Ironing… With Cats


As you may have gathered from this little series, having four cats means we spend a lot of time together… doing things… and while their help and advice is not always appreciated, their company and love certainly is!

1. Remove Siamese from cupboard where the ironing board lives and take it out to set up in preparation for ironing the freshly washed and dried heap of laundry in the basket.

2. Remove large black cat from clean washing and sort out the items that need re-laundering due to muddy paw prints.


3. Fill lovely new iron with water, place in position and switch on in preparation.

4. Remove small black cat and Siamese from ironing board as they are having a punch up.

5. Scream and catch iron as a flailing paw knocks it.

6. Scream again – this time in fright – as tabby cat chooses this particular moment to launch herself from the back of the sofa to sit on your shoulder and offer advice about the best way to iron a shirt.


7. Remove large black cat from wash basket and sort out items that need re-laundering…

8. As son is at home, offer to teach him how to iron.

9. Remove Siamese from ironing board, tabby paw from eye and beg son to iron.

10. Decide that actually, Life is too short to iron… and put everything away, having first removed Siamese from cupboard where ironing board lives…


45 thoughts on “Ironing… With Cats

  1. SOOO FUNNY!! Ironing postponed and did you get to teach your son how to iron??😉 The photo of the brown tabby cat is clearly showing his unhappiness ha ha! Sounds like you had an exciting morning and you saved the IRON from falling.😃😃

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  2. Gorgeous pictures, and a post all cat parents can relate to for sure! Whenever I get out the iron and board I have to deal with at least one cat playing with the cord and I’m always worried about leaving any kitty alone with a hot iron if I have to leave the room. 🐱

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  3. Gosh, I saw the title and was about to remonstrate with you that ironing with a cat was a sufferance beyond all reasonable callings for a modern society. Fortunately it was not a literal entry point. I have now adjusted the word “with” for “alongside” and the concern is now turned to chuckling. That said in an unmindful moment have you ever almost ironed a cat in error? It seems they tread a mighty fine line (so wanted to use feline there) betwixt safety and vexing you to an intolerable level of insanity and non-ironing.

    Or…thinks hard…is this procrastination at its very best? Hate ironing, how to avoid… put cat treats all over the board so you can comfortably give up due to interference and go do some poetry instead 😉

    Excellent post Samantha x

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    1. Plus the fact you would get cat hair all over what you were trying to iron..
      I have never actually ironed a cat although I have been completely terrified by a shirt coming to life and leaping out of the laundry basket and running away…I have decided to shop smart and buy clothes that never ever need ironing…sackcloth and skyclad all the way!!😸

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      1. It would be a terrible error for a distracted mind. Personally I use Bounce in the tumble drier and most thinks are good to go. Smart shopping is also a very good thought too. Never buy anything that needs ironing it at all possible! Obviously the latter approach has huge savings benefits too!!

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      2. I thought you were going to say it was therapeutic. I find some things are; not those awkward shape things, with hundreds of buttons!

        I hear you wrt sleeping though 😦 guess what…

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      3. Not really much of a guess game thing…it rolled off your sleep blah comment…the sort of guess what? That’s me too thing!

        Scratch therapeutic then!!! Back to tumblr drier sheets or outdoors on the washing line. That drops sheet creases right out lol

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      4. Gosh no, that would be preceded by exclamations of woe and misery! Did I mention a Victorian dress? Or was that some sort of subliminal word association? My memory has shut down for the evening 🤕

        And no, hammocks look rather tricky to get into safely!

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      5. Thing is, I can truly see a hammock being quite comfy; it’s the getting in and out that might upset the karma. I am sure there must be a knack to it mind. Could you not droop a mosquito net over it for late night dozing?

        Although, not camping, yes…why when there are perfectly good hotels and the like?? Makes no sense at all 🙂

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      6. Oh dear..I’m sorry for the late reply…eventful days and I owe you an email, don’t worry no meat by-products involved!
        And no..don’t fancy sleeping in the garden. We have foxes too…and neighbours. I think I frighten them enough already…👻👹👺👿💎🔮

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      7. Oh my, never fret about late replies; life interludes and “those” sort of weeks sap energies in many directions. Catch up when time allows, although might be an idea to nudge the GoodReads AI just in case as per previous discussion lol

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  4. Aw, they just want to help 😀 They really are beautiful kitties. We don’t tend to do much ironing… Definitely not something I’m good at. On the odd occasion that we do iron the ironing board seems to stay up for several days, and Lola in particular likes to use it as a platform for posing on!

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