Blogposts And Birds**t…


Bizarre combination, I know, but trust me, it’ll work…

Firstly, I must both apologise and thank everybody who has wished my son well and given him support since he was introduced here on my blog. You’ve wished him luck in his “A” levels, then for his Theatre Foundation Course, and now university, which he left for on Wednesday. Thank you, everybody, for your love and support – it means a lot.

I must apologise for being hideously BEHIND on my comments, replies and followed sites – there has been a number of personal issues with my older son and my mother which have left me feeling quite drained, and to be honest, unwell. Still, not going to dwell… and then, of course, there has been the sorting and packing of eighteen years’ worth of things that my son decided needed to accompany him, from Gino Baboo, his very first special stuffed toy, to his camera and God only knows how many crystals and clothes. Add to that things like duvet, pillows, saucepans… I am extremely grateful to his father’s brother-in-law who helped us convey all the essentials of student life to university for us.

Thank you, everybody, for bearing with me during this time of change here at CrystalCats.

Now. A little confession. Alex – my son – used tolook after the technical side of the blog for me, as tose of you who know me well know that I’m a bit… technically challenged. I do the writing, and I mean writing, good old-fashioned pen-to-paper stuff, and typed it and painstakingly learned how to save it to a memory stick; but Alex used to take the pictures and add them to the text, transfer the text to the WordPress site, schedule etc… (imagine me gasping for breath and wiping away a panicked tear…)

So. I have had to learn how to use WordPress properly too… Yesterday’s post was done mostly by me with a little prompting… so please bear with me, I’m learning all the time, although the picture quality and content may go downhill… expect photos of fur blurs running away… startled looking shots of me…my feet… I am now on Instagram which has helped my erratic photography skills. I do tend to get sidetracked a little with all the fab crystal and cake pictures, not to mention the life hack and cake icing videos. So please, bear with me…I’m learning and Alex has very kindly written out instructions for me in words of one syllable that I can easily understand.

As for birds**t. We have a budgie, Lucky, (Alex has left him with me. Yay.) so I am reasonably used to being crapped on. However, Alex and I were going to the shops the other day when a passing bird, possibly an albatross judging from the resulting splatter of yuk, crapped so copiously on his head that a piece rebounded and hit me on the sleeve. Fortunately, I am usually well-equipped with tissues, wipes and sanitiser so we were able to clean ourselves up. Apparently though, being crapped on by a bird is considered good luck…

Right. I’ll go with that. Good luck Alex, in your university career, I have every faith and confidence in you. And of course, love. Always.

78 thoughts on “Blogposts And Birds**t…

  1. Great big Garfield hugs!!💕💕🐾🐾I am sorry that you have been drained and hope that things settle now. Yes, I remember that Alex helps you with photos and posta. I am rooting for you and know you are sharp and great at learning things. You can do it Samantha🤗🤗💕💕 and stay chipper❤

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  2. Sorry to hear you have not been well Samantha and hopefully you can leave all that behind while you learn your way around wordpress. There are lots free courses on wordpress available which are very helpful. Lots of love to you all and we wish Alex a fabulous time at University ☺💖🍀 xxx

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  3. Good luck to Alex, and good luck to you too, Samantha – although with albatrosses flying overhead you may be OK as it is! With blogging the biggest tip I can give is just go for it and have fun! Some things work, some don’t, but hey! You’re doing it! 😀

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    1. Ah, thank you very much! I will get there, now the initial awful feeling of “ohmygodwhatthehellamidoing” has faded…everyone has been so kind and supportive and it’s very much appreciated. I will be avoiding albatrosses though…😸


  4. I had noticed you had fallen quiet and have been contemplating a check-in email. Totally feel for you packing 18 years into university moving too. Has to be done for them to grow, and yet 18 years is a long time to find them suddenly not being there. A room slept in all those long years now silent….

    Say no more on that as I’m feeling that part nearing here now too.

    No need to apologise either. We all understand time and life impacts. And if you ever need tech help chuck me an email and if I can help I will, or push you at someone I know that can. I actually reckon you can work most things out too. Look at Instagram and the procrastinating before starting and yet you soon whipped that one into shape!


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    1. Thank you…lots. It’s very much appreciated, and I do feel a bit better now. Lol – you! The things you get me into…although I’ve been quiet on 🐦 too since discovering Instagram. I can get lost for hours watching cake icing videos and some of the life hacks are truly bizarre…they work too!

      Thank you for the offers of help and advice and your confidence in me…although I may need you to pass me a virtual tissue every so often to wipe away a frustrated tear! 😸💕xx

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      1. That’s good to hear, although now I have received your email I am rather more assured things are better than they were. Life is funny like that at times….trundles along and suddenly it pauses to hit you with something(s) that just drag the moment down.

        I have yet to pick my game up on Instagram having become rather keen on FlipBoard, well that and having a friend take over my Pinterest for a month to get it into something rather better than my efforts have been. Spread a bit thin to get my stuff ship shape..that and lacking skills in some areas that need assistance….hence the offer. Why let someone over frustrate if the answer can be provided…seems silly not to help in my humble opinion x

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      2. I think you’d spend loads more time on Pinterest looking at all the cat and crystal pins…just saying lol. Besides I can follow you on there too. Mines shaping up rather well now I’ve got someone setting it all up for a month who knows what they are doing lol

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      3. I know what you mean about twitter. I actually think you need a purpose to use it properly. Mines clearly platform building for publishing….one day….maybe lol. Pinterest I think you might feel better with. It’s closer to what you on Instagram. You can organise things in boards too…say, cats, crystals, and so on.

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      4. GoodReads is there for me because I want a gathering that might review my books…one day lol

        And, er, something rather rash just happened. I have uploaded a book cover and excerpt into my NaNo profile for November. It’s called Black Marsh…well the working title is! Just need a short synopsis and the will to get the paranormal blog brothers into a book!

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      5. Ooh you tease!!! It will be brilliant, the brothers ( all THREE of them) are engaging characters who will read wonderfully. 😸💕📚

        Still in two minds about Goodreads though – I read that excellent post by Em about Flipboard though…quite tempted…

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      6. Ahh, three you say. Might be a shade tricky that. I have to start Nano knowing what the unwritten ending is since I’m going to convert the short story series into a proper novel. Still undecided if NaNo is the right way to do it given my dearth sine last year!

        FlipBoard is my favourite medium for browsing now. Dead easy to use and set up. Everything is so clean too. Uploading posts is easy as well 😊

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      7. Ha, ha! You must have psychic insight into my thinking! That’s exactly what I keep telling myself too!

        Have a look at my profile. Type my name into google with “FlipBoard” and see what it all about 😁

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      8. Gosh, I hope they don’t call you that. Much better to be Mystic Murdoch surely! Ooh, you either set up a FlipBoard account…or…. set up a NaNo profile lol


      1. Gosh, a year that has flown by! I think I may well have done as it happens. I tend to introduce nice bloggers all over hence the “award” posts are more shout outs 🙂

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      2. It might not come to that! My task this week is to make a list of everything I need to sort out writing wise. From blog re-theme upwards. I figured if it’s in chunks I can actually cross them off rather than mentally going eeek, overthink 😊

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      3. Agreed, the mental one is voluminous and rather large to do with so many where to starts begging a rise up the pecking order. I am guessing you know what that does to actually doing any of it!!!

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  5. Good luck to Alex for his university and Samantha for learning the technical side of blogging! I hope you’ll feel better soon. ❤

    And yes, the Chinese believe getting bird poop on us, our car or our property brings good luck! Though that doesn’t stop me from feeling bleh when it happens. 😅

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  6. Hello Beautiful Samantha.
    Playing the catch-up game here, so sorry for the late comment.

    Firstly …. my heart feels your ache about your son moving into a house where you’re not there to sort out a problem, washing, cooking etc. It’s so difficult to watch our children grow. But you’re doing a wonderful job in the making of a beautiful adult.

    WordPress: I taught myself wordpress from the ground and I know how daunting it can be. The biggest tip I can give you is … if you have something you want to do and don’t know how to do it … ASK. you have loads of followers and the majority of them will have blogs of their own, and it’s the ones on WordPress who will be able to help you with the problem as they may have come across it already and know how to make it work. People love to help Samantha, and they will!

    You’re already heads in front of me. You have Instagram. I don’t even know what the heck it is yet, nor what it’s for and how I would benefit from having it! lol.

    You’ll work WordPress out really easily. You’re an intelligent woman and I know you’ll beat it to a pulp and get it to work for you.
    Sending big squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment – it made me feel better. I also took up your suggestion of notes in his cases and added to it with little crystals, like thulite to promote new friendships and fluorite for focus..he loved it! Thank you for that wonderful suggestion – he wants to keep his jam sandwich bedroom though!

      People have been wonderful on here – yourself included of course – and I can’t say how much I have appreciated the help and friendship.

      As for beating WP to a pulp…maybe not just yet but it’s definitely feeling more manageable! Lots of love to you, 😺💕😺💕xxx

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      1. When I started blogging, I thought I’d be quitting after a few months. If I don’t think positive life is harder to deal with. thanks for the compliment. If you really want to learn take blogging courses like I’m doing.

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  7. Happy to hear Alex is starting his new life at university! Know it must be hard on you, especially since you are going through other life issues as well. Always look forward to your posts and pictures ❤ Will be happy to try to help with any WordPress challenges you might have…it's actually not that hard, and I'm an "old" too! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much 💕 your words mean a lot. Never fully appreciated just what a lovely community WP is, but everyone has been so kind.

      Alex had his first full day of lessons today after 5 days of Fresher parties..don’t know the U.S. equivalent? But he’s loving it and I will pass on your good wishes, thank you 😺💕xxx

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  8. Hope things have settled down and you’re feeling better, Samantha. I have no doubt that you’ll figure this WordPress thing out. (I did, too, with no help, from scratch.) I look forward to seeing all your photos! And, as Cobs said, you know that we’re here to help if you need it – any questions, just ask! 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much, that’s very kind 💕 I seem to have the hang of the mechanics…I just get lost when it comes to putting pictures in files…making files…losing files…slapping laptop in temper…so I use my phone to take the pic, send it to myself then somehow transfer it to the text…lol…Thank you 😺💕xx

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