Stop Bugging Me…


It never ceases to surprise me, the variety and colour and sheer detail of the insect world. From beetles like enamelled jewellery, to the delicate grace of butterflies and moths, I remain entranced by these tiny miracles of Mother Nature, all with their own particular place on the page in this Book of Life.


I remember when I was a little girl, our cottage had an enormous lavender bush in the garden, with the most wonderful soft, silver grey leaves and tiny rich, purple flowers, brimful of scent. When my Nan used to visit, she loved to pick and dry the stems then sew the dried flowers into dainty lace and satin bags. She would place these pastel coloured sachets in her lingerie drawers and wardrobe and say with satisfaction:

Lavender is such a lovely scent for a lady, dear, very suitable.”

To this day, I love lavender, the oil and the flowers, although the plants aren’t terribly happy in the cold clay soil of my garden. Point being, the original plant played willing host to all varieties of bee, my favourite being the large furry bumble bee, traditionally striped in black, yellow and grey; so drunk on the heady lavender nectar they didn’t notice my little girl fingers, stroking them…

And ants. I was always fascinated by their busyness and wonderful communication – I attempted to convey a sense of this to my son. He was only about two at the time and he squatted down beside me willingly enough.

Look! See the little ants! Watch how they talk to each other!”

My son (to be honest, I can’t remember whether it was my older or younger one) gave me what can only be described as a withering look, stood up and stamped on them…

I remember my older son, at about seven years old, telling me earnestly about some homework from school, looking for ‘minibeasts’. To demonstrate this, he picked up a rock to show me how a little creature could be living underneath, only to be greeted by quite a big spider…

Oi! Put it down!”

He flung the rock down in horror…

At this time of year, I find that spiders give way to daddy-long-legs, and I must confess, I don’t really like them very much. I find the buzzing way they fly straight at you quite off-putting and when you try to capture them, they appear to cast off legs and throw them at you in self-defence…this reduces me to hysteria as I try to bat away the offending leg.

Although, on second thoughts, it could be useful… next time I am accosted by our over-enthusiastic postman (“Does somebody need a hug?” “No. Give me my letters and go away.”) I shall simply throw a leg at him and fly off….


39 thoughts on “Stop Bugging Me…

  1. I love lavender too! A nice peek in your life Samantha and I am proud you handled the uploading of photos well! Whoo hoo!!! Trust your son is enjoying college and have more tea🍵🍵as you clear laundry and ironing! I finished mine😉💕💕🐾😃

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    1. Lol – thank you very much for noticing the photos! 🍻 Not exactly the way Alex showed me but it worked! He’s really enjoying both the work and the social life, and we are going to see him next week…he mentioned something about laundry..hmmm…have a great afternoon! 😸😢xxx

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      1. A mother’s love and laundry will be done haha! Glad you are seeing him soon! 🍻Do continue with your photos…you will continue to wow us! 🤗🤗😚Garfield hugs and stay happy as always😃

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      1. Ah no…cue hysteria…I walked through a web once, thought I escaped unscathed, only to be informed half an hour later that I appeared to be wearing a rather fetching hair ornament in the shape of a spider…😱😱😱😱


      2. Hmmm…. Human Mommy used to have a tremendous phobia of cockroaches. Then she underwent exposure therapy in a cockroach-infested apartment in which she lived for several months. She knew she was over her fear when she spotted a small cockroach waggling its antennae whilst climbing up a door jamb and thought “Oh, that’s kind of cute.” If you can find a predictable, well established spider in your garden, maybe you can start visiting it. It’s hard to maintain a phobia once you get to know someone well. Purrs, Quicksilver et al

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  2. Hmm…in my part of the States we the creatures we call Daddy Long Legs look like small-bodied spiders with long thin legs.(some folks call them Harvestmen.) We have creatures like the one you picture, but I.m not familiar with any names for them. They look like great big mosquitoes. Our Daddy Long Legs don’t buzz, thankfully !

    Grew some lavendar this summer and it turned out to be drought resistant , thankfully !

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    1. We have harvestmen too…which also reduce me to hysterics…they have a weird swaying walk which creeps me out. Apparently female daddy (mummy?)long-legs are the ones that bite…

      I have managed to keep alive the butterfly variety of lavender, so far. Just hope it’s a reasonable winter…


  3. I’m not a killer of things, even spiders – which I hate.

    However, I will scream blue murder about dragonflies. I’ve run out of rooms, closed the door and refused to go back in until the beast is caught. I HATE THEM, HATE THEM, HATE THEM! You’re right … they come straight towards you, waggling their horrible legs, wanting to land on my face and suck the life out of me.

    I can’t say I liked this post because it’s brought back many unhappy memories of a spiteful brother who would catch them and run after me, trying to put them on me. But … it’s well written Samantha. [shudder] With reality. [bigger shudder]
    love ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Yes.. I think you have perfectly captured my dislike of them…although I was never chased with them by my sister. We used to have raw onion fights… that involved taking a piece of raw onion and sticking it in your opponent’s eye and then holding it there for as long as possible…considering my sister is ten years older than me, I didn’t often win that one…

      Thank you for your comment – have a lovely day! 🙂 xxx

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  4. Well done with your photos, Samantha! I, too, am amazed at all the beautiful jewel-like insects (our family calls them doodlebugs) around, but I cannot reconcile myself, as I’ve previously made well known, to large spiders or centipedes. Anything with lots of fast-moving legs, in fact. (Another horror: the House Centipede [Scutigera coleoptrara] – ugggghhhhhh!) Your variety of daddy-long-legs is a crane fly; on this side of The Pond, our daddy-long-legs (harvestmen) are flightless arachnids (now there’s a terrifying thought: a spider capable of flight!!!) which aren’t spiders. Although harvestmen are harmless and eat lots of pest bugs, they have a disconcerting habit of appearing as if by magic, stilting silently and ticklingly on those impossibly thin legs, over one’s bare arms, face, hair, down one’s neck…. And they can practice autotomy — detaching a leg which keeps moving for some time after to distract predators. (Your crane flies have “deciduous” legs, i.e. they come off easily.) If it makes you feel any better, neither harvestmen nor crane flies have mouth parts large enough to bite a human, and neither is venomous. Dragonflies, however, have to be some of the most beautiful creatures ever; I love them and even have a dragonfly tattoo on my wrist!

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    1. Just had to do it…I went and looked up the centipedes…omg they’re pretty nightmareish. Spiders even live in the Arctic – I was idly Googling to see if I could find a place where they didn’t live, and the ones that live there are …horrendous. And flying…just no!

      I do love dragonflies though, they really are little miracles of flight and engineering! :)xx

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  5. Haha, I’d love to see that postman’s expression when you throw him a leg and fly off! He’d probably have the same expression as the dance guy at the end of your recent short story. 😆

    I love those bug pictures! I’m not a fan of bugs myself, though those are interesting enough to look at. 😀
    I’ve had a few bug stories myself, like there was once I started playing Solfeggio music at night (I heard they’re good for our chakras!) and a cricket sneaked into our bedroom. Its chirps were REALLY LOUD at night and it was hard to sleep, but it stopped chirping whenever I looked so I couldn’t find it. Eventually I just sat down and asked it to move to the next (empty) room because my husband couldn’t sleep, and the next day it did move to the next room. It was nice to hear it chirp when it wasn’t so loud. 😆

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      1. Do let us know if you do! 😆
        It’s pretty hot here all year round (except when it rains), so we get them every now and then. Nice to hear when they’re outside, not so much when they’re inside. 😅

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