Ahh. That time of year again. The crispness of approaching winter in the air, a relief after the slop of soggy leaves underfoot. A sinuous mist that hung and curled, cat-soft around the corners of the city streets.

The veil is thin at this time of year, and as he thought, so he stretched his wings, the grimy sandstone rippling into leathery life. He turned his head, grating and grinding. Perhaps a good year to fly, although the last time he had ventured forth was when good King Richard ruled. He had seen what had passed since and decided, yes, a good night to fly.

Creaking and stretching he extended one scaly leg to his left, balancing, then – away. His powerful wings beat away the layers of time that had settled like a second skin and carried him up. Up, and over the city.

He noted how it had grown, the small mean buildings had given way to brick built structures and gleaming glass towers, far more splendid than his own humble church. Surely these splendid buildings were houses of happiness and joy, and his stony heart swelled with the thought that people had discovered how to live together with love and kindness.

But as he flew, silver threads of thoughts and scenes drifted up to him. He saw:

young men, reeling, drunk

girls, staggering, vomiting

children, crying in pain and fear

dogs whimpering in fright

women, weeping in the cold

And then. He saw a tall man, bending over the body of a woman. He paused, outside the window of the house. He watched, as the man delivered one final punch to the woman’s face, and as he stood upright he licked the blood from his knuckles with relish and saw the silent watcher at the window.

Their eyes met and held and the watcher knew fear, the spine creeping chill of evil and despair. He let his wings carry him away from those eyes, cold and stony dead.

Now who’s the monster

21 thoughts on “Monster

  1. OOOOOooooooo…. what a spine chilling bit of temptation. It ‘felt’ like a taster for a new TV series. Something which I would have programmed the TV thingy to ‘record and remind’.

    GREAT bit of writing Miss Samantha. I loved it!
    ~ Cobs. x 🌻🌻🌻

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      1. I think gargoyles are an underutilized mythical creature. They’re often simplified to “another mindless beast” or “evil creature”, but I really like the more ambiguous renditions, like the 90s animated series. One of the things that really struck me about that version was how the gargoyles didn’t heal as we do, but if they could survive until they turned to stone for the day, then in the following evening they would awaken completely restored. That kind of “stronger but also more vulnerable” characteristic always makes mythical creatures more interesting to me.

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      2. I hadn’t thought of that – interesting..I wanted to illustrate the point that the monsters in our world aren’t always the readily visible ones, you express that beautifully. I vaguely remember that series..

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      3. Thank you, that is a most kind compliment, though I feel you deserve it more than I. It’s your story that engages the protagonist’s outsider perspective. which is part of what makes me want to read more. It’s clear that this is a wise character, with many years of experience to guide him. I imagine he has more than a few stories to tell.


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