Balls! And… Bad Cats…

18618234_1841153562871479_138935753_oA Clear Quartz sphere… excellent for clarity of thought, overall body healing as well as amplifying the effects of other crystals…

Balls. A satisfying word and an equally satisfying crystal shape… The word can be used as a derogatory exclamation of disbelief, mainly because it is used as a slang term for… um…men parts. Or it can be used as a grudging admission of admiration, as in: “I can’t believe she had the balls to do that.”

Either way, a wonderfully satisfying word in the mouth and form in the hand. Not only are the polished crystal spheres extremely tactile but they have an esoteric history behind them that is rich in meaning and symbolism.

18596736_1841153579538144_689155423_oHoney Calcite to enhance intellect and memory and ease the challenges of change…

Along with black cats – of which I have two – crystal balls – of which I have many – are traditionally associated with witches and foretelling the future… but they can also be used in Reiki and acupressure, and of course the individual crystal will bring its own healing properties too.

18596692_1841153626204806_1223593920_oRose Quartz, my personal favourite crystal, a stone of unconditional love and happiness, promoting positivity while nourishing and comforting… 

As a sphere, a ball, the shape symbolises wholeness and infinity, the unity between body and spirit. They can help call forth the integrity within you and encourage clear thinking. As the crystal vibration is contained within this particular shape, the actual energy is emitted gently in all directions when the ball is used.

18575950_1841153646204804_1711473908_oA Yellow Calcite sphere to boost energy levels, self confidence and hope… 

Now… I don’t believe that any animal is ever consciously “bad”… perhaps bad-tempered. Charlie can be hideously grumpy if you catch her at the wrong time of day… my son and I both bear scars as proof of this. Other people may see my cats as being “badly behaved”… like it is a bone of contention as to exactly who has ripped up the carpet in the hallway…


I don’t for one minute think it’s Charlie, even though she is known for being a little free with the old toe knives… this is because I actually witnessed, with my own eyes, innocent Tooty, who wouldn’t say “boo” to a goose, digging her claws in luxuriously and pulling…


Cats are mostly motivated by curiosity and self-preservation, therefore when they do what may be considered “bad” things, like digging up a favourite garden plant, they are merely demonstrating extreme examples of natural behaviour. Cats aren’t naturally, thinkingly bad…

18596804_1292691514101468_477574274_oGuest appearance from Ozzy, looking suitably mischievous!

Charlie! Charlie! Stop dragging Alex around by his head! He’s not a prey item you know…


45 thoughts on “Balls! And… Bad Cats…

  1. It’s amazing how shaping a crystal into a ball makes it more appealing and tactile. 🙂
    Love your cats! How could they possibly be bad? 😀

    Agh – sorry – just clicked on the ‘follow’ button instead of the ‘post comment’ button! Why are they so close together? This is the third time I’ve done this in various blogs!
    Don’t worry – I have instantly re-followed you 🙂

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  2. These crystals are really pretty, and round! (I like round things for some reason. 😆) It feels as though these crystals are storing worlds’ worth of information in their cute little roundish forms, so much depth. 😀

    And I agree with there being no bad animals, only bad-tempered! I’ve seen it happen in that TV show “My Cat from Hell” many times, where the cat is always hissing, scratching, peeing… but it always turns out the cat is being insecure, its territory being challenge, etc. Same goes with the Cesar Millan shows, where a lot of the training are more for the owners rather than dogs. I think we humans just need to understand animal language a bit more. 🙂

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    1. I think you’re right – there’s always room for more understanding and it’s definitely needed. It’s all down to understanding why the animal is behaving “badly” when they could just be trying to tell us something is wrong.
      Great interpretation of crystal balls, thank you 🙂 x

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  3. I loved reading about the crystal balls. Still haven’t figured out what material my great grandmother’s are. One is surprisingly very heavy. The other is quite light–maybe it’s glass. Yours are beauties!!

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  4. Lovely cats and crystals as always! I’m liking rose quartz more and more these days! The only crystal sphere I have is selenite. I’d love to get more, but they are quite expensive. I used to have a clear glass crystal ball of a fair size that my brother gave me, with an ornate metal stand, but, sadly, it has disappeared. Very upset about that. Maybe I need to go get something soothing to get over the loss – any crystal recommendations?

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    1. My go-to crystal for any negative feelings will always be amethyst, it was the first one that ever actively “worked” for me…rose quartz is always good,as it is the ultimate in love and compassion crystal, apache tear or snowflake obsidian are good, and also gentler than black obsidian too. Citrine is a good uplifter…very bright and positive…try those 🙂 x

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  5. These are great–I like the rose quartz too, and the yellow calcite with its “flaky” texture. My favorite ones from my own collection are agate, but for me the sphere shape makes any mineral irresistible to touch. As for the “baddies,” well, I don’t think animals have the capacity to distinguish “good” and “bad” behavior. They only do what comes naturally and they know that humans respond strongly to certain things. In my experience, if I make clear that I dislike a behavior (such as scratching on a wood molding) it is the most effective way to guarantee that the cat will do it again. She doesn’t understand that it is “bad,” only that it gets my attention.

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    1. Pleased you like the spheres..I obviously need to add a flint one to my collection – that picture you linked was beautiful – and although I have agate eggs, I don’t have any spheres… yes, positive reinforcement and distraction is the best way really, as you say. I think my sofa is beyond repair but at least the cats had the consideration to claw where it doesn’t show! 🙂

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    1. Love your cat’s name! And thank you, pleased you like mine too – I never intended to have four cats, but the two younger ones were just abandoned in the hedge at the bottom of our garden, and I couldn’t just leave them, poor babies 🙂 xx

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  6. Your cats are just so beautiful, I love them!
    What is it about the crystal being in a sphere that attracts me to it so much? It looks so sleek and magical, like something out of a fairy tale or something!
    You always have the most amazing and interesting posts – one of my favourites to read 🙂 xx

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  7. The crystals are beautiful as are the cats! I don’t really know anything about crystals, but since discovering your blog I’m finding all the lovely photos and info really interesting. Thanks Samantha

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