Conversational Creatures…

22396626_136249047120511_319908426_oNow. Everybody knows that animals can talk – well, of course you do, as I even follow a number of blogs that are run exclusively by animals, and some that have human assistance… (The Canadian Cats, Seven Cats and Counting, Adventures In Cheeseland… I would link, but I haven’t quite managed to work out how to do that yet…)

When I was a little girl, I used to watch a wonderful television programme called “Animal Magic”, which was about the adventures of a zookeeper and the animals in his care. The zookeeper was the lovely Johnny Morris, (pretend another link here…) who also voiced all the animals, giving them individual characters and mannerisms. This programme held me transfixed, my sister too, even at the superior age of ten years older than me.

So, to entertain me, my sister began to give voices to our animals – she did wonderful vocalisations for our rat colony, and, as you do, when she and I had our own children, we carried it on. Even now both my sons are older, I still do it, possibly more for my own amusement than theirs; but my present girls have such individual personalities they are irresistible…


                     “Of course I can talk…you just have to listen VERY carefully… “

However, my mother’s dog, Erin, really takes the biscuit…dog, of course. Mum has always had German Shepherds, ever since she was a teenager herself, and they have all been a delight to know and a joy to our family… Nikki, Rosie, Rowan.. and now Erin. Sister dogs and daughter dogs to me, but none quite as vocal as Erin.


She is a very soft-footed dog, and adept at sneaking up behind me while I am washing up and delivering a sudden “WAH!” to demand a chew. One particular day, she had been bothering my mother for treats and she said quite sharply to her:

No! You’re not having any more chews! You’re having your dinner in a minute!”

Erin gave her a wounded look and said:


Hard to transcribe phonetically, but most definitely “Horrible!”

She has a vast repertoire of groans and sighs and huffs which she will use to conduct a conversation:

Would you like to go out?”


Shall you come here and get your lead on?”

Ahh! Ha-RUH! Wahh! Ouahh!”

The funniest to date though, has to be what she said to me the other week. I like to read, while I am eating my dinner, as does Mum, and Erin is aware that I generally give her pieces from my plate. Yes… I know I shouldn’t… but…

I was obviously taking too long in giving her a titbit, since she heaved a loud sigh, shifted her front paws impatiently and said:


I laughed so much I felt obliged to give her the rest of my dinner…


27 thoughts on “Conversational Creatures…

  1. It is so nice that you have both cats and mum’s dogs. Your exposure to animals as your dad’s a vet gives you that loving character as a pet lover. You are warm and loving and the animals know that. They are unlucky to have you as a person advocate for animals🤗🤗🤗Good morning🍪🍵🍪🍵💕💕🐾🐾🐶🐺🐶🐺

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  2. I wish WordPress would give us the option to love a post, as I do love this post. Our Doberman, Copper, was rather taciturn, but when he had something to,say, we listened. My oldest nephew has two Huskies. Talk about conversationalists. Anakin and Kylo are quiet dramatic. 💖

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  3. Love this one! Erin certainly has an interesting vocabulary. 😆
    My family cat is pretty talkative one; she meows to be fed, meows for a door to be opened, meows to be pet, meows when petted… and all these meows are different. It’s just too bad I don’t have a translator. 😅

    Also, as for adding links in WordPress, this WP beginners guide should help:

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    1. Obviously I love you for that AMAZINGLY helpful guide you pointed me at – thank you very much, I actually understood quite a lot!

      Lol…my cats have so much to say I have had to become reasonably fluent in cat language myself just in case they were talking about me!! 😸😸😸😸

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  4. Ah Samantha .. I loved this post because it cofirmed that I’m not crazy … our animals DO talk to us – even thougth Mr.Cobs rolls his eyes at me when I tell him what one of the cats is saying or the dogs. (Although mind, he does sometimes agree, and in times past I’ve heard him in the kitchen of our old cottage having quite a conversation with some of the dogs we’ve had over the years).

    I think that out of all the dogs I’ve had through my life, the most conversational was Poppy, our British Bulldog. She had total command of the language skill and could make herself easily understandable to anyone, telling them exactly what it was which she wanted to say. Most about food …. but not always.

    I’m with you all the way. Animals have a language, and they know how to converse with us. We just have to listen!

    GREAT POST! love ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. Thank you very much! I am so pleased you enjoyed the read, and that you agree with me! All my cats will talk back to me, much to the amusement of my oartner, who will say :” What do they want?” and I am usually able to interpret “Wahhh!” as ” If you could open the door for me, and carry me upstairs then put some fresh food down for me, I would be grateful…” Charlie will often call “Mamma” to me as well…lol…bless her!

      Thank you very much 🙂 xx

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    1. I am now after a rather irritating afternoon…grr…watching The Great British Bake Off and drinking tea! Going to see Alex tomorrow, he’s settled in really well and is definitely enjoying it, thank goodness! 🍵🍰🍰🍵💕💕


  5. Kali has taken to talking a heck of a lot. This is from a kitty that barely said anything…just purred all the time. Now she is very vocal about everything. When she sees mom in the evening after she’s slept for hours….Kali that is…..she greets mom like mom’s been gone for days. Me? I’ve always been a talker so I haven’t changed.

    Thanks for the mention….


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    1. Siamese are supposed to be great talkers – Ting certainly is! And yet her sister, Tooty doesn’t say much at all..sort of a raspy “Wah!” is her best noise! Thank you very much for reading, as always 😸💕xxx


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