Gardening… With Cats…


1. Quietly ascertain the exact location of each cat (two younger ones on bed, small black cat lying on laptop, tabby asleep on chair.)

2. Stealthily open shed and collect trowel, seeds and clematis that really needs planting out.

3. Turn to shut shed door and jump in fright, dropping compost, as four pairs of eyes watch you… accusingly.


4. Sigh in resignation and walk to spot in garden where you intended planting clematis, first removing small black cat from shed and seeds from Siamese.


5. Observed by cats, dig hole for lovely new clematis plant.

6. Turn away to retrieve plant then shriek in horror as you see small tabby princess squatting elegantly over hole, preparing to… um… christen it.

7. Wait until tabby has finished and fetch watering can to rinse hole out, only to find Siamese using new, conveniently dug hole, while the two black cats look on, politely waiting their turn.


8. Comfort clematis – it is visibly shuddering in horror.

9. Find nice clean ceramic plant pot.

10. Abandon idea of planting clematis directly in garden, instead filling previously-mentioned pot with compost, placing clematis carefully within, watering and removing to an ideal location on the patio.


46 thoughts on “Gardening… With Cats…

  1. Is that title correct? It looks more like “Not gardening, taking pictures of Cats!” Only joking 😊 Actually this is very serendipitous because earlier in the week I harvested my garlic patch and, as you do, readied it for salads. Soil all nice and neat, warmed by this weeks sun and lo, next doors elderly cat has decided Astro turf and grandchildren suck so is currently sleeping on aforementioned veg bed. If I’d seen this post earlier I’d have taken a picture for you 😊

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      1. Lol, easily distracted then! Especially now we have Instagram yes 😁 Ah, garlic flowering is not good, unless you want new seeds! Harvesting is just a case of digging up the bulb, then cut the tops off about an inch from the build, trim the roots, wash really well and peel off outer grubby layers then place on kitchen roll and let them dry. I plant mine in November and harvest now. Simples. However, if they bolt and flower then it’s taking energy from the bulbs. You really want to try and get them before that happens or as soon as you see the flowering stalk start showing. Oooh, Weedy Wednesday gardening slot…might try that lol

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      2. You need to be at one with the garden…let things slow down and just potter. I find doing it that way makes it less overwhelming…and I do have an awful lot of maintenance to do lol. Nature is the other beast and wholly more fascinating…except here….very arable and, well, just big farmed gardens. Back field is onions this year, which is handy lol

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      3. Well, not too dissimilar there, grew up with dairy farming in Staffordshire, lived in cities for four years, then a town and now out in arable land! I think I preferred the Midlands due to it not being flat and there were trees and woods and…le sigh!

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      4. Lol…cows are terrifying! Friesian cows are like giant black and white hairy walls…The East Midlands is actually fairly flat…I miss proper hills!! (Did you get my email…or have you spammed me…😢😢😢)

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      5. What???? you sent an email??? but, but…. I never saw it and have been so carefully vetting them looking! I thought you had taken umbrage at something I said!! I was lucky there; right on the edge of the White Peak so into some cool scenery quite quickly. Plenty of cows though as you said, although these seemed quite well trained. The farmer just yelled from outside his house and they all wandered off to get milked lol


  2. #6 is exactly what’s happened to me in the past, I found it hilarious! Mine also loves to get inside the compost bag…


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