Journeys And Jewellery

22711785_142694666475949_715329520_oI seem to have spent a lot of my life travelling, like a particularly bad mathematical question… how long does it take one person, one case and assorted memories to travel from Point A to Point B if they don’t drive… Consequently I have racked up a lot of hours on public transport, mostly buses, but sometimes trains. Now Alex has gone to University (he’s getting on very well too, thank you for all your good wishes) I am travelling again.

22751340_142526699826079_1909739752_oI’m not that great at reading timetables and things like that, but I do have a very good sense of direction, a good memory and the ability to mental-map places…perhaps surprisingly, since I am away with the fairies half the time.. Two weeks ago, Alex’s father and I went to visit him, taking more essentials, like crystals, plants, clean clothes… We went by train and I find train journeys curious things, I’m never entirely happy on them as they seem sealed off little capsules hurtling along while anything could be happening outside. We got there though, reasonably efficiently, although I was quite amused to see three rats at one station we stopped at, rummaging happily through the bins…


Now, buses are the mode of transport I use most often, not necessarily the most comfortable or efficient, but by far the most entertaining – I have had some traumatic experiences but also some highly amusing ones – so I thought this week I would try the bus to Loughborough. It was… epic, as we barrelled down country lanes, scaring pheasants and glimpsing huge herds of menacing looking black cows, through some traditionally pretty English villages… I became more and more convinced that I’m a city girl…

A brief excerpt from my text conversation with Alex:

Me: “I have no idea where we are but we nearly killed a pheasant…”

Him: “Ah. I don’t know either. Can you see any signs..”

Me: “Just passed somewhere called Gotham but never saw Batman…”

Him: …..laughing face emojis….

You get the idea.

However, upon reaching my destination, I was extremely happy to see Alex and after I’d cleaned, tidied and sorted his room, we went out for a late lunch and a look round the shops.

Loughborough has some fabulous charity shops – I find it hard to pass a charity shop without stopping for a look, I found copies of texts Alex needed for his “A” levels at a fraction of the price, and I am also the sort of person who can’t pass a skip without stopping to look – but Loughborough charity shops have been the source of some stunning pieces of jewellery at bargain prices… look…

22711814_142528013159281_2098810922_o (1)
Clear Quartz necklace… 
This is Rhodonite…

Wonderful Landscape Jasper pendant

And although I am still searching for that elusive piece of Faberge, or forgotten Turner masterpiece, I am more than delighted with our haul of genuine crystal jewellery… so I will continue stringing my journeys to Alex together like the individual hearts on this wonderful Fluorite necklace…


32 thoughts on “Journeys And Jewellery

  1. Delightful post! I’ve missed reading them (purely my own fault). I didn’t realize Alex had left. Was it difficult for you? It was for me with the first one; a tad easier with the second. The jewelry is beautiful but you have such eclectic taste and a knack for finding treasures.
    My last long bus trip I decided to sit in the rear of the bus. Huge mistake! The bathroom was right across from my seat and by the time I realized it there really were no empty ones available. Of course, Mr. Stinkweed used it before the wheels began turning. I think I knew when he stayed in there for so long that things weren’t going to bode well for me. Felt like a hostage for the next 6 hours. I haven’t taken a bus since.

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    1. I knew it! I KNEW I’d missed a comment from you! Massively belated apologies…I hope you’re well! 💕💕 It’s nice to see you here too 😸
      I must say I missed Alex horribly for the first couple of weeks…somehow I had it stuck in my head that I wasn’t allowed to see him -LOL- boarding school mentality!!

      The jewellery pieces are indeed treasure…I might actually re-string some of the pieces just to update them a little.

      Lol – your bus journey…most unpleasant! I have had similar experiences where various children have thrown up near me whilst travelling…always good for a laugh…NOT!!!

      Thank you as always, for reading and commenting, lots of love to you 😺💕xxx


  2. I enjoyed this journey with you! I am v happy that Alex has settled in and that there are great shops for you to visit when you see him. Great jewellery pieces! I am bad at public transport ha ha! Have a good weekend😊💕💕🐾🐾☺🍵🍪🍵🍪Good morning!

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    1. I am definitely coming round to catch up…honestly, not enough hours in the day..days in the week..and so on!

      Some of my journeys on public transport assume truly epic proportions…pleased you enjoyed the read. Virtual tea and biscuits and hugs too coming your way – I’m on the laptop so no emojis..:) xx

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    1. Loughborough is a surprisingly nice little town, very student – friendly too. Can’t wait to see what I find next, as I am also quite fond of vintage pottery, although that has a certain risk factor involved, living with four cats! Have a great day 🙂 xxx

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  3. I think your charity shops might be like our second hand shops. I always look at the jewelry but have never found the very cool items like you have! That Jasper pendant is amazing. Also had to laugh at your conversation with Alex…sounds like conversations with my sons.

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    1. Yes, we have those too – charity shops are run by things like Cancer Research, British Heart Foundation and you can donate your unwanted items too. All the profits go to the cause and you can find some wonderful things! We also found two amethyst bracelets, but I forgot to include the pictures of them… 🙂 xx

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  4. Nice! Public transport is pretty unreliable where I live so I mostly drive everywhere (or get someone to fetch me 😆). Too bad you didn’t see Batman though, maybe he’s more active at night. 😛

    Those are some pretty jewellery! I especially love the fluorite one, it reminds me of my agate bracelet. 😀

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  5. Lovely jewelry! Dear Samantha.let me assure you from experience: as many times as you clean, tidy, and straighten up your son’s dormitory room, it reverts back to its original mess the moment you leave! Been there, done that – with two boys! Good luck to Alex and good luck to you traveling! 😻

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