your hands after handling it.


Not surprisingly, then, given some of its negative connotations, it can be used to help dissolve bad attachments and release stress. You can carry it around with you, provided it is in a sealed contained or wrapped up securely, to help with mental awareness and avoid people who would deceive you. It can help you get rid of fixed mental patterns and be more open to possibilities too …

At this time of year, as the seasons change, the veil between worlds is thin, and perhaps easier to see through and beyond…

As intelligent beings, I believe everybody should nurture an open mind and be prepared to recognise that things might not always be quite how they seem. Although I have only had a few spiritual experiences myself (the other worldly kind, not the alcoholic sort – had plenty of those) I do feel that everything that has happened in the world leaves an energy imprint behind and when you think of all the people who have gone before us and those still to come, it’s not surprising that sometimes these imprints can be felt.

Not those sorts of spirits Ting!

Possibly any potential haunters regard me as too short-sighted to be worth the effort of an appearance for a really good scare… I remember, though, when I was a little girl, the day after my Burmese made his last journey across the Rainbow Bridge, he came back for one last goodbye. I was lying in bed, totally heartsick and bereft, when I felt a sudden weight at my feet. I was actually a little frightened, as we had no other cats at that time, and then I felt what seemed like little paws, walking up the bed to his usual place at my side. One last “goodnight”? I hope so – I fell asleep shortly afterwards, a little comforted.

And then another, more recent appearance. I was in the kitchen cupboard, dragging out yet another pair of Alex’s trainers to be packed, when out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight – only for a second – of a well beloved grey tabby cat, with smart white shirt front and gleaming white paws. My Walter, forerunner to the present Furry Four and still sadly, achingly missed. It was the first time I’d seen him actually, since he went. I hope he’ll pop in again, make sure things are running smoothly…

So. There’s more than one meaning in the world of spirits… be of good spirits, my friends, don’t imbibe too many spirits and if you see spirits… just say hello from me!


16 thoughts on “Sulphur And Spirits

  1. Good morning!🍵🍪🍵🍪💕💕🐾🐾and I didn’t know you have 3rd eye capabilities😉 Sometimes you sense things well and spot on for me. Thanks. You have a gift that you must use carefully☺to help others😊

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      1. Sorry to hear of your horrible couple of days! Chin up…laundry will be done and after 🍵🍵🍵🍪🍪🍪💕💕🐾🐾you will be ready to conquer the horrid and in with the good things🤗🤗😚😚Big Garfield hugs

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  2. Don’t doubt your gift Samantha. I know you have the gift to see and hear. And you know it too. You just do the human thing and doubt it.

    A beautiful, fabulous, wonderful post. Thrilled you saw what you were meant to see, and felt that which you were meant to feel. Sometimes messages don’t come as words.
    Sending you BIG love and lots of squidges ~ Cobs. x

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  3. Great post! I think it’s nice you felt and saw your beloved cats after their passing. I once read our pets stay with us and still care for us after their passing; not sure how read that is, but it’s a nice thought. 😺❤️

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