Picture this:

The pain, the hurt, the betrayal. She loved her little boy. Admittedly, he had not been brought into the world for the best of reasons; but once she had him, and held him, she resolved at once to be the best mother she could possibly be. This person – this perfect little person – this alchemy of maleness conjured from her female body was a source of pride and love and tender protection. Into their world of two came more, friends, acquaintances, family. And the rot began.

Picture this:

Pain. Pain as if your liver, your lungs, your very heart were on the outside of your body, no longer protected by flesh and bone, but exposed and painful, as painful as someone pressing on a fresh bruise or digging a screwdriver into the tender flesh of your gums over and over. And the rot took hold.

Picture this:

The little boy grew, and absorbed, like a sponge, all these outside influences, and in spite of his mother – despite her – became an addict. Her own mother betrayed, colluded, enabled. And her body ached, her heart hurt and her soul wept.

Imagine that.

34 thoughts on “Addict

  1. Awfully sad!! 😓I don’t want to see this….a very strong message in your post today….could it be that the message is that sometimes life results are not predictable and uncontrollable perhaps? Good morning🍵🍵🍪🍪💕💕🐾🐾Believe it or not, just as you had torrential rain, so did my lil red dot🌂☔🌨🌧! How strange it was! 😊

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    1. I agree with the essence of things not being predictable, also that the actions of one person can affect another, and that despite the best of upbringings, outside influences can often do a lot of damage (be that addiction, terrorism, violence etc). Such a sad, but moving piece. x

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      1. Indeed!! But it is so true isn’t it! Today in Singapore a 72 woman who drives a Ferrari, lives in a rich area slapped a driver of a BMW when her Ferrari cannot pass it. Rich, famous and mature yet whatever influences she has had drove her to behave as such. Hence, I too felt this is a sad but moving piece that tell us a hard truth.

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      2. Thank you very much – great comment and unfortunately it’s something we see more and more of, as you said, whether it’s drugs or terrorism, these things are no respector of birth or circumstance. Xx


    2. Good morning! Well, so far today, sunshine…🌄 🍵🍪🍪🍵💕😺😺💕

      And the moment here there is a growing problem with synthetic drugs, like black mamba. A man died in the city because of it, so you’re right, the message is you can have all the love, all the opportunities – life still sometimes turns out unexpectedly…

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  2. Flipping heck! I found this so difficult to read Samantha. It bought out so much anguish and tension and … what? … something else …. something which made me sit here, wringing my hands and telling myself to stop reading it. Don’t know what it was but I could certainly feel my breathing speed up and felt my heart pound. I was getting quite out of breath in the end.

    A very powerful piece of writing.
    ~ C. x

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  3. My gut reaction to all the anguish this evokes is to try to figure out what anyone can do to solve the problem. What are our real choices? Cutting off contact with enablers? Learning alternate ways to deal with pain and peer pressure? Learning how to parent specifically to help our children avoid succumbing to to addiction? While people whose lives don’t touch addiction issues may not want to imagine the scenarios you’ve created, imagining them anyway is a great way to develop empathy. Well done!

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  4. Well, this is more in keeping with writing prompts taken from reality; whether we like it or not these imagines are very real to some people and home to many who write as they construct characters with realism and bite.

    I do, however, find it sad that these are real for some poor souls that lose their way in the journey of life. How to solve it is hard and if people looked in side themselves and rallied instead of walking by then things might improve. There is a film about a drug addict that busks and has a cat that goes everywhere with him. Blowed if I can remember the name of the bat; but it is based on a true story and written by the actual individual who got a book deal because the cat was littered all over social media. It became a best seller and was made in to the film I referred to. Hope lives; it is for us to cease it and find good friends to support and encourage.

    “A Street Cat Named Bob,” it just came to me, if you haven’t seen it, worth a watch because the story is about real addiction and how it forms, the impact on the man and his journey to the other side.

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    1. Yes…read the book but never saw the film…bit hurty, if you know what I mean. Someone once told me write what you know…which is why I am having a bit of a crisis regarding my India story…never been, but the images, the story, is so alive and vivid..oh I don’t know…😢😢😢

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      1. Bit hurty, yes in places, but so are real things. I find happy go positive people can forget that reality sucks for many people. They either look away or pretend it doesn’t exist. I know sometimes to much nehativity is harmful, but reality is reality IMO, humble though it may be.

        One might write s similar counter argument about, say Dr Who or Star Wars….have those writers travelled off world much do you think? Many stories are about research…I’m no knight Templar but one can evoke things if you know the subject well. I feel that is what the phrase means rather than lots of stamps in a passport yes??

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      2. Yes…that makes me feel a bit better…although I am not sure whether the quality – if I can call it that – of my writing differs in comparison to my other project…this is the Boaty McBoatface quandary…

        I feel you have to accept the negative, that is, after all, quite a large part of the human condition…but it’s how you react against it that dictates your life. And sometimes it can be a bit of a battle, but you can’t let it win.

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      3. Ah, the writers mind of uncertainty…it’s why I used to stick stuff on hear, to see what people think taster than listening to my own disturbing reviews. Obviously I still don’t use comments as evidence lol

        Yes, negatives are part of reality; handling defines how you mature and grow. Obviously that’s pitched at normality. Some dealt cards are Jokers that want to stir the cauldron. Not everyone has balance in life. I see why recovering minds can form bubbles of protection though. Ignoring news and media or turning a blind eye for mental self protection reasons…but even then you can’t pretend bad stuff doesn’t happen and that other people have to live through it.

        Personal battles are hard as you say and winning those is essential!

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