Obsidian and Older…


There have been quite a few losses this month, here among the people I know and call friends on WordPress – I’m not naming names or giving details as it’s not my place, but I just want to let them know our thoughts and love are with them.

July is both mine and my son’s birthday month, a bittersweet one this year as it was his 18th and as my regular readers know ~ many thanks too for all your good wishes ~ he received a Distinction in his final performance, allowing him to take up his place at university this September.


All part of getting older… you move on and leave certain things behind to make your own way in the world. I was forcibly reminded the other day of how I am getting older – my mother’s dog Rocky tripped me up so I fell smack on my face. My knees took the worst of it, but I was rolling on the floor in agony… ( I know some very bad swearwords…) laughing… while my mother stood and watched and my son tried vainly to help me.

Don’t touch me!”

I roared through tears of pain, laughing hysterically… yeah I know, a confusing reaction, but I just needed a minute’s solitude to inspect my knees which felt like they should be a bloodied mass of shards of bone and shredded skin, and ascertain whether I needed an ambulance.

I didn’t. But… oh my God, my knees still feel like they’ve been snapped and put back together the wrong way. One consequence of getting older is that you definitely don’t recover from physical injury as quickly. My girls too, are getting older now. Charlie is a matronly seven years old, with the sometimes temper of a particularly grouchy ninety three year old; yet still she retains a kittenish sweetness that makes me pick her up to cuddle and play with.

20273489_161019477786593_1086887932_oCharlie with my old cat, Walter

I think Ting, at four, will always be a perpetual kitten – she’s just one of Life’s optimists, unfailingly cheerful and ready to play. Lily, at seven, is slightly stiff in the joints now, requiring special attention in the colder months, while Tooty can be prone to catching cold.


However, they are still all Mummy’s little girls, but as with any living creature as it ages, they require a little more specialised attention, whether it’s diet, supplements, medical attention or just a bit of peace and quiet in a warm place for an extra snooze.

Along with getting older, there is the inevitable sadness that this can bring… the Obsidian family can help to manage this. Obsidian will bring up negative energies and emotions so they can be dealt with and resolved.

I am always quite cautious with black Obsidian as it can be quite overwhelming, so I would advise caution yourself when using it; and because it is such a useful spiritual mop, cleanse it carefully after each use. Gold and black Obsidian are good for scrying and pinpointing the cause of distress which can then be resolved and new, more positive patterns put in place.


Snowflake Obsidian is my personal favourite if any highly emotional issues call, as it teaches there is value in mistakes too – all part of the learning curve. Snowflake Obsidian shows that being by your Self needn’t necessarily be sad… Apache Tear is another useful crystal that is gentler and perhaps more comforting than black Obsidian. It’s highly protective and soothes grief.


Silver Sheen Obsidian, a recent acquisition of mine, allows you to see the bigger picture, and your own part in Mother Earth’s never-ending cycle that even as we, ourselves grow older, continues to renew and regrow. I feel that there is comfort to be had in continuity. And love always.


Walk your way with grace and care
Cherish every day
Be not afraid to enter Night
For Love will meet you there.


61 thoughts on “Obsidian and Older…

  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful post. Logged on here this morning and it was the first thing I read, and can’t tell you how much it was just exactly what I needed. Congratulations too to your son on getting his university place and really hope your knees are feeling much better soon! x

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    1. My knees are an interesting shade of black and purple this morning…I should have included a picture of them but I didn’t want to frighten anyone…lol!
      But thank you – I really appreciate your lovely comment and I’m pleased it helped. I’ll pass on your good wishes to my son too 😺💕xx

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  2. Congratulations to your son – that’s a major step in life! I am sorry to hear about your fall and the damage to your knees; feel better and take care of yourself!
    So Charlie is two years younger than my Beba – I didn’t know, as she does look kittenish on the photos. I would never call Beba matronly, though, since as big as she is, she is quite childish. I think personalities don’t really change with age, feline as well as human.

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    1. Ah thank you very much – I shall pass on your congratulations to him! My knees are a bit better although I don’t intend to run any marathons in the near future!
      I read somewhere that when we neuter our animals we arrest their development so they stay babyish..unless it’s just a cunning ploy on Charlie’s part to be irresistibly cute and get her own way in everything! 😸💕x

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      1. Lol…I think it calls for a blog post..
        ” —— and Purrsonality…” as I think you’re right. I shall have to find where I read the original claim. Also – did I see on Katzenworld you have a kitten?💕

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  3. Ooh, happy birthday to you, Samantha! 🎉🎊🎈🎉🎊🎈❤️
    I’m sorry to hear you had a fall, hope your knee gets better soon. ❤️
    And pretty pictures of your cats as always. 😸

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      1. You’re welcome! ❤️
        I also forgot to mention (hit Send too fast…) that these Obsidian stones are pretty; they’re like bottomless pits that we can keep throwing stuff in. 😀

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  4. Well done to your son. Great info about the crystals too, I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps I should have a look for some of the ‘basic’ ones when we go on holiday. Enjoy the rest of the weekend x

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      1. Thank you, I’ll have a look when we go as our favourite seaside places have very nice crystal shops. Is there on that prevents children trying to kill each other in school holidays? 😂 x

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      2. It’s worth a shot, thank you. If not I shall see if they do child sized tranquilizer darts for the worst fights (joking, obviously but I bet they’d be a popular item!) X

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  5. Happy Birthday, dear Samantha and concatulations to your son. That must be so exciting for him 🙂 Also sorry for your knee, that can be very hurtful, we know…ouchie…..Here come a few Healing Pawkisses to feel better soon ❤ ❤ ❤
    The obsidian is very beautiful. We have a few black stones too, but some are hardly to identify. Granny hasn't the knowledge of it like you have… but we know the obsidian and the snowflake, so at least that's something 😉 Oh, kitties, as an almost 15 years cat, I know all about the getting older part…I still can jump, but never so high as a couple of years ago, only chair heights…sigh…. Cool Pawkisses for an Easy Sunday 🙂 ❤

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    1. Healing Pawkisses much appreciated, thank you 💕 I was going to include a photo of my knee but decided against it in case someone thought a new planet had been discovered…all lumpy bumpy and purple!
      There’s quite a few black crystals…onyx, agate and jet, although jet is easily distinguishable as it is so light in weight.
      And lol…I try to lift my cats before they jump so I probably just annoy them rather than help them!
      Thank you for your lovely comment and have a lovely evening 😺💕xxx

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  6. Happy birthday to you and your son. Many congratulations at his University place – how wonderful. I’ve just heard my daughter has been offered a job teaching English as a foreign language in South Korea, so I am freaking out a bit at the moment! Sorry to hear you fell and damaged your knee. Like you, my knees are not what they used to be. In fact they seem to creak when I walk up the stairs. Love the Obsidian – it’s one of the crystals I mention in my book!!! Give my love and hugs to your lovely cats. Enjoy your Sunday Samantha. 🙂 ❤

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      1. She’s pretty keen so unless something else comes along I reckon she will. Funnily enough, I found a wordpress blogger who lives in Busan, S Korea, (where she would work, )with the same name doing the same job. Isn’t that the most uncanny coincidence? Her account of the place, her job and experience is pretty positive so feeling a little more reassured. Xx

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  7. Bittersweet indeed: congratulations and commiserations are in order! We have one geriatric cat, our beloved Jerome. Thankfully he’s doing well but we keep an eye on him. Hope your knees heal up quickly, that sounds like quite a fall!

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  8. Love that picture of Walter. ❤ So great that your son is embarking on this next exciting chapter of his life. Being the mom of fur kids only, I can't imagine what it must feel like to see your children grow into adults. I'm constantly reminded that I am getting older, even without having grown children!

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  9. It is personality. Shoko will always be a kitten wheras Kali was demure and didn’t care to play when she was 6. Shoko was a real pain in her butt cause Shoko wanted to plat all the time and Kali was not the least bit interested.


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  10. Happy Belated Birthday!! I got an overwhelming sense of nostalgia after reading your post. Perhaps thinking about my own cats as kittens and how they will continue to grow older. I hope your knees are feeling better by now!


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