Opalite And Opinions About Cats…


This form of Opalite, as shown in the pictures, can also be known as Tiffany Stone, Opalised Fluorite and Purple Opal. It is, in actual fact, a man-made glass compound and opinion is divided as to whether it is a genuine crystal with any metaphysical benefit.

However, it is a pretty stone to look at, and make things from, and as a wise lady I know always says, it’s good to work with colours. It has a milky, opalescent gleam to it, and like most crystals, it is useful as a focus for meditation. It has a subtle energy to it that is said to help clear any spiritual blockages and lend support during life changes.mg_4255-1

Opalite encourages both strength of will and character, and is said to bring inner peace and calm. It is credited with improving communication channels and encouraging us to voice our thoughts and feelings.

A good stone to tie in with the title – this is the follow up post to “Obsidian And Older” where a very interesting debate arose, essentially: do cats’ personalities change after hey have been neutered.

I must thank everybody who was kind enough to share their views, opinions and personal experiences,  and as much as I would like to say I have come to a definitive conclusion, the overall answer is as varied as cats and owners themselves… Some cats are just basically grouchy, while others are furry angels and some are a combination of both…


I must emphasise, though, that unless you are a professional breeder, then ALWAYS have your animal neutered. The over-riding urge to reproduce is removed, as are all the accompanying health risks, and the overflow of unwanted babies is not an issue.

There are outside factors to consider, such as whether the animal came from a home, a farm, or a feral mother, for example. One kitten may be warm and playful, while its litter mate is shy and timid. Another point – I had my four girls spayed at three different vets with varying results. Charlie’s operation actually cost the most and when she recovered, I did notice a personality change. Although still reasonably loving towards me – after she’d got over the indignity of stitches and a bald spot – she would have very little to do with Lily, when previously they had been close enough to curl up together to sleep.


Ting and Tooty still remain close, and while Ting is loving, Tooty is quite timid. Age. There’s another factor… cats’ personalities continue to develop as they get older – as indeed do dogs. Erin can be grouchy maiden-auntish, but will drop into puppy play… if she feels like it.


My old cat, Walter, was the last kitten from a litter his mother – also my cat – had, by accident. Unloved and unable to find him a home, I ended up keeping him myself, and he went on to become one of my most beloved cats. So… Nature vs. Nurture – a favourite point of debate. Are cats born with their own inherent natures, to develop as they age; or does circumstance, upbringing and what they learn from those around them have a bigger influence?

Thank you to everyone again, who shared their views, experiences and opinions; although ultimately, I suspect, as with Opalite, opinions will remain inconclusive. I do know one thing for certain, though… cats definitely learn from each other. I’m surprised I’m not ten feet long, being wrapped around so many furry paws!

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45 thoughts on “Opalite And Opinions About Cats…

    1. Good morning! 🍵🍪🍪🍵 Hope you are having a peaceful and restful Sunday! I am playing catch up…we went to my partner’s nephew’s wedding reception and now I am behind with everything…not even looking at the ironing..😢😢!! Pleased you liked the post, Opalite is quite difficult to photograph! Thank you very much 😺💕😺💕xx


      1. It was actually yesterday evening…from 5 till late…so quite tiring. The bride looked beautiful, but I must confess I was disappointed in the cake…just a stack of Krispy Kreme doughnuts! However, plenty of strong tea and I will DO this ironing! Lol 😸💕xxx 🍵🍵


  1. A lovely post Samantha. All the cats we adopted were middle-aged or older and each had a very distinct personality of his own. I believe circumstances can strenghten certain traits. Our former stray cat was by far the wisest and most resourceful and he took our other cats under his wing in a very loving and avuncular way 💜 I hope you are having a great weekend and much love to you all ☺💖 xxx

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    1. I wonder if male cats are kinder..yes, I definitely agree that circumstances can affect a cat’s personality. Our stray cat that we adopted, Billy, was extremely resourceful when it came to finding food, to the point where he would hunt worms, even after we’d taken him in and he didn’t need to worry about food any more. He even taught Charlie and Lily…Thank you for your lovely comment – have a wonderful Sunday, and lots of love to you all 😺💕xxx

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  2. Such an interesting post – I am a huge opal and opalite fan, the colour just totally draws me in. I think circumstance of growing up makes a vast difference to cats personalities although this doesn’t seem to reflect with my 3! The one cat that came from a loving family and was a very happy kitten is now so shy he doesn’t let anybody near him. The two that had a very hard beginning to their life are now the two most loving and affectionate – quite interesting! Xx

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    1. Thank you – I am pleased you enjoyed the read 😺 It’s been fascinating hearing about other people’s cats and their personalities – your shy boy sounds a bit like Ting in that she was quite a confident younger cat, but now she’s quite timid around other people…all individuals, just like people 😺💕 xxx

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  3. Well, you learn something new every day … as the saying goes. I learnt today that Opalite is man made.

    I had to actually go back and read it again, for I was sure I must have missed something somewhere. Opalite, I thought, was just another type of Opal. And because of that, I wouldn’t have anything to do with it, because my Grandma had such a massive belief that Opal, although quite beautiful to look at, it should never be brought into the house as it was a portent of death.

    Because of that, (and I was only knee high to an ant when I heard her say this to my mother), it lodged inside my brain and, although I’ve fallen in love with many Opal stones, I’ve never bought one. And I thought Opalite was just another form of Opal.

    My education has been furthered today. Thank you, Samantha. You’re teaching me oodles!
    ~ Cobs. xx 🙂

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    1. Good afternoon…I’m getting there…
      Yes, it’s interesting to hear about people’s beliefs – some of the gemstones have similar legends attached to them, like the ruby in the Crown Jewels…I think it’s that one although the details escape my memory…
      Opals are beautiful though – my grandmother had a lot of opal jewellery my grandad brought her back from his travels…and although I don’t get any “vibes” from Opalite, I couldn’t resist the kitty cat…
      Thank you for your lovely comment and have a wonderful afternoon!
      Lots of love to you 😺💕xxx

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  4. I would have liked the Krispy Kreme “cake”!
    As a bead collector, I’m used to seeing lots of imitation gemstones, and I enjoy them so long as the seller is up-front about manmade vs. natural. Opalized glass makes beautiful beads, and glass has been used for a long time to imitate coral. Amen to that, because otherwise the corals of the world would be even more endangered than they already are.
    Here’s a post that taught me a lot about manmade gemstones. I didn’t realize that there is such a thing as synthetic quartz: https://bluedoorbeads.wordpress.com/tag/opalite/

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    1. Absolutely fascinating blog…thank you for the recommendation, I’ll follow them. I knew about Herkeimer diamonds, I actually have a couple, but the information about the “fruity” quartzes was very interesting. And that’s also an extremely good point about coral too – I never buy it, bit like ivory.
      But yes, when you deal in crystals, buying or selling, it’s so important to know your product, I always point out that Opalite is manmade.

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  5. Great post, I’m always fascinated by how a cat’s earliest weeks can influence personality for the rest of its life. Adopting a rescue kitten who had a traumatic start to life can be challenging, but incredibly rewarding!

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  6. Not a personality story, but it is about spaying – Kommando Kitty has a lot of fur, but it lays flat against her body (something we had never seen before). When she was spayed, it took weeks for the fur to grow back. When it finally did grow back, it grew straight down. So she has a patch of fur hanging straight down from her stomach. My husband thought she had gained weight after being spayed, but it’s all fur

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    1. Interesting – when Ting (Siamese) was spayed, the vet operated underneath rather than from the side as it can make the fur grow back a different colour. Now she has a dark brown stripe up her tummy but she’s grown darker with each successive moult.

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  7. Opaite is a pretty stone. Now about cats: My cat, Daisy Mae is loving and cute kitty and sleeps a lot where Daisy Mae’s sister, Tigger when she was alive she was loving but hissed every-now-and-then when she was upset. Her personality mellowed when we got another cat. Good advice to have your pets spayed and/or neutered.

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  8. Hello again, I think I try to leave a reply earlier here but it didn’t work so hopefully that’s case or maybe you might think spamming you. Sorry if I am but I’ve nominated you for The Shuffle The Music Tag in my last post right here: https://a1000mistakes.wordpress.com/2017/08/14/playlist-the-shuffle-the-music-tag/
    Also included a link to your blog back here on my blog which I hope you don’t mind too?
    See want you think about it all and if you wanna join in toooo?
    Have a nice day!

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  9. Opalite is such a lovely stone. Granny has a heart of opalite…well..next to her bed on the bedside table I mean 😀 Granny says I changed when I came to live with her and Grandpaw. I took over a lot of characteristics of Granny and also act like her sometimes…a lot 😉 I really don’t care about that, because I love my Granny 😀 Pawkisses for a wonderful day 🙂 ❤

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  10. I love the colours of the opalite! So pretty. 🌟
    Even if it’s a man-made crystal, I’m sure it has effects too; I mean, even colours themselves have meanings, so why not crystals, even man-made ones? 😀

    Your cats are cute as always! I agree a cat’s personality depends on the cat. 😺

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    1. Thank you! I looked at your colour post too – it was surprisingly accurate! (white..lol) So you are quite right in saying opalite could be effective just with its colour.

      And my cats thank you for your compliment 😺💕😺💕😺💕😺💕

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  11. It’s a gorgeous crystal 🙂
    And yes, I am all for spaying and neutering your pets. Here it is always done at the rescue centres, so LM was spayed long before I adopted her. There are far too many animals waiting for homes as it is.


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