Blue Calcite And Brave Cats


Calcite is a useful and easily found crystal. Most of the specimens – like the ones pictured here – have been treated with acid to gently enhance the colour and smooth the surface. This does not harm the metaphysical and as my son’s lovely crystal lady says, it’s good to work with colours.


Calcite, then, is a useful crystal to add to your collection. As it is blue, it also works with the throat chakra to aid the flow of communication so you can speak your words with truth and confidence. It calms and encourages you inwardly, to complement the outward appearance of bravery.


Blue Calcite can help memory health and also give you the courage to make judgements and stand by them.

Sometimes bravery is found in unexpected places against unexpected odds… Ting and her sister Tooty were abandoned as kittens in the hedge at the bottom of our garden, and although now Ting is the more confident cat, Tooty was the first kitten who was brave enough to come out and meet us, to take the chance that we might be good or bad prospects.

Cats are by nature, generally solitary creatures who prefer to avoid conflict rather than engage… However, there have been times when my girls have banded together in a show of bravery to see off an intruder…

There is a large black and white cat who lives over the road and who likes to take the occasional wander over to my garden. I don’t know his name, so I just call him Big Ears. Because he has, well, big ears. We have a corner house, so I was watching from a hidden vantage point as he casually jumped the gate and sauntered down the path. Tooty appeared from behind a plant pot and darted off around the bend of the garden.


A few seconds later, she returned, accompanied by Charlie. Big Ears stopped and sat down, appearing somewhat disconcerted.


From another part of the garden, Ting emerged… Big Ears was now facing a triumvirate of feline warriors. All just… staring at him.


Then Lily appeared, (late as always) squeezing through a gap in the hedge after she’d cantered across the park, the fourth member of this feisty feminine feline family was too much for Big Ears. Charlie rose to her feet, and took a step forwards – Big Ears’ nerve broke, and he turned tail and ran.


It’s easy to be brave in a crowd, but it takes a special sort of courage just to take that one step, by yourself, sometimes.

27 thoughts on “Blue Calcite And Brave Cats

  1. Lol! Gang of 4…sibling cats in tow to overthrow Big Ears! Good morning to my friend in UK!🍵🍪🍵🍪🍉🍊🍌🍞🧀It is Sunday…indulge a lil my dear. I just finish timberlacking my 3 wooden doors haha. Lots of “tear drops” timberlac as am good at it. But it looks passable for a novice😉

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    1. Good morning! No worries – today I am playing unbelievably late Catch Up…sorting out last minute bits and pieces for my son as he goes on Wednesday…however, I will get round and I am very impressed by your D.I.Y. skills…I get bored and wander off to do something different, lol! 😺😺🍵🍵🍪🍪💕💕

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      1. Good morning! Virtual tea and biscuits sent your way as using laptop and so, no emojis! Fully understand on getting your son ready for school. Time flies, I remember we were just talking about it and now it is time for he to go off to university! No wonder you have been “silent” – take care and all the best to your son again – carpe diem! New adventures await him. Garfield hugs!!


  2. Gosh – formidable feminine felines! Yes standing true and holding the courage to continue alone isn’t always the easy path but often the most rewarding! You painted a wonderful picture with this post Samantha! Thank you xx

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  3. Yes, cats are definitely at their most brave when a strange kitty wanders by their home. We had a neighborhood cat come by the sun room at the back of our house quite a bit. One of my boys would get all territorial, we’d hear a boom and yowling and he’d be trying to get at the cat through the glass. Our cats are strictly indoors because we have a lot of coyotes around here. Haven’t seen that neighborhood cat in a long time, I’m afraid the coyotes got him.

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    1. Very late reply…sorry…

      That’s one hazard we don’t have to worry about, for which I am truly grateful. Lily seems to wander furthest…I kind of wish I’d been able to put up a cat enclosure, but that could potentially cause them more stress when they’re used to their freedom. Xx

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  4. What brave little cats! Never mess with a family of four cats. 😸

    Bravery is certainly found in surprising places, like in my late cat that has an occasional nickname of “Scaredy Cat” for zooming under the bed the moment the doorbell rang. We thought she’d be scared of everything for life, but back when we first got our beagle puppy, wow, she’d actually hiss and charge at and smack the dog! Poor little guy just wanted to play. 😆

    Calcite has a really gentle colour, especially the blue ones. 🔮

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    1. I know! All such different personalities but the way they banded together to see off the intruder – lol!! It’s funny how cats boss puppies around too…
      A useful stone calcite – I like the honey one best…🐝…thank you for your comment 😺💕xx

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