Opals And Obedient Cats


There is a phrase… “like herding cats” which is generally taken to mean a frustrating and pointless task, as cats are notorious for wanting to do their own thing, and responding unwillingly to any form of training.

My partner was not a cat person… until he met me… and he was fascinated to see how first Walter, then the girls, learned and responded to us and their environment. They all know their names and answer to them, and I said to him:

Well, what do you expect them to do… ignore you?”


Which they do, actually, as he is definitely Number Two Cat Parent.

Like any responsible parent, I have tried to teach my girls the basics: “No,” “Sweets,” “Down,” “Come”, “Up” and so on, as it is useful to have them understand some basic manners too – entirely another matter as to whether the choose to comply or not.

I have come to the conclusion that cats understand extremely well the actual concept of obedience… if what you would like them to do coincides with their intentions at the moment, then all well and good and everyone is happy…

Opals are traditionally associated with bad luck and unhappiness, although it’s really a beautiful crystal and the highest grade is used in jewellery.


My son bought me this green Kiwi Opal, and it is one of the kindest crystals I have encountered, encouraging spontaneity and creativity, whilst gently releasing inner conflicts and inviting spirit and body to work as a united whole.


Thus it is a useful stone to possess and use if you feel repressed or confined. The opal nurtures and makes the owner aware of the benefits that come from being nurtured, a calming, caring and co-operative stone.

19369060_141704846384723_1802846821_oFire Opal – helps initiate new ideas and stir enthusiasm, Yellow Opal – for emotional stability, called the ‘Stone of Hope’

Opal contains more water than most crystals usually do, which is perhaps what aids it attune its own vibration with its owner, as opals quickly synchronised with their owners. Of course, Opal comes in various forms (thank you Lizian for letting me play with the pretty stones…) but the underlying crystal properties are the same.

19250084_141705089718032_55389870_oPink Opals to help heal emotions, bring compassion and ease painful memories…

Its varied and beautiful colours awaken the spirit of creativity, while its gentle, almost motherly vibe encourages us to communicate honestly and kindly with one another, helping where we can and caring too. Always.


60 thoughts on “Opals And Obedient Cats

  1. Such pretty crystals! These photographs almost look like graphics artwork. 😆
    Each time I went to the crystal shop, my eyes were always drawn to the little fire opal ring in a glass case, though I could never have it because its price has 4 digits in it! It has such a beautiful rainbow shine to it. 😀

    Cats can be obedient too! My late cat always came when I called, except it took her a good few minutes to arrive at my bedroom door. 😆
    And I love your cat pictures! I really want to roll Lily in that last picture. 😆

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    1. I love the fire opals, although they are actually quite small in real life – about little finger nail size, I had to get really close to catch the fire effect. Pleased you like them! Cats are definitely intelligent…lol…in that last picture every time Ting tried to get past Lily she whacked her! Lol! 😸😸😸😸

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  2. Beautiful opals! Agree that cats do understand the concept of obedience, even though they pretend not to most of the time! We always notice that when we catch our cats in the act of doing something naughty they seem to know full well they are violating one of the house rules 🙂

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  3. We have a family legend about opals that bring illness and early death, to the point that when I inherited my great-grandmother’s ring and matching earrings, I was afraid to wear them. Then I met my husband who asked to see them. He proposed to me by turning the opal ring upside down on my finger, before he got me my own engagement ring with my birthstone, rubies. Then he got me a necklace with the fourth opal for our first wedding anniversary. I believe he took the curse away somehow.
    They are all fire opals, BTW.

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  4. Being born in October means I’ve been given my fair share of opal jewellery. That green kiwi opal is gorgeous.

    Very witty start with the cats – I agree… they can take commands… only when it suits their plans!!

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    1. I think it’s a lovely crystal and the gemstone quality used in jewellery is fabulous..lucky you! My birthday is in July so it’s things like ruby, aventurine..
      And thank you! Pleased you enjoyed the read and agree re: cat obedience….lol!


  5. I’m a perfect illustration of the pointless task that herding cats is (Ulysses and Charlie follow me to work after lunch, my efforts to collect them both and make them stay at home is -apparently-the funniest thing my neighbour has ever seen…) I’m usually late and I usually carry Ulysses with me (my company is ‘pet friendly’ but so far I’m the only one who brings cats to work).
    Just realised you’ve changed your picture of ‘cheese/soap’ stone into a …devil????

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    1. NO!! Lol….it’s actually a malachite cat that my son bought me and now does duty as my gravatar on WP, Instagram and Twitter, my “name” on there is crystalcats…lol..devil!! 👿👿👿 Yeah…I do the half an hour to get out in the morning as I return cats…

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      1. Malachite sounds devilish…for a person who’s never heard about malachite.
        Cats are little devils anyway, so I was (almost) right 😉

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      2. well, I just feel disgusted (I’m the bad cop in our house, first to hurt poor Charlie’s feelings and so on)
        Pigeons are heavy(hard to get rid of without the bin men getting too suspicious). Any tips on how to make Charlie bring mice instead?

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      3. I’ve tried so many times 😦 Charlie looks at me with disdain for some 10 minutes then lazily stretches his paw out and ends the game (he’s unbelievably quick, he catches flies every time he can be bothered to make an effort to actually move his paw)

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      4. At one point, my girls would actually all play fetch with a little crinkle ball..I could throw it, they’d run after it and bring it back to throw again. Ting’s the funniest – she’ll play by herself, running around upstairs and bellowing…😸😸😸😸


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