Lotus And Laughter


I was at once drawn to this beautiful stone… I have a crystal point necklace in it and I was very taken then, by the gentle greens and greys of this member of the jasper family.


I owe them an apology actually – I dismissed all of them out of hand at one point simply because I wasn’t immediately drawn to Red Jasper… and now they are having the last laugh, laying out their bounty of crystals from Ocean to Polychrome… like a tempting metaphysical cheeseboard… without any of the side effects I seem to have acquired after eating cheese, like double vision and a blinding headache.

Anyway… this palmstone is about the size and thickness of a digestive biscuit, a wonderful mix of translucent green and grey, two of my favourite colours, with a delicate overlay of black spots.


Jasper is a great crystal for comfort and relaxation, so it is sometimes also called the Supreme Nurturer. It’s highly protective and a stone of balance – you’re balanced in yourself, Mind, Body, Spirit, then you can heal more completely and easily.

Lotus Jasper in particular, will bring peace and calm, evoking your ability to relax and deal with difficult situations. It’s healing and soothing, and good to work with for grief, restoring balance to the heart chakra.

Humour and laughter bing balance to Life – it’s not all doom and gloom after all. My son has the ability to reduce me to tears – through laughter, of course, and I find my cats an endless source of laughter. I have a sneaking suspicion, though, that sometimes I provide as much laughter for them as they do me…


I’m usually away with the fairies most of the time, and therefore the perfect subject for stealth attacks. An under-the-bed ambush is guaranteed to produce a rewarding scream of fright and leap in the air – followed by the tap-tap-tap of claw paws running away…

Ha ha! Got her a good one there!”

Has anyone else ever experienced the crushing weight of panic in a dream and as you struggle back to consciousness with ever-increasing desperation you become aware that no, you really can’t breathe, there’s an awful weight on your chest, perhaps you’re having a heart attack and somehow there’s a terrible smell of catfood …

Brrp!! Hi! Were you sleeping? Not now – ha ha ha!”

Then Tooty kicks you in the face as she jumps off your chest restoring breath …


Cats definitely have a more subtle sense of humour than dogs… Dogs – at least, my mother’s dogs – are more “Hey, look! I’ll knock you six feet in the air – that’s funny!” And then they jump on you while you are lying on the floor considering whether to call an ambulance or just cut out the middleman and go straight to the undertakers…

So yes. I think living with me, my cats have enough to laugh at and so I can pride myself on my sophistication – if I’m enough to make a cat then I must be pretty cool… I think.

Or is the joke on me…?


45 thoughts on “Lotus And Laughter

    1. It really is – did you like the picture of Ting (the Siamese) with the paper napkins? There’s a picture of a lemon on them and the caption “When life gives you lemons…” I thought of you when I saw them and just had to buy them!

      And good morning! 🍵🍪😺💕🍵🍪😺💕


      1. Yes…I saw the caption….haha…I hazarded a guess you thought of me when you put that there! Really sweet and kind of you🤗🤗😚Ting is always gorgeous…but she is yawning with her sharp teeth showing..haha you kept her up?

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      2. I know..always playing catch up which is a rubbish game tbh…not enough hours in the day! Just ironing my son’s last bits and pieces to put in his big case…he doesn’t go until the 27th but I don’t want to do a last minute rush.
        I enjoy our virtual chats too…going round to your blog now for tea! 🚗🍵🍵😸


  1. I have never seen a stone like that! My husband told me I have a thing for rocks…..we just came back from vacation and I had gathered way to big a bucket load of rocks. I just thought they looked cool and I have no idea what, if any, type of rocks they are!

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    1. Lol – I’m the same every time I go to the sea side, or anywhere, actually, where they are likely to have interesting rocks…the lotus is a lovely crystal, could do with some more of that!
      Thank you for your comment and have a wonderful day 😺💕xx

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  2. Your son has to be very sharp-witted to elicit laughter in another. Humor and laughter bring true balance to life. This is the language of the gods. I’ve heard a joke that the capacity to understand humor is the key requirement to go to Heaven. Haha!

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  3. What a cute crystal! The first picture immediately made me think of a biscuit with cookies-n-cream flavour; vanilla ice cream and oreo crumbs, yum! It’s a comfort food to me, so it kind of makes sense Jasper is a nurturing and calming crystal. 😀

    Haha, cats certainly do have a sense of humour! I always wonder why my family cat loves boxes that are obviously too small for her, yet she still insists on stuffing her paws and head in so that she could scratch the bottom. 😆

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    1. I’m not too keen on the dark Oreos so I was quite pleased when the golden Oreo was introduced…until my son pointed out that it’s basically just a custard cream!

      A lovely crystal though, and one that I would thoroughly recommend 💕💎 😺xxx

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      1. Haha, I had golden Oreo for the first time recently and thought it was funny! Like, why weren’t they black?! 😆
        It certainly looks like a lovely crystal. 🔮❤️


  4. Hi Samantha…yes, I a, very late but I’m here. Once again you made the gentle transition from gems to cats. Awesome. You are so right…..Kali is awaken me if she wants to cuddle now that she is eating lots and gaining weight. Her voice seems like she’s screaming when I’m just waking up.



  5. I think it depends on the dog regarding their sense of humour….mine was a complete clown. I was really low one day and she walked in the room, took one look at me and nudged the cup of my bra, which was hanging on the radiator to dry, onto her head like a hat. I couldn’t stop laughing! She shrugged it off and walked off…..job done I guess 😂

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