To Beard… Or Not To Beard?


I’m quite into beards at the moment. Not personally, as being female, I would have a bit of difficulty growing one, although I do sometimes grow the occasional one tough facial hair… a remnant from a previous life as a cat, I like to think…

I remember when I was a little girl hearing my father refer scornfully to “beardy weirdies”, and I was at once fascinated. Why were these men weird for having hair on their faces? How did it get there? Were they weird to start off with, or did growing a beard make them weird? Did it grow so far and then just fall out? Did they brush them? Remember, this was in the ‘70’s, and although the straggly hippy beard was still to be seen, the majority of men my father knew were clean shaven, apart from a few of the R.A.F. officers with whom he socialised, who sported immaculately groomed moustaches….

Obviously, as I grew older, I realised that my father meant it as a derogatory remark more to do with politics than actual appearance, but my fascination for facial hair was already – ahem – fertilised… Presently, beards are actually quite fashionable, and I am entranced by the amount of time and product men can use in maintaining a well-furnished face. My sons are both very fair and unable to produce a satisfying amount to require anything other than the occasional shave…


I know that if I were a man, I would grow a full beard at least once in my life, just to see what it felt like and because, well, because I could! Some men’s faces definitely suit beards, whether to add character or hide a weak jawline… some men suit the naked look… some men are lucky enough to be good looking with or without facial adornment… yes, I’m talking about you Mr. Jeffrey Dean Morgan…

I had a somewhat morbid fascination with my History teacher’s beard. It was dark, and curly, but one year, a grey spot appeared right in the middle of his chin, with a ginger ring around it. Every year, the grey spot grew larger, as did the corresponding ginger ring… I left before his face was entirely consumed by grey, but even now, I wonder… WAS HIS SKIN GREY AND GINGER UNDERNEATH THE HAIR – LIKE AN APPALOOSA PONY’S???

I am quite pleased by the current hipster fashion for beards, long, silky pelts that are sometimes threaded with beads, or plaited… or both… I applaud your ability to grow beards, gentlemen, and am secretly quite envious…enjoy your symbols of virility and masculine power, but please, answer me this – Do you keep things in them?? I would…!

42 thoughts on “To Beard… Or Not To Beard?

  1. I think you’re right some men really suit beards and Mr Morgan is that man. My hubby is beard free, though he used to have a moustache for years. One day he got drunk in a nightclub, fell asleep and found himself with half his moustache shaved off. A bit of a drunken prank!

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    1. At least it wasn’t his eyebrows…that could have had quite a different outcome! I remember Alex at about 4 years old, making a web like Spiderman across his face…with chewing gum! Half an eyebrow had to be sacrificed then! 😸

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  2. I had a goatee a few years ago, but that was all I could grow, Samantha. And it was itchy, so it didn’t last long either! Beards do look good on some people, but not on others. It’s very strange.

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  3. Interesting post!! True that for some men, beards make them debonair! For others when they come through customs & immigrations..egad!! They are mistaken for potential ISIS terroists! Poor souls have to extricate self out of that mess😝

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  4. To me the question is not why do men have beards, but why do men shave them? From a “big picture” standpoint of evolutionary biology, they are effeminizing themselves–something men are usually very wary of doing. From a fashion standpoint, I think it depends on the particular man and his age. To me, some of these young hipsters look a bit odd with their long beards, while others seem very stylish. But I think a beard works best on a mature man. And as for Mr. Morgan, I vote for the beard. He looks fabulous!

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    1. Lol, yes, pleased you like the bearded JDM! 💕 Very interesting point, though, about effeminising…like, why is it acceptable for Navy men to have beards, but not soldiers..I’ve found that. I saw a man the other day who had dreadlocked his beard…I find them fascinating, and am still quite envious of a man’s ability to grow them! 😸

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  5. Hello Samantha, Happy Saturday!
    Beards … well, I think it depends on the man, and how much care he pays to his beard.
    I’m not into huge unkempt beards, but I do rather have a soft spot for a well looked after, trimmed beard.

    My latest [actor] crush is Tom Hardy …. and he does have a beard (although, he hasn’t always had one). But it’s not his beard which causes my hear to go pit pat, it’s his voice. He has a deep, resonating voice which I totally fell in love with. I could listen to him reading the telephone directory and not get bored.

    So … yes to facial hair but it has to be looked after and not scruffy. (and certainly not with half the weeks meals hiding in them! eeeeewwwwww! lol)

    in case you don’t know who Tom Hardy is:

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    1. Good morning!
      Playing my favourite game of catch up…It’s interesting to see just how many people do like beards and there are definitely some men who suit them. Having inspected Mr.Hardy quite thoroughly, I would say he is one of the lucky ones…with or without, he’s still rather nice…brilliant actor too, thought he was fab in “Legend”.

      Lol…also your comment reminded me of reading Roald Dahl’s ” The Twits” to my younger son when he was little…the beard description!! Eugh!!!

      Lots of love to you, have a wonderful Sunday 😺💕xxx

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      1. You can see why I have this (secret) crush on this man … although not so secret now!

        I’m so sorry that loaded my link as a big picture on your blog. Feel free to remove it Samantha.
        All I wanted to post was a link that you could click to see the photo, I didn’t want it to post the actual photograph!. EEEeeeek! Sorry Samantha.
        (I loved him in Taboo too … he carried off that character SO amazingly brilliantly that I believed in him.)
        ~ C. x

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      2. LOL….
        Hmmmm…. I’m now wondering how I can put a bit of Tom Hardy decoration about my blog.
        See … this is where blogging has a big ‘fail’. There are no walls to hang pictures on. ROFL.
        Oodles of squidges ~ Cobs. xxx 💕

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  6. Very amusing – great post, Samantha! I can tell you that the only things my husband sometimes keeps in his beard are crumbs of the illicit snacks he grabs while at work. He is.of course, unaware of those telling tidbits that prove to me his inability to control his urges for junk food.

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  7. I love this post about beard.
    I think I love nicely,gently and lowly shaved beards. I don’t really admire a bushy beard. To me, it looks odd and brings some kind of indifferences.
    I’m still a 21 year old guy and without beards. I’ll love to grow some very soon.
    Another problem is shaving. If one has little time for himself, shaving will be a problem. But all the same, a well kept beard will forever be admired.
    And about your question that do they keep anything there? Yeah, I guess they keep. For the unkept ones, they keep germs underneath. But those who kept theirs well, they keep beauty in them. Sometimes, they keep food residues.
    Also, their wives will have to kiss beards too……lol!
    And if you were them, what would you keep there?

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  8. Male facial hair — oooh, yes please! I told my husband, whom I’ve never seen (as an adult) without his beard and ‘stache, that I’d divorce him if he ever shaved them off. And my other husband, Viggo Mortensen, looks his best in full Aragorn (Strider) just-trekked-across-Middle-Earth scruff. Is it hot in here?

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  9. Haha, the appaloosa pony reference! That would be really interesting. 😆
    I’m not a fan of beards, especially growing up in Southeast Asia where men don’t generally have beards. I can tolerate those with short ones, but I don’t really like those super long hairy beards, especially the idea eating cookies and dropping crumbs all over the beard. Good thing I can’t grow one 😅

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