That Awkward Moment When…


You realise you’ve been staring intently at the person talking to you and yet you have absolutely no idea what they’ve been talking about….

You’re in a crowded room, when everyone around you suddenly falls silent and your stomach chooses that particular moment to do the most awful roar of hunger. Like a lion.

You’ve been going into one room to fetch something… you know you can’t remember what it was, the person watching you knows you can’t remember what you wanted so you have to try and bluff it out…

When you have a massive uncontrollable attack of sneezing, and people around you look at you as if you’ve taken leave of your senses…

A man you’ve never seen before in your life puts a dead fox head on your counter and asks what crystals you recommend for its eyes…

When you’re away with the fairies and you fall over for no apparent reason… and no one believes you… not even the fairies…

When you are genuinely pleased for a man who was in the public eye and underwent trial by media who then appears in various films and television documentaries and you happen to mention how pleased you are for him that he seems to have these nice little acting jobs coming in and then the person you are talking to points out that the person getting the acting jobs is, in fact, an actor, while the person who underwent the trial by media returned to his normal, everyday life…

Just out of interest, who thinks what experience from the above list has happened to me? Does anyone else have any similar experiences they’d like to share, so we can laugh – I mean commiserate… !!

40 thoughts on “That Awkward Moment When…

  1. My ‘senior moments’ are not as colourful as yours! I have walked into a conference room to get something without remembering why and said ‘Hi, I cannot remember what I came here for,’ which was greeted with hilarious suggestions from the crowd, one of which triggered my memory. In the coffee break people were still taking the Mickey, all in good heart though 😉💜 xxx

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    1. My worst one was when I was watching my son perform a monologue at an Arts Festival…wonderful, attentive silence..then my stomach..”BLAORGHHHH!!” My son looked straight at me as he knew only his mother could do something like…he still went on to win Second though!


  2. The first three have all happened to me, but I hope nobody ever shows me a dead fox’s head…
    I would like to blame my woolgathering on the fairies so that if I rudely ignore what someone’s saying, I could then reply, “I’m sorry, I was with the fairies for a moment.” That sounds so much better than, “I’m sorry, I was daydreaming about Ciarán Hinds.”

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  3. Yep, I’m going for “all the above” as well! 😀

    Here’s one – At the grocery store, when not one, or two, but three random strangers come up to you and start talking as if you’d been in a middle of a conversation already and had been interrupted. I mean, seriously – I have no idea who you are, so why are you telling me about your mother-in-law coming over this weekend for a cookout? :O

    Oh, and at the checkout, chatting with the cashier, when suddenly your sunglasses (which you forgot were perched on your head) go flying off and you almost fall over retrieving them… *grin*

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    1. LOL..there you go, pushed by fairies..honestly, wish they’d learn to keep their hands to themselves! Maybe your strangers thought you were someone famous and they could persuade you to make an appearance!
      And YES! All of the above….from the mundane to the absolutely, totally, couldn’t-make-it-up-if you-tried bizarre!!! 🙂 xx

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  4. Such a fun piece plus a “guessing” opportunity…*rub hands in glee*..I guess the stomach roaring is true. 🤔So is the sneezing bout!! Also the fetching thing from room fiasco*sounds like you 😃😃! But I ponder about the dead fox….I would like to know if that is real?! 😄

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    1. Yes, you’re completely right! The sneezing thing was funny…I must have literally sneezed about thirty times in a the extent where a small child said to his mother:”Mummy, what’s the matter with that lady…does she need help?” LOL! As for the fox…I was helping out at the shop when this old man approaches me, whips out a dead fox head and plonks it on the counter…my first impulse was to say:”Oh no thank you, I’m a vegetarian,” but when he asked me what crystals I would suggest for the poor creature’s eyeballs, I directed him to the lady across the way who runs the sewing shop, for toy eyes…then I cleaned the counter. Vigorously…:) xxx


  5. That awkward moment when you are telling someone something and before you get to the end of your talking you forget where you are going with that particular thought… you keep talking and try talk your way out of it…..kind of wind down into pitiful silence…..or just flat out admit I no longer have any idea where I am going with this?

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  6. Nothing from the list has ever happened to me (though I will always find it funny that people find my quiet sneezing funny-I make an ‘achoo’ sound and some people find it amusing).
    But I broke my very high heel at Mum’s funeral. And had to walk for what seemed like miles in the conduct. And make the eulogy. And wear flats that were two sizes too big at the wake…

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      1. I was barefoot. 5 inches of a heel gone in one shoe makes you limp noticeably. Well, my sister’s skirt slipped down on our Dad’s funeral, so maybe it’s just something that happens on funerals in our family…

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      2. Well, it was in Norway, but some things are the same everywhere 😉 Neither of my parents would want anyone to cry because of them. Funeral or not. So, things happen for a reason, after all 🙂

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      3. Yeah..think my partner’s old man would have been laughing his socks off as his children hauled each other around and flung themselves over gravestones. It was like something out of a Carry On film…😸😸😸

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      4. Come to think of it: I don’t think I’ve ever been at a funeral with no mishaps… (all apart from my Mum’s were British, and I have to say, there’s something very special about the way we ‘try to be serious but can’t really help ourselves’. Someone should study this properly)

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