Carnelian And Comfort Cats


When I was a little girl – a very little girl – I had a teddy bear called Pinky Bear. I acquired him as we were walking through a market, my father carrying me, and I apparently reached out and neatly snagged this teddy bear from a toy stall. I refused to be parted from him – indeed, Pinky Bear had many individual adventures, including being lost on a train – and his soft, marshmallow pink fur epitomised comfort and security for me.

I no longer have Pinky Bear, but somehow, the colour pink retains an air of love and comfort for me… Carnelian is not normally a stone to which I am drawn, although I have written about it before, as it is a useful addition to any crystal collection, but Lizian’s latest order caught my eye…


Pink. Wonderful, striped shades of pink, some reminiscent of smoked salmon – I like that too… And I have also discovered recently that Carnelian is a wonderful stone of comfort. It deflects rage or anger that is directed towards you and helps your own anger or resentment to be gently dissolved, and a workable resolution reached.


Carnelian can help to lessen the bleakness of a situation where you feel emotionally isolated, and yes, bring the comfort you may remember from a much-loved childhood toy. Carnelian helps to restore the love and faith you have in Life, accepting the never-ending cycle of Life and Death, but not fearing it.


It imparts courage and confidence, the strength to carry on and can help to sharpen mental focus. Red Carnelian, as shown in some of the pictures, is useful for energising body and mind. Pink Carnelian, as soothing and warming as a cosy blanket, helps to restore trust and love, a comforting, happy stone.


Having shared the majority of my years on this Earth with a cat, or two, or three… or even four, it is safe to say I derive a lot of emotional comfort from the presence, love and companionship of my cats.

My old cat, Walter, was perhaps the supreme Comfort Cat Champion; his soft grey and black fur saw plenty of tears in his lifetime:

There, there… tell me all about it and let’s see what can be done.”


I was so desperately lonely and bereft when his time came to cross the Rainbow Bridge… but now I have my quartet of princesses, the Furry Four, Mummy’s Girls, of which Charlie, Madame La Princesse, is undeniably Number One.

And when I am overwrought, or emotional, then I know there is comfort to be had, and love, in the presence of a warm, furry purrer…


42 thoughts on “Carnelian And Comfort Cats

  1. Our animals share our greatest secrets don’t they.. and unlike lots of humans.. they keep them safe forever! Wonderful and the Carnelia looks so touchingly tempting too.. Definitely looks like it would give you the ‘feel good’ factor! xx

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    1. It’s a lovely stone – would definitely go in a “feel good” starter pack of crystals!

      You’re very right about animals and secrets…another facet of the relationship we have with them 💕

      Thank you very much, have a wonderful evening 😺💕xx

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  2. Love the Carnelian …. and I didn’t know some of the tidbits of information you gave, so many, many thanks for that.

    Ah but the cats. Aw, now I adore the cats. I was never really a cat person as such, until I met Mr.C, and then I became a cat person. His family had a HUGE monster of a tabby who was a big lover of comfort. He captured my heart, and I captured his belly …. in order to win his affection I bought it. I would – every Friday (I went to dinner every Friday after work) go and buy a small bag of Pork Scratchings and began by tempting him until he got a taste for them. In the end that cat would sit on the fourth step up on the stairs, opposite the door, waiting for me to arrive, every Friday. Bless his beautiful, greedy guts belly and heart.

    At one point I had 7 cats – all rescues – but I still say that I’m a dog person. lol. There’s just something about cats … and kittens obviously! – which I love.

    GREAT post Samantha. Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Good evening! Sorry as usual for the late reply… my favourite game at the moment is Catch Up!

      Yes, I am still learning myself about all the crystals – I’ve written about Carnelian before, but this is my first physical experience of the pink variety, and it really is a lovely stone.

      LOVED the cat story! And bless you for making friends with the family cat of Mr. C. I agree with that principle ‘love me, love my cat’ and somebody once said to me: “Cats are like chocolates, you can’t just have one.”

      Thank you very much for popping in, so pleased you enjoyed the read, and thank you for the lovely comment. Have a wonderful evening, lots of love to you, 😺💕💎 xx

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  3. I love the concentric ovals on that pink stone–beautiful polish! And your description of Walter, so sweet. Some cats have that comforting aura, and others take your mind off your troubles by demanding that you pay attention to *them*!

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    1. Oh yes, Walter was very special 💕 and I find that every animal brings its own kind of love and comfort too.
      I am fascinated by the pink Carnelians…not so keen on the large red piece as shown in the pic. It belongs to my son and always looks like evidence from a murder scene…!

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  4. Beautiful post, can totally relate to the comfort cat idea. I have so many memories of my childhood cat and then my young adulthood cat (both big, cuddly, loving boys) bringing me comfort and happiness through tough times. LOL, that picture at the top makes me want salmon sushi and the one at the bottom is the best kitty boop ever! ❤

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    1. Thank you very much, so pleased you liked it – I should have mentioned you really as I’m sure you gave me the idea for comfort and cats… 💕

      Yes the Carnelian is irresistible and lol, you can see Ting smiling 😺💕 xxx

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  5. Never heard of Carnelian Rock. Lovely color and would love to know more about it. Sorry your one cat died but glad you have other kitties. My Tigger kitty died 9-11-2015 and I am so glad we got another kitten before she died. She helped us through our grief. Thanks for putting me over to the other site. I followed her and commented on her post.

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  6. I love that picture of the lighter orange carnelian crystals with lines! Such pretty and comforting little things, like our warm pets. There were many days I shed tears with my late cat, and her constant purring is definitely comforting. ❤️

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  7. WOW! We didn’t know the red Carnelian, it’s beautiful, so are the pink ones. It’s one of our purrecious stones as you can get lost in the stripes😎 Very touching story of you and Walter. Glad you had someone to care for , as he cared for you. Granny says we are the most understanding creatures that God has given us. Pawkisses for a wonderful day😘❤😻

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    1. Carnelian has been used since Roman times and before…It’s a lovely crystal, warm and beneficial, I am so pleased you liked it 💕 And yes, my Walter was a wonderful cat, so I would definitely agree with Granny – a wise lady 💕 Thank you very much for your lovely comment and have a wonderful day 😺💕xxx

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