Sodalite And Sympathetic Cats


Generally speaking, cats aren’t known for their sympathetic natures. For example… I have done one of my “Oops Mummy fell over a fairy” comedy falls and the cats present have looked at me as if I’m not right in the head…

I have been on the receiving end of one of Lily’s Murder Mittens that has left me tearful and bleeding…

Charlie! Look what that little b*&%$ did!”

And I have received the reply:

Well, I don’t think she really wanted the flea treatment…”


But also a sympathetic lick across my scratched hand. Unless she was just tasting my blood.

I do like it when you have your hand near a cat when they are having a quick wash and brush up – quite often you will find yourself on the receiving end of a sympathetic lick…

Poor woman – hasn’t the first idea about personal hygiene…” (I do. Really.)

There have been times though, when I have been low or sad, and I would like to think that my girls realise this, and come to offer me sympathy and comfort with their furry purring warmth.

There is real sympathy, empathy and emotion between animal and human at these times, something to be treasured, encouraged and nurtured.

Sodalite can be used to promote these bonds of communication: as it is blue, it works with the throat chakra to bring compassion and emotional intelligence. It’s a good crystal to use in group sessions as it promotes emotional balance and understanding.


It itself, Sodalite possesses the inherent quality of sympathy as it works with you, gently encouraging self-acceptance without judgement, sympathy without pity, fitting neatly into the crystal rainbow repertoire as the metaphysical “Agony Aunt”…

And who hasn’t shared their problems with a warm furry comforter, and felt better?


27 thoughts on “Sodalite And Sympathetic Cats

  1. This is such a pretty stone and one I think well worth having. I find sympathy in short supply these days, tho I am always giving it myself. You’re right, hugging your furry pet definitely helps – even if a treat is needed to get LM to sit still for a moment! 😀

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  2. Yes, I do enjoy those companionable licks on the hand whilst they are washing up 🙂 They are selfish little creatures, and yet they’re able to give so much. I like the colors in your sodalite stones, especially the blue.

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  3. lovely stones.. and kitties too.. well, i want to believe that some cats are sympathetic.. my cat Star never gets tired to watching me and staring at me and when i call out her name she would reply with a soft meow.. i wonder what she’s thinking about me.. I guess she just want to be sure if i am okay or not.. if only i could read her mind.. and then there’s Ashton, whenever i carry him he would lick at my face and i could just stand 3 licks on my chin.. oh my, cat’s tongue really is sharp.. but i really appreciate his sweetness.

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    1. Lol yes, funny raspy little tongues! Star sounds lovely – she looks beautiful on your blog – and I definitely think cats have feelings towards their owners. They have adapted to living with us so closely so I am sure they sympathise with us when we are sad 😺💕xxx

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      1. cats are intelligent and have excellent memories too… Last night my sister (who is in the country for a vacation) and my mother visited me in the house. Boots (the persian cat) previously lives with them. But when my sister moved to dubai many years ago, Boots moved in with me. He is not fond of strangers and instantly hides but when he saw and heard my mother and sister’s voice he jumped on the table and began greeting and meowing and head butting them and looked so happy. I am so surprised he still remembers them after all those years.

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      2. Oh bless him! 💕 They are surprisingly clever animals 💕 I always double ring my partner on his mobile when I am on the way home, and he’s told me as soon as they hear that ring, all the cats go outside to wait for me! 😺💕xxx

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  4. My beautiful boy, Alf Capone, licks so delicately but thinks he’s a dog. When we have ice cream or anything with cream on – or even chocolate cake ….he will make a beeline to sit beside me and ever so gently will stand up on his back legs and tap my arm with soft paws. I then have to scoop up a little of his hearts desire and he licks it off my finger tip. This same thing will happen about seven times before he will say he’s had enough.

    So I know that tickly feeling from those little raspy tongues. Love them to pieces.

    GREAT post Samantha. Loved every word. ~ Cobs. xxx 🌷🌷🌷

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    1. Oh bless him he sounds adorable! Lol, and at least he has manners and asks – Ting will just reach out with a long brown arm and pinch what she fancies…Charlie will just stare…meaningfully…until I share, and I’ve lost many a mouthful of dinner to my mother’s dogs who casually walk by, I am usually distracted, then they swipe my dinner straight off the plate!!

      Thank you for reading and your lovely comment – lots of love to you 😺💕xxx

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  5. While I didn’t feel attracted to these crystals, they’re quite cute! I like how they have funky patterns. 🔮
    I always remember being comforted by my late cat’s constant purr. It was nice. ❤

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  6. I have a cat that is like the house nurse. If you are crying/ have cried, have a cold/ congestion/ allergies, or you’re just having a down day; he is immediately sitting on your lap or beside you sniffing your nose, sitting on your chest, “smurgling” you or the blanket on you, etc. Or he will act like a goofball and start rolling around and play-wrestling. Another one of my cats, also male, will come sit in the bed with me if I’m fluey and staying there for the day. He also checks on me at night on occasion I’ve discovered. He walks across my pillow sniffing my nose and sits beside me for a few minutes. Perhaps I snore and it scares him. LOLLOL The females are a little more opportunistic. They see you sitting on the couch or lying in bed and hop up and sit with you for some one one one time.
    I dont think people give cats enough credit.They are as protective and loving as dogs. Just more independent in nature.
    All my cats have chosen their individual favorite crystals out of my collection. But none have chosen Sodalite. After reading your blog post, I am tempted to pull some out and see if they schmooze with it at some point in the day.
    Great blog post!

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    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment and follow!

      I don’t know what it is about male cats, they do seem very caring. My old cat, Walter, was wonderful, so good with my son when he was little. My present girls are all quite caring in their own particular ways and I thoroughly agree they are as protective and loving as dogs. Cats tend to be be ” Oh dear..not feeling too great? Have a mouse and move on…” while dogs are “Oh NO!!! HOW can I HELP???”

      Interesting to hear none of your cats were drawn to Sodalite…Charlie’s particular favourite is Landscape Jasper while Ting loves Rose Quartz. Lily and Tooty aren’t really too bothered by anything I’ve shown them so far, whereas Charlie will always carefully examine any new addition before deciding whether to make it “hers” or not lol!

      Thank you for the comment – I also followed you on Instagram – (crystalcats1485) – have a wonderful day! 🙂 x


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