Agate and Agreeable Cats


Agate is perhaps one of the most easily recognisable crystals, it’s stable, versatile and wonderful at bringing emotional, physical and spiritual balance. It encourages agreement and union between positive and negative, yin and yang.

Slices of this crystal are used to make coasters…or clocks, like this one, a wonderful charity shop find and when sliced you can fully appreciate the beauty of its layered structure. So are we humans layered, emotions, feelings, experiences and memories. Agate brings self-acceptance and improves mental clarity, bringing the ability to look inside yourself with love and kindness.


This crystal can help you find inner harmony and begin to heal past hurts. It comes in a wide variety of colours, which will all work to benefit their matching chakras, as well as having the additional benefits associated with Agate… a stone as varied as cats…or people…and the key words to remember with this crystal are harmony, protection, strength and balance, concepts that are sorely needed in this day and age…

19820847_156248931596981_1383366792_o (1)

Agreeable cats…” practically a contradiction in terms, but nowadays more and more cats are finding that they have to be agreeable and co-operate to a degree no self-respecting feline has ever previously done. My own four girls have come to a generally pleasant agreement…


Luckily, we have a large garden, so there is plenty of space for individual territories, and the house itself is divided into areas that belong to certain cats. The laptop is Lily’s… she likes to lie on it. Tooty has a scratch mat that she likes to lie on.


My bed can sometimes cause issues… all the cats like to spend time sleeping on the bed with me. Even when I’m not in it, actually, there are very definite micro-territories… the whole of my side belongs to Charlie. No dispute. No negotiation. The other side is divided into foot square pieces that belong to Lily, Ting and Tooty, although they will sometimes overlap, being sisters and not minding sharing too much.


I am fully aware, being mostly solitary myself, of just how much stress enforced contact with other cats can cause cats… therefore I have taken steps to ensure that my girls have every modern convenience… a catflap, scratch posts, scratch mats and furniture…but we won’t talk about that…water fountains and various beds in prime locations.

At some point, during the day, all of these will be used; but come bedtime, as if by some unwritten, unspoken agreement, my feline family will all come together and settle in my room to see me into the Land of Nod…



30 thoughts on “Agate and Agreeable Cats

  1. Good morning! 🍵🍵🍪🍪Cats are mini tigers and interestingly enough, they do mark their respective territories. It is great that you have a big garden for the cats to find their own niches or nooks and crannies.

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  2. It is funny how our cats carve out their “micro territories” in the home. One of mine is a champion at invading the other one’s personal space…probably a dominance thing, but he just happens to be the younger brother so…very typical annoying kid brother behavior!

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    1. It’s interesting to watch how my four have their neutral overlapping areas like the kitchen, but also, for example, Tooty has a bed on the chest of drawers that is hers alone…not even Charlie will attempt to invade 😸💕xx

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  3. I know what you mean by the bed causing issues – I was remaking the guest room bed and Mischa got quite annoyed when I tried to shoo her off. She thumped her tail and even growled, and I had to use a pillow to get her off. But all was forgiven in a few minutes, when she jumped up on my lap, purring and gazing into my eyes. Lucky for me!

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  4. Agates are beautiful. How come they are termed crystals? Are Opals Crystals or gems?

    The Kitties certainly have their territories. Shoko’s spot at night is right beside me. Kali doesn’t go there she lies mostly at the bottom of the bed. I guess they see me to sleep, then leave cause when I awake at 2am…there is no furries on the bed.


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    1. Sometimes I wonder how I get any sleep at all when they’re all in…lol..
      You get two grades of opal, jewellery grade or gemstones, then the others are crystals, basically semi-precious stones. I know when people think of crystals something clear and sparkly is imagined, but in the MindBodySpirit world, crystal is used as a cover-all term…rather like cows are cows without going into breed specifics like Friesans and Jerseys…that’s how I see it anyway! 😸💎😸💕😸💎😸🌹


  5. Agate is a semi-recent love for me! My eyes went to my current pink (or purple? The shade is a bit dark) agate bracelet at the shop, and it so happens to be a crystal I needed (helping my heart to be calm and stable, yep, I definitely need that!). I love its funny lines, I find them cute and reminds me of a toy ball with lines! I love the peaceful look of the white agate you shared. ❤️

    I agree that cats can be agreeable (and dogs too), though I think they have a funny way of going about it! My family old cat and middle-aged dog are fine with each other, but when it comes to the floor mat that was supposed to be the dog’s, the cat hogs it every morning and the dog is fine with waiting until she’s done, and she’s fine with him taking it when she’s not on it. 😆

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    1. I like agate because it is such a versatile stone…it’s nothing to look at in its raw state, just looks like an ordinary rock, but cut and polished it reveals a wealth of beauty!

      Yes…my current girls have to be in the right frame of mind to be agreeable! My old tabby had a wonderful temperament and would curl up with our little dog in the same basket 💕😺🐺💕

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  6. It’s good to have a big garden and have a place on your own, kitties…I know all about it😹 Granny loves it when we all go together to bed😸 Agates are beautiful, with their different colors and figures. Like they tell a story. More Pawkisses to all
    of you 😘❤😻

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    1. Thank you Binky hope all is well with you…I am catching up with comments so apologies for the late reply 💐 Agate is such a versatile crystal – my son bought a carved vase the other day! Lots of love to you all 😺💕xxx


  7. Your cats are more respectful than my Garfield! Wherever Elphaba tries to claim he will eventually kick her out so she’s forced to find a new spot until he takes over that one as well. Elf doesn’t seem to mind too much at least, she appears happy to curl up anywhere. He happens to be massive and she was the runt of their litter, not sure if that’s something to do with it!


  8. Agate has become my most favouritest stone. Love the colours (even the dyed ones), the stripes and bands and endless variable patterns! And I love the distinct purrsonalities of your 4 girls and of all the cats I’ve known and loved. 🙂

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