“A HANDBAG?” With apologies to Oscar Wilde…


I do love a handbag… they don’t have to be a designer brand, I have no use for dainty Chanel bags, although I love the perfume – I like big bags and I cannot lie…(sorry.)

When I was a little girl, I used to detest the pastel frilly dresses my mother inflicted upon me and couldn’t wait to change into jeans or trousers because they had pockets. And what do you do with pockets – why, put things in them of course!

I think I was about fourteen when I realised I could make the transition from pocket junk to a handbag, mainly for the purposes of being able to carry more stuff around with me… And yet I still use my pockets. They generally contain the crystal of the day, tissues, cat treats, phone, spare hair elastic…

My current handbag was a birthday present from my mother, a useful size with handy zips and compartments. A quick inventory of its contents follows, just for curiosity… my son is actually afraid of going in my handbag – in case he never makes it out alive…although if my handbag is left lying around, generally a passing cat will use it as a temporary resting place.

Photo-0109Who let the cat out the bag?

Here goes: perfume, body spray deoderant, hand sanitiser, hand wipes, tissues. (The bathroom section..) A paper plate, sachet of wet catfood, cat treats, hairbrush, three notebooks, address book and diary. Four pens, a selection of handbag crystals and a crystal guidebook, stress relief tablets, hayfever tablets and painkillers. And a packet of pink paper napkins with cacti on – my latest addiction – collecting paper napkins. In fact, they deserve a post in themselves…

But oh dear, what a lot of rubbish I carry around with me! Keys, moisturiser… no, I think that’s it, actually. But these, to me, are all items that I need, that make life a little bit more comfortable and nicer, just to have all these little essentials – to me, at any rate – on hand.


I think, perhaps also, my bag love could stem from my homeless days when you had to travel light and have all your essentials with you at all times… not unlike boarding school really, now I come to think of it!

And at least with handbags there’s none of that annoying tissue fluff that spreads over every item of clothing if you happen to forget and leave one in your pocket when you put your clothes in the washing machine.

Right. Time to put notebook and pen away in my bag… – ooh! Bonus handbag sweetie… tucked away in a corner… !

32 thoughts on ““A HANDBAG?” With apologies to Oscar Wilde…

  1. I also carry a few crystals around in mine, including hematite; I never go anywhere without hematite, either in my bag or on my person. My own handbag, which is really a crossbody leather Fossil satchel … one of the loves of my life … is notorious amongst my friends. It has its own personality, and (because it’s so heavy and precious) gets its own chair when we dine out at a restaurant!

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  2. A Handbaaaag??? (my most favourite quote … lol)

    I know this addiction of which you talk. For I am a handbagaholic too.
    My favourite bags are my Cath Kidston ones.
    I always thought that once I’d got one, that would be enough for me.
    But then I had to buy another one. Then another one.
    Oh dear. Another addiction to add to the list of handbag addictions. [sigh]
    As I’m sat here talking to you Samantha, I’m mentally going through all my ‘favourite’ handbags.
    Ohh, the softest of soft pink suade one with the leather handle … yes, that’s my favourite.
    OH! Hang on … the ‘crocodile skin’ pale green one which looks incredibly posh and expensive … yes THAT’s my favourite.
    But then … there is my first Cath Kidston – the one I bargained for with Mr.Cobs. If he became a fully paid up member of the posh golf club, then I could have a Cath Kidston bag of my choice
    Oh … and what about the beautiful black velvet bag I bought for a wedding, to go with my shoes. Now THAT is a truly stylish bag and I adore it.

    Of course … I totally understand your love of bags … and I agree… us gals can’t go anywhere without our supplies. So a handbag is ‘de rigrueur’.

    You need many of them Samantha. Go and buy a whole selection. You NEED them!
    lol… (please don’t tell Mr.SamanthaMurdoch that I am responsible for this! eeeek!)
    heaps of love and squishy stuff ~ Cobs. xxx ❤

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    1. Ooh…I do believe you should consider a handbag post! The pink suede sounds luscious, and I quite fancy a Cath Kidston one too…hmm, no, I think my family will be thanking you for the ideas! I always feel a good handbag is an investment, like a good pair of shoes…and of course at the moment, I need comfort and what better comfort than shoes or bags!

      Lots of love to you 😸💕xxx 👜👛👜👛👠👡👠👡

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      1. If you don’t have a radio, buy one. Radio 4 was the thing which helped me the most. The house was way too quiet and I felt lost in it.

        I’ve always been a Radio 2 baby since aboutthe age of around 20. (looooved Terry Wogan), and never thought I’d change. But Radio 4 has small snippets of things. Obviously it has some longer sections, but there are plays, consumer programmes, funnies, readings …. oh and not to mention: Just a Minute – which is my favourite when I’m in the craftroom, and I end up howling with laughter.

        Try the radio on – all day, in the background for the noise, until you find yourself listening to it, instead of listening to the ‘way too quiet, come back I need you’ haunting silence.

        And remember … you’re not alone. You have hundreds of friends here on WP … someone is always around for a chin wag
        Sending heaps of love and squishy stuff ~ Cobs. xxx🌻🌻🌻

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      2. Good advice, thank you, it definitely helps just to have a little background noise. I have also taken the opportunity to clean his room from top to bottom – literally – and re-arrange his crystals, as he won’t let me repaint lol!

        Thank you for your support and friendship, lots of love to you 😺💕xxx

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  3. A treasure trove lies within! You are prepared for anything including food for a stray cat…love your bag! I too love big bags with Garfield prints but have to restrain as I cannot carry heavy bags so it is just my purse, 2 pkts of wet wipes, pain killers, gastric pills, tissues and keys 😁Good afternoon🍵🍵🍩

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      1. Haha! I remember when Charlie was little, a policeman came to the house, door to door checks for something. Charlie was fascinated…she sat very close to him, on the arm of the chair and then tried to steal his handcuffs!!’

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  4. I love your handbag!! Mine is so plain but it sure can hold a lot. Instead of crystals mine always contains essential oiIls and a pocket hand guide for using them. I had to laugh about the 4 ink pens….I think I have a similar number of them in my purse.

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  5. Love the handbag, Samantha 🙂 Granny always puts everything in it that she might need for this and for that and when she needs something, she just can’t find…but it doesn’t matter how big or small a bag is, the stories are the same…MOL 😀 Double Pawkiss 🙂 ❤

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  6. That’s a really cute handbag! And that’s really a lot of stuff you have inside. 😆

    A couple of months back I made the switch from a bigger bag to a smaller bag, because it was filled with things I didn’t need and was getting too heavy for me to carry (I often end up with a backache). Plus I wasn’t supposed to carry heavy stuff post-surgery anyway, and now I’m way happier with my smaller bag that has my cat purse, cat coin pouch, phone, tissues, wet wipes, hand sanitiser, keys and crystals. 😀

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