To be honest, I don’t really like feet… they’re odd. Obviously, I am aware they have a purpose to serve but they are a bodily extremity of which I’m not too fond. They’re too… naked and vulnerable looking, somehow. I suppose the recent summer weather has sparked this train of thought as flip flops, sandals and other cute, tiny shoes appear.

I love shoes, although I don’t often wear fancy shoes myself. I had a foot operation to remove a lump which didn’t quite go according to plan, so I still have the lump, a horrible scar and the original foot pain.


I am undecided about men’s feet… (sorry gentlemen) Hobbit feet fill me with horror, but strong, manly feet… well, they can be o.k. I suppose. I once went out with a man who had a foot fetish which struck me as… odd. And rather annoying actually, as I am one of those people who hate having their feet touched.

Possibly my mother is partly responsible for this, as I remember her coming home from work, one day – she was a nurse – and relating to me with grim humour how she was changing the dressings on one old man’s gangrenous toes when as she carefully pulled the dressing away two toes fell off…

Won’t be needing those any more, Mr. Jones!”

or some such other macabre utterance was my mother’s way of comforting the digit-light gentleman.

This story filled me with a shuddering sorrow and fear… both for the gentleman and myself… Even now, at forty-ahem- years on, I sometimes check my shoes and socks to make sure I’ve lost nothing en route, so to speak. I think that’s possibly why I like to go barefoot when I can… keep an eye on everything!

Dog feet amuse me… Rocky’s paws are totally different to Erin’s.She has very dainty paws, beautifully shaped, with golden hair protecting each toe from its neighbour, and black pads, careful cushions so she can creep about.


Rocky, on the other hand, (see what I did there?!) has splendid, high – arched toes, curved, like the flying buttresses of cathedrals, with powerful webbing and thick pink pads to propel him forwards in great, leaping bounds… or for standing casually on bare feet…

And of course, cat feet are utterly delightful. Soft, yet practical, concealing toe-knives… Charlie has the sweetest, most delicately deceptive paws, as they are completely capable of delivering a ringing slap.


I have watched in wonder as my son’s feet grew from squashy pink marshmallows to hairy, bony man feet… and a size ten shoe.

Ever heard the phrase “feet of clay”? It’s used to mean a weakness in someone you may have previously admired. It originates from the Bible, the book of Daniel, I think, where Nebuchadnezzar was telling Daniel about a dream he had of a fabulous statue made of precious metals and gems… with feet fashioned from clay.

Well. My feet aren’t made of clay and they are definitely somewhat battered, but they serve their purpose well enough and get me from A to B. Still going to keep checking my shoes and socks though…


34 thoughts on “Feet…

  1. Good morning! Love this! Love this! Written in true blue Samantha style! I love the way you compared dog’s paw to cat’s paws! Oh and the trauma of the gangrenous toes falling off is enough to scare any young one! 🙂

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  2. Thank you, my dear friend, for a lovely read and subsequent morning laugh (it’s just gone half past seven here.) Feet are unusual and funny things. I remember looking down at my bare feet some time after my father passed away and realising, “I have my father’s feet!” and then immediately giggling to myself (a la your mum) and thinking, “Well, he isn’t using them any more!”

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    1. Lol! Humour can strike at the most inappropriate times…but then again Life is too short not to have a laugh! I think, on balance, I would rather have cat paws but that would definitely look odd!!
      Hope all is well, lots of love to you 😺💕xxx

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  3. I’m with you all the way Samantha. I dislike other peoples feet sooooo much. I can’t touch them or do anything to do with them. I’d rather pay good money for chiropodist to do even the most minor things.

    However …. I adore little feet. Baby and childrens feet – up to a size 4 or 5 … after that they begin to s-t-r-e-t-c-h and they turn into elongated toes and no longer chubby and cute at all.

    I once hurt my foot when I twisted it, and after about five days it was still really playing me up so I went to see the doctor at my surgery. Upon removing my shoe the doctor lifted my foot and exclaimed that I had those most perfect feet he’d ever seen. I seriously thought the man had gone mad. Feet … perfect? Nooo.

    So I fully understand your feelings.
    But … I love my dogs paws, and adore my cats fabulously designed, and SO soft it should be illegal, paws – [of destruction, when they wish them to be so]. I will kiss Alf Capone’s fabulous, chubby, huge paws when the chance arises – for they are the softest of softest things and I adore this cat so much.

    Finally …. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cat pumps. How clever of you to have found those! They look brand new… have you worn them yet? Or are they for gazing at only? lol.

    Sending heaps of love ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Lol, thank you for your lovely comment! I am intrigued by your feet…I need to know what perfect feet look like! I also have a round scar on top of my right foot where I absent-mindedly dropped a tea bag after I’d just taken it out of the hot water..
      Erin (Mum’s German Shepherd) makes me laugh with her paws..if you stroke her she will very confidingly lay her paw on your arm and gaze lovingly at you..!
      Charlie – well, I could totally wax lyrical about her dainty soft paws that smell delectably of warm leather and grass…but I won’t!
      I wear those shoes about once every three months…I KNEW I should have bought the lot!
      Enjoy your evening, lots of love to you 😺💕xxx

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  4. Those cat shoes are cute! Too bad I can’t wear flats; I need a bit of a raised heel (even on my slippers) or my calf hurts when I walk. 😅

    Interesting look at feet and paws, though! While I’m not a fan of feet or foot spa in general (especially since I’m ticklish!), the Chinese have a fascination with small feet – the smaller the feet, the more they’re considered beautiful – and I probably shouldn’t tell you the horrors they used to do in ancient times to make women’s feet small. 😅

    Also, I like cats paws more than dogs’; dogs are a bit rough with them and tend to hurt when they step on my toes in my excitement! Cats on the other hand have such cute, dainty paws, and I used to look at my cat’s pink paw pads and wondering when they’d turn black; they never did, as I found out later it’s genetics but not age that give cats their black paw pads. 😆

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    1. I’ve discovered the joy of memory foam insoles…SO comfy!
      Am I right in thinking “lotus flowers”…I remember watching an interview with a very old lady – this was some years ago now – who had her feet bound. Frightening.
      Pink paw pads are cute 💕 Charlie has two little pink toes…all the rest are black! 😸💕🐾xx

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      1. Oh, memory foam insoles sound nice! I’ll have a look the next time I go shopping. 😆

        I just looked it up, it’s called lotus shoes. It’s certainly frightening, so I’m not going to go into details (anyone who wants some can look it up themselves). 😅

        And yes, pink paw pads are cute! Charlie’s sounds cute too, though they’d probably make me wonder when the two pink ones will turn black. 😆

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  5. Ditto on the wonderful cat shoes! I love a canine or feline foot; they are very beautiful. Sadly our human feet are not as attractive, except when we are young. I was always self-conscious of my feet, thinking them too large, until one day a friend told me that they were just the right size for my height. I don’t know if it’s true, but it made me feel better 🙂

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    1. A nice friend 💕 and completely right. Imagine having size three feet and being six foot tall…you’d overbalance and fall over…
      Yes…paws…little engineering marvels- love it when cats or dogs stretch and spread their toes out 🐾🐾

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  6. Love the photos and cats paws! Samurai taps me on the nose when he wants another pat, but sometimes forgets that his claws are out! Mischa on the other hand, always keeps her claws in and when she is on my lap, loves to stretch out both front paws and rest them on my face. I love the feel of her soft warm paws.

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