DUCK! No, really… 


I don’t usually post midweek, but I saw this group of ducks… at the foot of this tree, a single solitary white duck, and what amused me was that every so often, it would open an eye suspiciously and look around… Of course, the grouping, he exchange of suspicious looks all lent themselves to some mental captioning…

Here’s my efforts, I found them quite funny… Happy Wednesday!


“Looks like someone didn’t get the memo about fancy dress…”

Have you ever heard the saying: “Let sleeping ducks lie…?”

Everybody knows an odd duck.

Cedric never really felt like he fitted in with the rest of the group…

“Look at her! Turning up to her own daughter’s wedding wearing white!”






50 thoughts on “DUCK! No, really… 

      1. At first I thought they were fighting. Now I realize they were on their honeymoon! I suggested to them that Bermuda might be a better option. I like your idea of the spiritual awakening though 🙂

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