Auras And Angels

22522291_137378393674243_422824421_oI’m loving the Aura Quartzes at the moment. The most readily available is the Angel (also called Opal) Aura quartz. Clear Quartz is already well-known as the Master Healer, that amplifies the effect of every other crystal that it is used in conjunction with; so, to produce the wonderful shimmer, Clear Quartz is bonded with various precious metals.


                  Thank you to Lizian, for letting me photograph these beautiful examples

This was originally an industrial process, used in the manufacture of the reflective backing on car headlights, but used for a higher purpose and created with love, it has produced some fascinating and beautiful crystals.


Some beautiful pieces of Aqua Aura, great for communication and expanding possibilities.

Everything on Earth emits an energy, a subtle vibration – these aura quartzes can be used to link up with the higher energies, that some choose to call Angels, and as they utilise all the colours, these crystals are very beneficial for chakra work, both healing and aligning.


Some beautiful Rose Aura Quartz – good for love, passion and self- esteem

They channel a high level of Life force that can be used to help stimulate the immune system and balance the Mind, Body and Spirit. Emotionally, they are calming and relaxing, and can assist with the release of negativity. They are little bubbles of loving energy from the Universe that connect us to the whole Bar of Soap… sorry… but they are naturally uplifting, a joyous connection to that higher level of vibrational energy that some call Angels.


                                                                        Grumpy angel…. 

Now. Just because I haven’t seen one doesn’t mean they don’t exist…Angels of course. I’ve never seen a panda in the flesh, but I’m pretty sure they exist. As I’ve said, everything on Earth has an energy which can be interpreted in various forms. Some choose to see angels as wonderfully kind, feathery beings of Light… I knew a cockatoo once, called Angel, which was anything but… some, as great explosions of awesome energy, and I mean “engendering awe”, not just pretty cool. Although that too, I suppose.


                                                                  Sweet angel…. 

Which ever way you choose to look at it, we are surrounded by this loving Energy that is with us always, so when our own particular bubble of energy bursts, even though it has changed form, remember it with love. As long as you remember, It exists. And there is Love. Always.

31 thoughts on “Auras And Angels

  1. Love the photo’s Samantha… especially the cats … extra specially the seal point. 😀

    The crystals … they’re all really pretty .. but I cannot bring an Opal into the house because I overheard my Grandmother tell my mum that Opals must never be brought into the house, for they were very bad luck. (And she told a story which ‘proved’ that they were). I was probably only about 6 years old when that happened, but it stuck inside my brain and never left.

    Over the years I’ve fallen in love with many Opals, and came very close to buying one once – but my Grandmothers voice came over loud and clear inside my head and I walked away from it. (Boy was it a beauty too!).

    Giggled about – “I knew a cockatoo once, called Angel, which was anything but” .. I was once shopping in a town centre and came across a charity demonstration thing which was raising money for this charity who were involved in the rehoming of Large Parrot type birds of all descriptions who’s owners had either passed on or could no longer keep them.

    People were allowed to meet and greet the various parrots and although I loved the look of the big blue and yellow Macaw parrot which was stood on the shoulder of the lady who was near to me, it wasn’t the one which had caught my eye.

    I asked her about the white Cockatoo which was on the shoulder of one of the chaps from the organisation and stood about 15 feet away. The lady told me that no one was encouraged to have her on them as she was very much a mans bird and had been known to bite and chew the fingers of some of the girls who worked at the sanctuary.

    I was told her name was (ironically) ‘Angel’. I repeated her name with a smile, … and it was as if she’d experienced the Cocktail Effect, for she turned and cocked her head as if looking at me. She did no more than walked over the various staff (on duty from the sanctuary) and hopping from one to shoulder to another she eventually made her way onto the lady I was talking to. She then made her way across her back and onto the other shoulder, down her arm and did no more than hopped onto my shoulder. I held my arm up so that she could go back again, but no … she was happy … and so was I (but with caution as I didn’t want my ear chewed off). She did try to nibble on my earring, and I carefully removed it so that she didn’t swallow it.

    She sat with me, talking to me, and making all these flirty type noises… and the staff couldn’t believe it. (Neither could I). Had I not got cats at home, I would have happily said I’d have her and give her a new home right there and then.
    Getting her off my shoulder was quite a puzzle because she didn’t want to leave. Eventually the man she was on the shoulder of originally, seemed to know how to get her off (food was the key), but as she walked onto his arm I felt my heart break just a little. I would have loved to have kept her.

    Now then, let’s get down to the real business shall we …. …

    Good home very much available and love will be evident in abundance. Address to follow. 😉
    GREAT post Samantha. Loved every word and photo. ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. Ahh, thank you so much! I love your comments, stories in their own rights! I enjoyed your bird story, I must confess, I am always a little wary of the bigger parroty birds beacuse they have beaks like nut crackers…Alex’s budgie can give vicious nips when he wants to…bless him…but Alex has always had a fascination with owls too. There’s a man here, who rescued a barn owl, and we often see him in town, he’s a registered collector for an animal charity so we often stop to donate, and the owl loves being stroked, pushes his head up under your hand like a cat. We also see a couple that walk their pet ferrets on leads and a man with rat on his shoulder wearing a gold chain..the rat that is, not the man…perfectly normal place we live in…

      Grandmothers are funny aren’t they…my grandmother loved opals and had a wonderful collection of jewellery, including a snow opal that my grandfather had brought her back from Canada…

      now. We’ve discussed this before… I can’t possibly send you Ting…the postage would be extortionate as she’s quite heavy, and last time I tried to wrap her up, she bit me… 🙂 xx

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