Pyrite And Purrsonality…

20517376_163233007565240_1015633897_oFascinating cubic Pyrite, thank you to Lizian for letting me photograph them

I’ve written about Pyrite before, but it’s a purrsonal favourite (hehehe!) so I think it will take a little bit more, especially since it ties in so nicely with the second part of the title. The second part of the title was arrived at through an initial reply by Dolly of koolkosherkitchen, please go and visit – she has a wonderful blog that consists combines a fascinating mix of recipes and history – irresistible! The point of debate was: “Does neutering arrest a cat’s development and make them kittenish forever, or is it purely personality?”

I must actually apologise as I don’t remember where I saw the original claim – I’ve looked everywhere, but it was either obviously a figment of my imagination… or it’s been hidden by fairies.

IMG_6159 (2)

Do cats’ personalities change as they get older, like humans do… I’ve known some perfectly pleasant sixteen year olds grow into unbearable adults. Does anybody feel that their cats did indeed change in temperament after being neutered? I must confess, I do feel that Charlie became a little more bad tempered, and less tolerant of Lily, as they did used to sleep curled up together, but now they very rarely bother with each other, save the occasional:

“All right?”

Yeah, not so bad – yourself?”

Tooty and Ting have always had a very strong sisterly bond – apart from when they’re fighting – so they continue to get along well with each other and still make friendly overtures towards the big girls, even though they’re likely to get a slap for their trouble!


Maybe I’m just reading too much into the situation, and the reason that cats still sometimes adopt a kittenish persona is to get their own way/

I’m so beautiful… How can you possibly say NO!”


Oh yes of course, I’m sorry, Mummy’s little princess, I’ll rush out and get fresh chicken right this very minute even though it’s 12 o’clock at night, pouring with rain and local shops are shut…”

Yeah right. Crazy cat lady.

20472626_162915264263681_1093126036_oA beautiful and shiny Pyrite sphere, courtesy of Lizian’s wonderful stall

Perhaps I should carry my Pyrite more often… sometimes known as ‘Fool’s Gold’, this stone is very protective and will encourage you to trust your own judgement, take stock of a situation and implement solutions where needed. Its shiny gold surfaces act as a spiritual mirror and enable us to look within, to see our own characters, aspects, both good and bad, uncovering suppressed memories that are ready to be dealt with. A warming, magical stone, it has traditionally been used in amulets and in healing as a ‘warming’ stone – Pyrite suns have a special pain alleviating quality to them as well. So. A warming and grounding crystal… as warming as the love you share with your cat.

20464803_162867477601793_496060702_o (1)A splendid Pyrite sun, from Lizian 

So, please, opinions about personality please, whether feline or otherwise…


49 thoughts on “Pyrite And Purrsonality…

  1. Unfortunately I do not have a live cat, just inanimate furballs 😉

    But I used to have dogs. I find that as my Dobermann (*died at age 13 years) aged, her temperament never changed. She was always a loving dog to me. As for my other 2 dogs (*one was a cross with beagle and a pariah -rescue dog abandoned as a pup), one got lazier (pariah rescued dog from a farm) as it aged whilst the other ignored the younger dog (*beagle crossed one). So I guess for me it is the breed.

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    1. Hmm, interesting again…see, certain breeds are said to have certain characteristics – like German Shepherds are supposed to be accident prone…this could be another post idea, thank you!😺💕xxx


  2. I don’t think my cats changed much with spay/neuter, although they all had the procedure relatively early. My Agnes became more mellow with age, which was a good thing, since she was full of p*** and vinegar from her experience as a stray. In my household, their personalities can change depending on what other cats are involved in the mix, because there is a dominance hierarchy.
    I love that pyrite sphere!

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  3. 1. Just love this blog. Have I noticed changes in my cat since they got old older? When my Tigger Kitty was alive(She passed away 9-11-2015), she became more playful when we got another cat. Daisy Mae who is our current cat and is 11 years old she used to be so playful now that she is older she sleeps most of the day. Liked the Info about Pyrite.

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  4. I love the purrsonality of neutered male kitties. So many of my fave cats have been cuddly, lovable fixed boys. My “kitty boyfriend” in my 20s-30s was a mushy, affectionate black and white one….best cat ever ❤

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    1. Yes – mine was Walter – the ultimate Comfort Cat, bless him, I still miss him 💕again another interesting point, the difference between male and female personalities..I wish I knew more about animal psychology!! 😸🐭🐺🐰🐦🐴

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  5. Love the pyrite, as to personality perhaps we all change a little as we get older. I think I have, in a funny sort of way I think I’ve become like a grumpy teenager again… It’s all the hormones raging as I near the menopause. Can’t escape our hormones can we? Men seem to go through some strange change too. I don’t suppose cats are any different!

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    1. Hehehe…mid-life crisis…oh dear. I think I’ll just hide in the shed till that one’s all over…but yes, age and health too are points to consider with animal personality, although my old cat Walter remained sweet and loving even as he got older…💕😺💕😺💕

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  6. A lovely blend of gems and cats. I don’t seem to have had a cat that changed personalities after being spade. The largest personality change I have seen is when we move. Kali still is the alpha cat but due to her on going health problems, Shoko is now the more aggressive cat. Shoko is a wimp so we often have different kitties sitting on the deck. Occasionally she will chase them away. but if they stop….forget it….that’s above her pay grade. hehe


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    1. I must catch up with you…It’s been one of those weeks – currently I’m lying on my bed with a massive backache eating Butterfingers…
      It’s been fascinating to read everybody’s responses, so I shall definitely do a follow-up. Ting became more me-orientated when she’d been spayed – have you always had girl cats? My old tom was so loving, bless him 💕😺💕xxx


  7. It’s so shiny and metallic! Almost like it’s trying to reflect our own self for our awareness. 😀

    I think neutering or spaying doesn’t change cats’ personalities, it just removes the distraction that arises from having the need to create a family and the whole territory aggression that comes with it (which can seem like a change of personality). I mean, if we humans don’t have to work and raise a family, wouldn’t we all end up doing our favourite things like kids? 😆

    And Charlie’s gaze is so mesmerising. ❤️

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    1. Love your talent for coming up with a great description in a sentence! Thank you!
      Yep and another great point (loving everybody’s input) by halting the natural instinct to reproduce, it does give the animal more time to develop a personality…and Charlie is well aware of the power of her amazing golden eyes…lol! 😺💕😺💕xxx

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  8. I agree with the point you mentioned around putting on a kittenish nature to get their own way! My dog is eight years old and he can easily flip to a puppy personality if he’s after something… particularly a walk! I think humans are the same, I still revert back to calling my mum ‘mummy’ when I’m after something 😂

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  9. I’ve had two sets of brother and sister cats grow up together. Both were neutered and both started out close and kind of grew apart as they got older. The one difference I noticed is that the first set were outdoor/indoor cats and the second are only indoor cats. The first set started off super affectionate with people and became less so as they grew older. The second set remain super affectionate with people. I’m not sure if it’s just a unique circumstance, but from this experience it would seem perhaps the outdoor/indoor factor played a role. Our cats now still play together in the mornings, but I don’t see them cuddle together like they used to daily as kittens. It also seems more likely a growing older than a neutered thing to me, the slow separation from kitten to adulthood. Just my opinion though, I really have no idea!

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    1. Great comment, thank you.
      This is the first time I’ve had two sisters – they’ve remained really close still, but not so much with humans after they were neutered. The two older girls were close as babies, but after they were neutered, didn’t get on so well… I think everybody who has commented has made really good, valid points. Basically, every cat is different, just like people! 😺💕xx

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  10. Tooty and Ting are oh so very cute!! I think maybe we just feel that we can ‘speak our truth’ when we get older – I’m more ‘secure’ in my own opinions now than when I was younger and take the view… like it or lump it … much more than I did when I was younger.. I suspect cats must be the same! xx

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      1. I’ve definitely improved over the years and now I try to inspire confidence in my granddaughters so they hopefully benefit from great self esteem at a young age.. xx

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  11. All I know is that I’m the shelter cat, and Kommando is the one who is always crying for attention. (She came to live here when she fell in the window well trying to get into the house.) Snoops

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    1. Thank you, it’s interesting to have these viewpoints from other cats. Ting and Tooty were abandoned – we rescued them, Lily was given to us, while Charlie was a very wanted baby…all these factors to consider as effects on personality 😺💕xx

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