Peridot And People


Obviously, as a true “catlady” (the crazy part can be added depending on whether you know me or not in real life… ) I regard my cats as people. Not the human variety, you understand, (I’m not completely bats… ) but as distinct little persons – in fur – with their own foibles, personalities and responses to the world around them.

By nature, I am a solitary person, but on occasion I am called upon to converse and interact with others. Don’t misunderstand me – I find other people endlessly interesting, everyone with their own story to tell and their own chapter to add in this Book Of Life.

Sometimes, the lovely Lizian asks me to look after the shop and really, I am not going to pass up the opportunity to babysit all the wonderful crystals… And the people… the people I’ve met who want to stop and share their story, have a chat, touch base – I’ve got used to the disappointed looks from some people when they realise it’s only me…


There is one particular gentleman and his wife who are regular visitors and he was only too delighted to find a new (and captive) audience. To be fair, though, he spoke entertainingly and well – I laughed in all the right places and gasped in others as I learned of his days in the armed services and how he met his wife… a real Romeo and Juliet story.

I was privileged to meet a truly lovely lady who has had various serious health issues yet met them bravely and with determination – helped by a few crystals, of course…

And there are the lost ones, the ones who have at some point been beaten rather badly by Life and seek refuge and comfort from the shop and the reassuring figures of the owners. All these people are worthy of a more in-depth blog post, although obviously I would have to ask permission as really, these stories aren’t my own to tell, but I can try to help where I can, otherwise, what’s he point? To quote a well-known phrase – from various sources – ‘We’re all in this together…’


Peridot is an appropriate crystal to choose, as it is commonly associated with the month of September, and it is also a transitional crystal, by which I mean it’s one of those stabilising ones that will ease the passage of Life from one stage into the next. It is good to encourage independence making up your own mind about things without too much pressure from external influences.

21329462_172128946675646_787826793_o (2)

Likewise, Peridot will help you to see when you’re wrong, about a person or a situation and helps to resolve any anger or guilt you may feel. Peridot has a strong protective quality to it and is also a good cleanser for body and spirit. By removing these ideas that be cloud intellect, Peridot opens the mind to recognising negative influences and detaching yourself from them, using your own intuition to see your way forward.

Above all, Peridot shows us how to accept our stories, learn from them and move on.

Sometimes we can choose to stop and share these stories or keep them to ourselves. Either way, everybody has a story to tell, and sometimes it helps to lend an ear.


37 thoughts on “Peridot And People

  1. I love peridot. I keep these gems with me all the time😊. Good morning🍵🍵🍪🍪By the way do you work in a crystal shop by chance as you have such a great collection of stones. If not, you should!! Also the photo of Charlie (*am I correct it’s Charlie?) Is awesome…so well groomed💕💕😊

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    1. Good morning! I will be round to your blog in a minute to catch up…I had a MASSIVE headache yesterday…couldn’t do anything! Cooked cheese seems to set it off…thank goodness for pre-scheduling! I

      I am pleased you liked the peridot, a lovely crystal – and Charlie says thank you! 💕😺🍵🍪💕😺🍵🍪xx


      1. Lol! I literally couldn’t see straight..I had a quiche…I know I can’t eat pizza any more as I had a bad experience, but I really thought quiche would be ok as it’s fairly innocuous…I love pizza too..😺💕🍕😢


      2. Sounds like it!! 🤔Hmm just thinking out loud is there any other cheese you may not be sensitive to? Mozzarella is used for pizza. Perhaps you try with other types of cheeses(?) You think it will work or eat it with an antihistamine like Telfast or Zyrtec maybe?

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  2. Good Morning Dear Samantha, How are you? I hope you feel better today. Weather changed between up and down temperatures n here. As always loved your post and photographs. You are amazing with all of them. Thank you, Love, nia

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    1. Thank you very much, I do now! I will definitely be avoiding cheese…

      Yes, today here there has been a real sense of autumn in the air…my garden is clinging to the last remnants of summer but the cats are casting their coats ready to grow winter fur…have a wonderful day and lots of love to you 😺💕xxooxx

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  3. Very interesting to read about the properties of peridot; I didn’t know. I bought one for my daughter ages ago, as she likes green.
    It’s good of you to listen to people tell their stories. 🙂 I think everyone has a story to tell, and very often, no-one to tell it to.

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    1. Thank you – I have always been interested in crystals and my son grew up to share this interest and also go deeper into the metaphysical benefits, so he’s taught me quite a lot. And people – well, as varied as crystals and if a chat can help, then I like to listen 😺💕x

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  4. I found this fascinating, and really like how it reflects how each of us have a story and how we should “accept our stories, learn from them and move on.” Sometimes they’re personal and for our hearts and heads only, but other times I do think it’s great to share, to have your story heard. Great post 🙂
    Caz x

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  5. What a truly great post! I learned so much about what is my birth stone!
    I don’t own much peridot – other than a ring with a diamond cut peridot as a central stone, and a pair of earrings, in gold, shaped like a ‘X’ kiss (but shaped and kind of plumped up a little), which have many peridot stones set into the gold.

    I really should wear them more often. You’ve inspired me to do so. So thank you, Samantha.

    Sorry to hear you’ve been headachey, and I hope you’re feeling more like yourself today.
    Sending love and squidges ~ Cobs.x

    PS … LOVE the cat (Charlie). He has the most glorious cheeks and absolutely wonderful eyes. Love him. ~ C. x

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    1. Good evening! Thank you for your lovely comment and stopping by – I have been doing one of those pointless tidy ups that just involves shifting heaps of junk from one place to another…

      Your jewellery sounds lovely, and it’s a great idea to wear it more often, especially since it’s your birthstone – adds an extra dimension of empathy, I always feel. Charlie is actually Charlotte…when we got her, she was so tiny we couldn’t properly tell if she was male or female. She was only confirmed as female when we took her to the vet for her first vaccinations, poor little lamb, and by that time she was used to her name…so, she is Charlie to friends and family, Princess Charlotte Oddpaw to her subjects 😺👑
      Lots of love 💕xxx

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    1. Yes, I must say I had my suspicions re: cheese for a couple of months now but I just didn’t want to admit it as I love all sorts of cheese…I hope chocolate doesn’t develop into a trigger..😢…but yes, the shop and the owners too have a very special feel 😺💎💕

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  6. So I made it! All my health problems didn’t keep me off wordpress! Your invitation to join you here came at a perfect time really, I’m documenting a project I have on the go. So thank you so much, and thank you for listening to me, I will be sharing the story of how me and my dude met, and more, as well as documenting my project and leaving some bits from my novel on here (sci fi, been writing since I was 9, published here and there).
    And having also worked at Lizian I’m inclined to agree with you on the the peridot issue. its a very insightful and also loving stone, its connected to the heart chakra (being green) and really signifies to me that September is still a “green month”, that even when we think the fun is over, its really not, and some trees just stay green the whole year round (there is a metaphor I’m trying to describe here, and failing!). Anyway, trees are awesome, so is peridot, and so is this blog! I got the best piece of peridot ever from Lizian, huge, clear, I feel better just thinking about it. I had other bits before that, but they weren’t quite as right, this peridot is the one. Also September is my favorite month, I don’t know why, it just always has been, its when I tend to visit the park/woods behind my house the most (so may photos of me hugging a tree!).
    If you want to find me look for, I’m still really new to this so sorry if it all looks a mess or this comment breaches some sort of social media etiquette for this particular form of social media.
    I really liked uploading my first post, it felt so cathartic, so thank you again for inviting me onto here, and no doubt I’ll see you in person again, if you are anywhere near any crystals you will always end up running into me at some point! Thanks again with all your help finding the varicite and the other hidden must haves! And thanks for helping Liz out while my EDS and epilepsy have rendered me (temporarily?) out of action. I won’t talk about my health, you’ve heard enough already, also its gotten even worse and more depressing.
    Love the photos of your cat! Nice to put a name to a furry face.
    Loving your blog so far.

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  7. You’re going to love it here! I am totally intrigued by what your blog and I am really looking forward to reading more. I am thrilled you enjoyed posting – like I said you can really help as you have so much to offer. I am definitely going to hold you to the promise of a photo hugging a tree lol!
    Great to have you here xoxo


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