Spiders: Part 3 #ThrowbackThursday

I am suspicious about the lack of arachnid presence in my house… a little something from this time last year…

Source: Spiders: Part 3


24 thoughts on “Spiders: Part 3 #ThrowbackThursday

  1. LOL you’d better not come over here, then. We have enormous Fishing Spiders aka Dock Spiders (because they live near the water, can “swim” and are known to catch minnows for breakfast) – or, as I call them collectively, Shelob. Legs included, they can reach the size of a saucer or bread and butter plate. They thrive on the little island upon which stands our cottage and take great pleasure in building their nests (containing hundreds if not thousands of babies) just where I’d like to sit and mind my own business. We have an agreement: they stay down by the water where they belong, I stay somewhere else. I’ve done my part assiduously; they’ve broken the pact at least twice. Once, as I was getting into our boat, I unknowingly put my foot right beside one of the biggest-a** spiders I’ve ever seen. After the loudest shrieks known to humanity, I made my brother get rid of it; he picked it up by one enormous, hairy black leg (the spider’s, not my brother’s) and threw it into the water, whereupon it promptly floated gleefully back to shore (probably to feast upon a minnow in fortification for another ambush). The other time, one appeared IN THE COTTAGE (which is at the top of a long, steep path, nowhere near the water), on the floor right beside my reading chair! Now, that is simply not on. Human-arachnid relations on that island have been glacial ever since.

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    1. Of course, I had to Google this type of spider to see exactly what you meant…I really wish I hadn’t. I was frozen in horror – forget Stephen King – as I looked at it… after a strong cup of tea to restore my shaking nerves, I find I can only commend you on your immense bravery on even living in the same country where hairy monsters the size of kittens roam without even an ounce of cuteness. Personally, I feel in your position I would take out a legally binding restraining order…I think I need another cup of tea..!!

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      1. LOL πŸ•Έ Sorry for the trauma! The only positive thing I can say about these leviathans is that at least they’re not venomous.

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  2. you’re welcome to socialise with them in my house. Melania is the biggest we’ve ever had. She had a husband (presumably) but he’s gone now.

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