Murder Mittens Inc.


Sometimes a phrase stays with me, whether it is a stanza of haunting beauty, a vivid description or something so unbearably funny it makes me laugh out loud on the bus or snort tea through my nose… My dear friend GarfieldHug – please go and visit, she is as wise as she is witty, and as warm as she is funny – posted a picture of various animals with alternative descriptions. For example, snake = danger noodle, manta ray = majestic sea flap flap, otter = sea cat snake… you get the idea… even now I’m laughing!


It reminded me of a picture I’d seen previously, of a tiger cub with its paws resting on a wall, captioned “Murder Mittens”. Also funny – I love this sort of word play; but I turned to look at Lily as I was reading this on my phone – she was curled up, sleeping, next to me – but as I looked, she stretched, luxuriously.

Her tiny, delicate, blackberry toes spread apart involuntarily and gleaming obsidian scythes appeared, seemingly out of all proportion to her toes. Every cat paw is a Mother Nature miracle of engineering and tendons, designed to pull these knives back when not needed, or release them…


Lily is the smallest cat, but she uses her murder mittens to great effect. Sparrows and blackbirds have all fallen prey to her (I cry for each feathered soul and send it on its way with love) as have two different types of mouse. Oddly enough, she seems to kill the birds outright in preference to the mice… oh no, she likes to bring them home to share. I have had mice in the airing cupboard and the sofa – none of the others bother, although Charlie once caught a very small mouse…

Perhaps this is why Lily does bring them home for us… she pities us for our lack of ability. I remember one occasion – I was in the back bedroom upstairs, that overlooks the back garden, and I could see Lily, Ting and Tooty, all gathered in a circle around something…


Suspicion aroused, I rushed downstairs and was less than impressed to find them slapping a poor little mouse between them with their murder mittens, for all the world like a gang of mean girls picking on the goody-two shoes. I rescued the poor little creature and sent him on his way with a stiff warning:

You should know by now to stay away from here…”

Thanks Missus, but that black one… she’s a terror… lost Bill and Ted the other week…”

Having been the recipient of a few swipes from murder mittens, I could only sympathise – and be thankful that I am the size I am in proportion to my murder mitten wielding dainty demon…


43 thoughts on “Murder Mittens Inc.

  1. Vicious murderer – and so devastatingly beautiful!
    Being hit with “murder mittens” is routine when keeping house to a bunch of felines. Little Pyshka has been using me for a scratching post from the moment I brought her into the house. Oh well – it comes with the privilege of being cat mama.

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      1. Correction, my friend: Mama is the House Panther, and I am only her familiar.
        Meows and purrs, and regards to you and your siblings form my sister Beba and baby Pyshka. 😺


  2. Haha, murder mittens! How apt, but we love them anyway. 😆
    Lily has such beautiful black fur. ❤

    Many, many years ago, we once had a super stinky mouse in the house but both cats refused to go near it. In the end it was the family dog (a small Shih-Tzu) that went after it. And these cats were supposed to be the hunters. 😆

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  3. We live in an old farmhouse that is not well sealed, and therefore home to mice. Snoops is a rescue and quite a good hunter. Kommando sees them as toys that move on their own. Snoops brought Kommando a mouse so she could practice hunting (we think). Kommando took the mouse and promptly let it go.

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