Or… “Animal Tails”…?


Here’s the start of my other option… how does this compare to “Dream”?

The Beginning…

Why is it that the colour palette of childhood memories remains so vivid in your mind’s eye, so poignant, so carefully delineated…my very first memory involves a cat, and from that day to the present I have usually been accompanied by a cat or two. Or three. Currently four…

My very first cat, my very first friend was Snoopy, a large black cat, who was originally a gift from my father to my mother. She however, has resolutely remained a “dog” person so Snoopy, by default, became my particular friend and comfort.

I was born in the seventies, not so far removed from the Golden Age of Hippydom, the Summer of Love and Psychedelia, but very different in terms of attitudes as strikes, unrest and power cuts made the news. For me though, it was a time of learning and sharing, an establishing of my own little foothold in the world around me.

My first memory then, my waking into being if you will, involves the sort of day we all remember from being a child: golden, dusted with magic and sunshine. On this day, I remember very clearly, bunching my fists in my cat’s furry armpits and hauling him upright to walk with me.

I remember so very clearly – I was maybe about two or three – the thick plushness of Snoopy’s fur, soft as love, the smooth cotton of my dress – blue with white flowers – and the springy dry feel of grass under my bare feet. The colours were bright and crisp, so bright you could taste them and smells – I wish I could bottle the scents of childhood, the golden days of summer when the sun shone, the sky was blue and the Earth gently baked.

Snoopy walked tippytoes with me, good naturedly and patiently. He was the first in my long and usually rewarding association with animals, my first introduction to the value of their friendship and love. He went on to be my best friend, dressed uncomplainingly in dolls clothes and a major player in my childhood adventures in the theatre of my imagination.

The sun was high overhead and the clouds were white and puffy, like cotton wool or cold candy floss that you could reach up and pull down by the handful to eat. At that age, every day is an eternity, a page waiting to be filled, a story just beginning…

31 thoughts on “Or… “Animal Tails”…?

  1. Now this is totally different to ‘Dream’, Samantha. True to life, the memories of you and your friends sound like a fabulous trip down memory lane. Which one? I can’t decide; so I’ll say, just as Cobs commented, follow your heart.

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  2. Well, you certainly haven’t made this choice very easy, Missy Muffin! Each excerpt is compelling, but I think “Dream” will be a bit more of a challenge for NaNoWriMo, if challenge is what you’re after. In either case, I would hope (and already suspect) that you will develop both ideas eventually. I wish you all the best with the writing come November.
    I’ve always wanted to rise to this challenge, but I’ve not yet figured out how to balance my life so that I could write, work, sleep, and maintain my sanity. Perhaps in a perfect world, someday, I will be able to take the month off, like a monastic retreat, and write like a fiend! Ah, wouldn’t that be loverly?
    You, my dear friend, have more than one novel inside of you – and I can’t wait to read them!


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    1. Lol – I know! It’s like I said earlier, I’ll probably end up flipping a coin! Both will definitely be written, more stories to be told…

      I also think that’s an idea for the future…we should take a month off and go on a retreat specifically to write…📝

      Thank you always, for your lovely comment and wonderful friendship 😺💕xxx


  3. I love this Samantha! When we were kids we had a cat named Snoopy also! He was huge, white with a black blaze between his ears and had the most beautiful blue eyes. He loved to sleep right in the middle of the hallway so you tripped over him at night when it was dark. He is also the cat that figured out how to straddle my mom’s sugar container and use it as a toilet!!! We were sworn to secrecy on that one. It only happened once and after that the lid was always on the sugar container.

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  4. Love love love this wonderful insight into ‘you’ from childhood. It shows everyone that your love of animals began long ago and the threads of your life all have animals (cats mainly) running along beside you.

    And it’s this which in part makes you the incredible human being that you are.
    Absolutely beautiful piece Samantha. I love you for the sharing of it.
    Bless you.
    ~ Cobs. x 🌷🌷🌷

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  5. i love your story samantha and that reminds me of our first cat.. she’s a rescue.. i remembered that day.. i was in my kinder years, we heard meowing beneath the floor so my father removed a wooden floor slab and there it was .. a black and white cat so small, wet and trembling.. she has grown to be so beautiful with very soft fur.. our home was screened but she accidentally got out from the window that was left opened.. a few months after we got a surprise..she gave birth to 2 little kitties.. a tabby and a black and white just like her. when we moved, they came with us.. since then, (fast forward) we are never without cats.

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    1. Oh what a lucky little cat! And how kind of your father to rescue her 💕 Cats are very good at slipping out unnoticed…I thought I had lost my cat when we moved house as I couldn’t find him anywhere…he’d been hiding in a cupboard all the time! 😺💕xxx

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  6. Further to my other ramble; this is well written too and could be fleshed out; my question mark remains though. I find memoirs slower to write well. Picking the right memories to take matters further in each one so things don’t get repetitive.

    The novel is more natural (to me) and as Victoria says above will prove a challenge.

    Either way, remember NaNo is a first draft task. Once you start do NOT get involved in proofing or editing backwards. Just get the bones of the story down and write. Fixing it comes in later and quite often they use NaNo Camps to target editing and second drafts 🙂

    My vote remains… Pink Floyd

    Emily tries, but misunderstands.
    She often inclined to borrow
    Somebody’s dreams till tomorrow

    There is no other day
    Let’s try it another way
    You’ll lose your mind and play
    Free games for May
    See Emily play


  7. Are you kidding me? You want me to decide which one sounds like the best….there is no way my friend. I love them both. Snoopy sounds like a fantastic cat to have when you were growing up…no ungodly demands like Charlie and Shoko. You must go with both and make two novels.




  8. I agree with Shoko and Kali, Samantha. These are two different kind of writings and both are just purrfect in their own way. I think you don’t have a choice, you have to put them in both. NaMoWriMo is a novel a month, right? You will know what to do, just let the answer come to you, don’t force! I think Lepidolite can help you with this 😉 Good Luck Pawkisses my furriend 🙂 ❤


  9. This is great too! I think either novel works for NaNo, so see which one you want to write more. 😀

    Or you could always become a NaNo rebel and write both instead of just one! Haha, here I am, teaching a first time WriMo bad things. 😛


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