Garnets And Gore

22311986_134306010648148_608124478_oLiving with four cats, I am accustomed to cleaning up a fair amount of gore, from shredded mouse corpses and the like. It is part of a feline’s nature to hunt and kill, although I must say Charlie has never killed anything. She may entertain murderous thoughts sometimes, I’m sure, but despite her tiger stripes, fierceness and occasional bad temper, she’s quite a gentle little cat.


Lily, on the other hand, definitely has a taste for gore… but then I suppose it takes all sorts. I am not remotely entertained by gory horror films – I feel certain franchises have just taken extreme violence and bloodshed to such a level it becomes almost comical and hard to believe.

Certainly, with my parents’ occupations, my mother a nurse and father a veterinary surgeon, I have seen and heard my fair share of gory stories. Indeed, it was tentatively hoped that I might perhaps follow in one of my parent’s career footsteps, but Fate (and phobias) dictated otherwise…

No. You can mop up your metaphorical gore with some nice paper napkins… for me, true horror lies in the unknown, the what-might-be’s and could-have-been’s, the psychological demons of Despair and Darkness – although I have shed tears of pain and horror as Lily has lashed out at Ting and me being a good cat mummy put my hand out to block the blow only to end up with a line of blood welling up across my wrist… like a row of tiny, dark red Garnets…

Garnet is actually quite a good crystal to have on hand in times of danger and stress. Its blood red colour imparts strength and determination to you to so you can deal with difficult situations, seeing them through to a positive conclusion.


Garnet is protective and grounding, and is also said to be able to warn of approaching danger. It will remove negative energy from all chakras, giving you self-confidence and insight.

So friends – when you look for horror and gore

Just remember

It isn’t always red in tooth or claw…


36 thoughts on “Garnets And Gore

  1. My mum’s birthstone was garnets, and she had a beautiful set of earrings, pendant, and ring from my dad. I’ve been wearing the earrings every day for nearly two years now. I like to think that mum’s with me and whispering in my ears when I need her counsel. I expect it’s so, as these past two years I’ve been building back up psychologically from her illness and death to the person I once was. As I type this, my little huntress is curled up beside me, purring. I’m so glad mini tennis galls aren’t gory. 💖

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    1. What a wonderful way to remember your mum, and a lovely way to express it too. You know you can get through this and you’re doing brilliantly too 💕Next time you’re over here we will definitely meet up, no matter what…and paint the town any colour you want lol 💙💜💛💚💟…wonder if I could interest mine in tennis balls. Charlie nearly took a nose dive into the pond this afternoon chasing a dragonfly! 😸💕🐲

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      1. Oh, me! I would have loved to have seen that! And I’m quite sure if you’d had the nerve to snigger there would have been that LOOK. Thank you for you kind words, and I shall start thinking about what colour….

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  2. I guess yucky things are just part of living with animals…and people! We have this show in the US called “The Incredible Dr. Pol” about a veterinarian who does a lot of farm animal work, and every time I watch it my husband rolls his eyes and says how long before the next prolapsed cow’s uterus is shown? (Literally EVERY episode has one).

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      1. When we were on vacation we were allowed to take rocks blasted off the Crazy Horse monument in SD. They gave us little cards of what might be in those rocks. Mine has little bits of either black or dark red stones in it. Hard to tell if they are garnets or something else!

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  3. I’m surprised Princess Charlotte is not the most vicious of the bunch; she’s gorgeous, but there is something about that look of hers…very lethal. I have a couple of pieces of garnet jewellery which I don’t wear very often; I’m more drawn to blues and greens, but the gem is quite beautiful. Anyway, your post has inspired me to get out my stash of beautiful garnet beads and finally make a necklace for my shop!

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    1. That’s great! I’m really pleased, as it is a lovely crystal..obviously I shall have to go and have a look!

      And no, for all her fierce tiger beauty, my little Charlie has never killed anything! She’s a bit grouchy sometimes, but no killer -lol!

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  4. I love that first picture of the Garnet you posted! There’s something about that combination of red and green that is mesmerising… 🔮

    I’m not a fan of gore myself; I get a tight stomach when blood is taken from me, even if it’s voluntary like for a blood donation. I’m lucky my late cat never brought any dead creatures onto my bed as she didn’t like going outside, but the family cat, on the other hand… 😅

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    1. Yes, unfortunately most cats will catch and kill and share… Lily really is the only one that does that though. Qutie lucky, really, as I would probably be knee-deep in corpses otherwise… bleh…

      Yes, those garnets are a really dark red…can’t quite tell from the pic…:) xx

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  5. Ughhh – yes – that comes with the dog territory too occasionally.. particularly when you have a dog that will literally eat anything – including my granddaughters knickers – I once found spotty knicker fabric in her poop.. Ooop!!

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  6. MOL…I love that funny twist in the end, Samantha 😀 Granny bought a long time ago a garnet, because she was attracted to the deep…almost-not-to-see red colour. Some weeks later she was in another shop and her eye fell on a beautiful, almost-not-to-see red coloured crystal and she bought it and when she came home, she put it on her Angel-table….and guess what…it was excactly the same garnet…MOL 😀 I think she needed the power of the garnet very much…no, not because of me..honest 😀 Great pictures kitties ❤ Pawkisses for a peaceful day 🙂 ❤

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