Flat Stones and Fluffy Cats…


Flat stones, or palm stones as they are more commonly known, have a satisfaction to them inherent in their shape and a comfort all their own, that can be immediately felt as soon as you pick one up.

Being flat, they are obviously a lot easier to transport in pockets. They are lovely to balance in each hand during meditation for convenience as well as reaping the benefit of the crystal’s own individual properties; likewise, they are ideal for using during a session of Reiki or crystal healing.

mdeMoss Agate… calming and empowering, connected to Mother Earth

Again, as they are polished and shaped, the crystal energy can be contained and directed. A little exercise I like to do in times of stress, not mindfulness exactly, more like giving yourself space to breathe and time to collect your thoughts…

19074484_137204760168065_305902843_oJade for wealth, wisdom and peace…

Hold your palm stone, and just have a quick look at it, to fix its visual appearance in your memory. Then just hold it in your closed hand and re-trace, in your mind, every aspect of its appearance, every little inclusion, every flaw, every irregularity and travel the landscape of your stone in your mind.

mdeFluorite is protective and calming and varied in colour…

Just really, as I said, a little exercise to give yourself a moment’s pause. I found out something lovely the other day – (I’m really sorry, but I can’t remember where it came from, so thank you unknown knowledge benefactor…) – that all these little chips and cracks in your crystals are called empathy flaws, and are said to mirror your own emotional journey.

These palm stones have a lovely, tactile comfort to them as well… just like cat fur… My four girls all have different textures of fur, none of them really have the long coat that I would call fluffy. Their fur is still wonderful all the same! Much to my regret, I am allergic to rabbits, event though I had them as pets as a little girl…love fluffy bunnies…

Tooty has a very thick undercoat to her fur, with a sleek black overlay, and just the one spot of white…


Ting has wonderful shades in her fur, ranging from from coffee through to mud, even though it is quite coarse to the touch on her back, her tummy fluff is quite soft – even her whiskers are bi-coloured!…


Lily has fur like a little fire demon, soft black and glossy, yet when the sun catches it, shades of burnished gold and chocolate.


And of course, Madame La Princesse. She has the softest, most delectable fur… if Keats were still alive, I’m quite sure he would write an ode entirely devoted to the quality of her covering… it’s soft, it’s silky and if I could bottle the way it smells, I’d make a fortune.


Like the palm stones, there is a comfort and warmth in the very shape of a curled up fluffy cat; a continuity symbolised by the roundness of their shapes, flowing and infinite.

mdeMulti-layered Red and Golden Tiger’s Eye for courage, determination and protection

39 thoughts on “Flat Stones and Fluffy Cats…

  1. Dear Samantha, I have just noticed now, even to look at these flat stones, brings a nice feeling…and you want to take them in your hands… to touch… This is amazing. Thank you.

    And your beautiful little friends, they are all so lovely and beautiful. Each of them has a great character. Thank you, Have a nice day, Love, nia

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  2. A lovely post Samantha and in healthy cats their fur will always be soft and smooth. When Ting’s fur feels very soft on her belly but coarse on part of her back there may be an underlying health issue that needs attention. It is common in cats with arthritis when they cannot reach a part of their back anymore for grooming due to stiffness 🐈💜 xxx

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  3. Beautiful stones and kitties…wish I could reach out and touch both! Flat stones do feel wonderful…as do fluffy cats! I have two very soft fluffballs right now and it does feel so nice to pet their fur. Of course, that comes with fur all over our clothes and the house…including the kitchen which means fur in the food. Oh well….

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  4. I must look at my flat stone again. I do remember it so well and I tend to forget just about everything these days. Your kitty’s furs are so different and unique. Shoko and Kali’s are also different. Shoko is a short haired girl while Kali’s fur has a very thick undercoat,


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  5. A great post about soothing textures and the sense of touch. It’s interesting how different the fur is for different felines–some are softer than you expect. And you’ve given me a great new descriptive phrase: tummy fluff!

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  6. I love these round flat stones! I like round shapes in general so I find the stones nice to look at. They must feel nice and comfortable in the hand too. 😀

    I sometimes bump my crystal bracelets when I walk about my house and was sad to find a couple of new cracks, so I feel a bit better about it when You said they could be empathy cracks. I also read somewhere that sometimes they fall and break when they can’t perform as well in their original form (like one crystal can’t help 3 people, so it breaks into 3 pieces in a fall). Not sure how accurate that is, but I think there’s a possibility they can. 😀

    And I love your cat pictures! Makes me want to rub their necks, especially Charlie’s. 😆


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