Petalite and Pets


An irresistible alliterative title there, as inevitable as my interaction through my life with various representatives of the Animal Kingdom…otherwise known as pets.

Perhaps as my father was a vet, my upbringing with animals was inevitable really, to some degree, but on the whole, animals have brought a lot of love, joy and loyalty to my life. When I was a little girl, I was quite solitary, but never lonely, as I lived in a magical world where animals could talk and were a lot nicer than people…

And of course cats. Always cats, and apart from a sad time in my life when I was homeless and when my old cat Walter died, I have always been accompanied by a cat, or two…or three… or even four.


Not all my pets have been feline though… my parents tried very hard to get me to like ponies, and although I re ad all the right books, like “My Friend Flicka”, “Black Beauty” and “Flambards” I maintained a polite distance from them, even, to my mother’s immense mortification refusing a ride on Paddy McMahon’s great showjumper, Penwood Forge Mill.


We have had rats, mice, hamsters and gerbils – I love rats, they make wonderful pets, clean and intelligent and far less aggressive than hamsters. We briefly had terrapins; I remember my mother rescuing one, quite a large one, from miserable circumstances in a pet shop. Amusingly, it bit her – I’m usually the one who gets bitten – and was soon re-homed at a petting zoo, where our pet sheep lived.


Cats and dogs stay though, in our lives and hearts and remain in my memory as beloved family members. Presently, we have our four girls and Lucky the budgie…

IMG_5086 (2)

As well as assorted fish and frogs in the pond outside… still petted and cossetted though, as unbeknownst to my partner I spent an entertaining half hour watching him dig up worms and feed them to our frogs.


But there is an honesty and openess about how animals deal with us, of which humans all too often take advantage, of how they co-exist with us and which really, as we are all children of Mother Earth, we should learn to respect. Petalite has a fitting vibration for this day and age.

Sometimes known as the Angel Stone, its pure high, vibration raises the consciousness and opens the path to higher communication. Its wonderfully pale, yet vibrant colour can be used to enhance the experience of meditation.


Petalite is both protective and uplifting, taking you to a higher spiritual dimension where there is emotional safety and insight. You can review your ancestral and family relationships and ascertain whether they need healing.

As a high vibrating crystal, Petalite opens the doorway for you to enhance your own self-knowledge, honestly and without pretence, cleansing your aura and detaching negative emotions.


Live in truth, love and friendship. Now, more than ever.


48 thoughts on “Petalite and Pets

  1. These stones are so pretty, reminds me of marble flooring and clouds! I like animals too, except we’ve never had pets other than cats, dogs and hamsters, and in the end I’ve never been really attached to any animals except cats. 😆

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    1. Thank you! It’s actually a picture from a few years ago when one of the goldfish interbred with a carp..that little fish was the result and my partner found it when he was cleaning the pond out and wanted a picture taking …:) x

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    1. Hmm, let me think…it’s a lovely stone to hold, very soft and gentle, and the featured stones are about the size of your little fingernail. It ranges in colour from a very pale pink, almost white, to a darker ink, but it still has a lovely translucent glow to it. It’s very much a New Age stone as it has a very high vibration and connects to the higher chakras to help enhance psychic ability, intuition and communication with the spirit world 🙂

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  2. As a kid I read every horse book I could get my hands on……never got to have a pony though!. I guess that is good because when I got to take a ride on my cousin’s horse it kept trying to scrape me off on tree trunks, low hanging branches, fence lines. That totally cured me of a desire for a horse. I was, then, so grateful for the hamsters, rabbits, turtles, cats, dog, and other pets my folks let us have through the years.

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  3. I was never much into horses either. It was always cats!! I did have a budgie once, but unfortunately birds and cats do not mix well. The poor birdie escaped one time and one of the cats… found him.


  4. For the first time in my life I’m wearing a pendant on a delicate chain. It’s got a ruby and I’m going to google what ruby is (I hope it’s a good stone).
    I have missed you Samantha. When I visited home (my childhood home) for the last time ever a few days ago I could still smell horses in our stables. The horses had been gone for many years but the smell of peace and security will linger there forever.

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  5. What, no love for ponies and horses? I grew up watching Black Beauty, the TV show with Judi Bowker. (She was as cute as a button, and I wanted to be her character, Vicky.) I’ve been on a horse a few times, not particularly successful attempts; the horses knew they were dealing with a nervous neophyte. One of my favourite shows these days is Heartland, filmed in Alberta, and all about horses. I like the idea of riding, but I think I’d be scared of falling and breaking my neck!

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  6. I have cats and I’ve had a dog. While I wouldn’t be without animal companions, I’m not certain that I’m sold on everything you say here – the honesty and openness part. My cats will play you like nobody’s business. They’ll act like they’re so weak they can’t move and you need to come pick them up and give them gravy for dinner, only to run around and play when they think you’re not looking. Dogs are the same.

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  7. We really have missed your beautiful posts, Samantha. It’s always a pleasure to be here and we learn so much more about you and the chrystals. We also had a lot of animals, not when Granny was still living at home, but when she had her own life. We can’t imagine a life without pets. We don’t have a petalite yet, so we add it to our wishlist 🙂 Now, may I take the fishie, so I can eat it later… 😉 Pawkisses for a Happy Wednesday 🙂 ❤

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    1. I’ve missed you and Granny too, you always make me smile 😺🌸 Petalite is such a lovely crystal I’m sure you would both like it too. And yes, I think Life is so much better when you share it with an animal, they bring joy and love.
      Lol…don’t tell my partner…here…🐟🐠🐟🐠🐟🐠🐟🐠🐟…lots of love to you 😺💕xxx

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  8. I loved learning about Petalite and its powers…. I will have to get one or two of those crystals…
    Also I can relate to your words as to pets… My siamese cat passed away last january… I miss him so much… I have two cats… But he was such an special being, so clever and with special energies.
    Sending love. 😀

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    1. I love Siamese such talkers whenever we get one in at the shelter I can’t help going over and saying hi 🙂 some people don’t like how vocal they can be but animal voices are so soothing! Sorry for your loss but your one of the special few to appreciate the breed.

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  9. Cats are my favourite. I love observing horses from afar but would never ride one. I like dogs too but prefer cats sense of independence probably because I tend to be quite independent too! I’ll happily go off somewhere on my own and so will a cat, but every now and then I do like company! Pretty Petalite and such a lovely name too.

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  10. You reminded me of a parakeet we had when I was little – Peanuts. My mother’s parents had one named Fritzie. Fritzie was the height of sociability. He’d fly around the house and perch on people’s shoulders, eat from hands, etc. Peanuts’ only trick was to tip over his water bowl, even when my mother used a heavy Pyrex one. Eventually, Peanuts was re-homed with my mother’s aunt where everyone was happier.

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