I have a love/hate relationship with umbrellas. I adore the concept of something that can keep me dry and shelter me from rain, especially during the British summers; but I am engaged in the perpetual search for one that will withstand the blustering gales that usually accompany the rain.

Conversely, I resent having to spend a lot of money on something that will keep me dry, especially during the British summers… as wet and bedraggled is not a good look for me.

I tend to batch-buy umbrellas from the Pound Shop, when really I should just invest the money in one decent umbrella. My son was blessed by the Umbrella Fairy, as returning from his interview at Loughborough University. On the bus back to the train station, he found an umbrella. It was quite a special one, heavy duty, automatic opening and black, a suitably masculine colour. It appeared unaccompanied – indeed, rather lonely, sat, as it was, by itself in the seat nearest the window. So he did the only thing he felt he could do and re-homed the umbrella, with himself.

Sometimes, my son would let me share its shelter, watching as I struggled grimly with yet another Pound Shop umbrella that turned itself inside out and fought like a wildcat, ripping out chunks of my hair as I gave up and forced it into a rubbish bin. Once, I bought a particularly nice Pound Shop umbrella, in zebra print – I got outside, opened it up as it was raining, of course… then watched in disbelief as the waterproof covering ripped itself free of the stem and cartwheeled off merrily into the sky.

I was left with a bemused expression and a metal stick, which was, quite frankly, neither use nor ornament…


My son’s umbrella, however, gave noble shelter to all who asked, until one day, tragedy struck. He left it on the bus. He was very sad, as was I, but sometimes these things happen for a reason. The umbrella graced us with its presence for a short while, to show us the error of our ways, and then it left, in much the same manner it had arrived.

We never saw it again…



37 thoughts on “Umbrellas…

  1. You are amazing dear Samantha, made me smile. I love umbrellas but I don’t like to use them… Thank you so much i twas a wonderful writting. Have a nice and sunny days, (its raining in here today) Love, nia

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  2. You say that about the Poundshop umbrellas, yet I’m going to be going back to them because I’ve now invested in a couple of pricier, seemingly sturdier and better brollies, and they’ve been just as useless! In fact, I’ve just thrown another one from Mountain Warehouse away today. Will have to make a pitstop at the pound shop in town today when it starts to chuck it down. Well said – this is a grumble that many of us will understand! x

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    1. Thank you…but..oh no! Now I don’t know what to do…perhaps I should start wearing broad brimmed hats…or just not go out in the rain…or go and live somewhere it doesn’t rain…thank you for your comment, have a lovely day! 💕🌂 😺

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  3. haha Lovely umbrella tale. 🙂
    I can’t use them here in CT, because it is usually far too windy to dare open one.
    But I always carried my brolly everywhere in the UK. I never bought ones like your photo tho; the collapsible ones; as they are rather flimsy. I always bought the straight ones with a silver pointy end and nice comfy curved handle. I chose pretty colours and each one lasted the year before starting to look a little tatty.

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    1. At the moment I have a see through domed umbrella, which is quite useful. I wear glasses, so provided I can keep it from turning inside out, I can see where I’m going..!! I am definitely going to shop around for my next sort…this post is turning out to be a useful opinion poll! 😸💕

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  4. I love the idea of the Traveling Umbrella–it goes around the country offering shelter to people who just need to be Dry for a while 🙂 Reminds me of Mary Poppins and her wonderful umbrella!

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  5. A lovely tale of an umbrella written with so much heart. I am sad the rehomed umbrella left to go into another’s home! I love the pebble beach you used as a backdrop for the umbrellas. Reminds me of Brighton really😊

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  6. I grew up in a pretty wet part of the US and always had an umbrella at hand. I’ve since been living in more arid states and have literally gone many months without even thinking about an umbrella, let alone using one. Kind of nice, given how annoying they can be, especially on windy days!

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  7. For some reason that umbrella makes me think of a big black cat; like, “Okay, I’ll stay with you for a while,” and then, “Well, bye!” 😆

    That reminds me, I still need to get an umbrella; mine disappeared somewhere somehow. 😅

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  8. (oh, yes I did miss your posts)
    I don’t often use an umbrella, I would never swap the English summer (or spring, autumn, winter…) for anything else 🙂 There’s something comforting in knowing you have a home to go to and get dry (so you do need to get wet first)
    I have lots of umbrellas bought in Sports Direct (by my non-fair-trade, consumerist husband) as Brian had a period of overly consuming everything that was left within his jaws’ reach and Hedgehog needed a new brolly every day. They are rather sturdy, I must say (and were very cheap as you can guess: half eaten expensive umbrella is somehow a more tragic sight than the cheap equivalent).

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    1. I’ve had run-ins with those Sports Direct big they lull you into a false sense of security, then you look twice as ridiculous when they turn inside out and smack you over the head…Rocky ate Mother’s olive tree..

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      1. Mediterranean diet is said to be really good for you 🙂
        We have small brollies (firetrap?) not the monsters with Sports Direct logo (they are bigger than me). Hedgehog says they were on sale for £3 and £5.

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      2. Oh, well, who needs an olive tree in England anyway. Would just send the wrong sort of message to the neighbours (‘so, you think you’re a cleverer gardener than us, too posh for humble brambles, are you?’). Rocky was only trying to prevent the outburst of anger caused by jealousy and inevitably ending in your mum being shunned by the society.

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