As I no longer have my own dog and the girls pretty much take care of their own exercise regime, I help my mother walk her dogs.

Not only is this practical – she had a fall at the beginning of winter last year and lost a lot of confidence – but it also gives me a chance to poke about in Nature in our local country park, draw creative inspiration and my mother to do some training with Rocky while I occupy Erin.


It should be a serene, calm time… but Erin generally has other ideas. The dogs know their walk time, and as I set foot on the garden path I see two eager faces appear at the front room window.

Then the drama starts. I’m trying to put my walking shoes on, Rocky is thundering about and Erin is jumping up and down screaming – literally –

YAROOO – AH! Wah! Wah! GRRRR!!”

This last growl at Rocky as he ventures too close…


Dogs safely on leads, we are on our way. We have to walk down a particularly narrow, steep flight of concrete steps. A Staffordshire bull terrier lives in the house to one side and regards the whole area as his property. Rocky objects to this and consequently I am pinged back and forth between the two sets of fence like a pinball.

Mum and Erin descend in a generally more sedate fashion, Erin resembling a Victorian lady lifting up her skirts and tripping daintily down the stairs.


Having reached the bottom and asked to sit, the dogs are given a biscuit each and allowed off the lead, and armed with plastic bags and more biscuits we set off.

I enjoy these walks as they are also an opportunity for me to practise my photography on my phone camera. I like to look at things in miniature and see the wonder of all creation in tiny scale, trying to capture it so I can share.


However, I have discovered that photography and dogs don’t really mix. Well. Rocky and photography to be precise… I was tracking the flight of a beautiful butterfly, hoping it would settle for a photo – SNAP!


No… not me. The dog. A tiny yellow flower, that caught my attention… SNAP! An empty pigeon shell, carefully nestled in the grass… SNAP!

But how can I be irritated, as despite my howl of anguish, Rocky beams at me cheerfully:

Come on! Let’s WALK!”


30 thoughts on “Walk!

    1. I looked up the moth – it’s actually the Ringlet butterfly, because of the little circles on its wings…and it’s anybody’s guess as to what Rocky is! Mum was told he’s half Lurcher…although I think you’re right and there’s definitely some Dalmatian in him! 😺💕🐺xxx


      1. Ooh thanks for the information…Ringlet Butterfly…interesting that the wings are not folded up! Now my turn to google Lurcher lol! Thanks for sharing and I am learning💕💕🐾🐾

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  1. I know I shouldn’t …. and I feel dreadful for doing it … but I’m laughing like a drain here.

    My brain has made your description of what happens on these walks, into a whole movie … but my one working brain cell has filled in the details and the whole thing is just a yummy delight of fantastical wonderfulness.

    Ohh Samantha … I’m sorry for laughing … but it’s just too beautiful not to.
    Thank you my wonderful blogging friend. Just for being you.
    Sending oodles of squidges and a bucket of love ❤ ~ Cobs. x

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  2. Haha, Rocky must have been like, “Let’s walk! Why are you stopping? Come on, let’s walk!” 😆
    Those are some pretty pictures of nature! 🖼
    Hope your mum’s better now. ❤️

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