Biscuits And Blogging…


I don’t often do awards or tags now, not because I am ungrateful, or can’t be bothered, but because I am actually quite shy and not great at talking about myself…despite the fact that I have a blog which generally includes some of my mindless witterings!

However, the lovely Gillyflower has nominated me for a Liebster, and although I was touched and pleased to receive the nomination, I had every intention of refusing it.

Until I saw The Question.

That’s right, just the one, and it just so happens it concerns an issue I feel quite strongly about.

Oatmeal biscuits with raisins? Or without?”

Now. As you may recall from previous posts, biscuits form quite a large part of my diet and in my opinion they should be accorded the dignity of a separate food group in diet classification. To me, they are the ultimate in comfort food, largely responsible for my weight gain since I stopped smoking, and an imminently practical source of energy as they are easily transportable and easily consumed absolutely everywhere from the bus to the shower… I am so skilled in the art of biscuit consumption that I can eat an entire packet in bed whilst remaining completely crumb -free..

To address the second part of The Question: “Or without?”

Without raisins! Of course! And always!

This is akin to the Jaffa cake/biscuit classification row of last year that raged throughout our county… The actual word “biscuit” is derived via mediaeval French – “bescuit” and Latin “bis” and “coquere” , roughly meaning “twice cooked”, because of the process of making it. No mention of any fruit, raisin or otherwise…

The traditional definition of a biscuit is: “A small baked unleavened cake, typically crisp, flat and sweet.” Still no mention of any raisins… and it wasn’t until about the 18th century variations like bourbons and garibaldis were introduced, the latter containing examples of the aforementioned dried fruit…

So then. Biscuits with raisins are relatively new additions in the timeline of Man’s diet… and in my opinion, a betrayal of the old times when we would crouch over our smoking hut fires and slap a bit of left-over bread dough on the embers.

My answer, then, my friends, is:


The addition of anything other than perhaps chocolate (in chip or coating form) would render a biscuit into something else altogether, a hard porridge, perhaps.

And biscuits are of course, best consumed with tea (never dunked) … a subject worthy of a post all to itself. Anyway…do excuse me…

More tea, Vicar?”

Oh yes please, and perhaps a nice biscuit with raisins…”

Get out.”


Seriously, thanks to the lovely Gillyflower, please do go and check out her blog – I know she’d love to see you! Feel free to take up the Liebster nomination to help spread the word about other blogs! Also, I feel we must give her the credit for the creation of a new tag, born of the Liebster but very much her own…please pick it up, people as I nominate you all for the “With? Or Without?” tag…


47 thoughts on “Biscuits And Blogging…

  1. Love this blog – and I too love biscuits although I do try not to consume nowadays due to not wishing to expand my waistline further!
    And where do I stand ? WITHOUT most definitely (Rasens). And I have to confess to being an occasional ‘dunker’ particularly with a custard cream or foxes golden crunch creams – both lend themselves perfectly to a dunk in the tea cup (or mug) before consuming.

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    1. Yes, sorry, I mean cookies, because biscuits can be something else again, can’t they in the U.S…like biscuits and gravy. But yes…I do think that as your husband likes “with” it’s a valid reason to make or buy two different lots! 🙂 x

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      1. Yes we have biscuits and gravy over here. (which the husband loves!)
        I don’t mind raisins…..just not in my cookies. I am always expecting them to be chocolate chips and it is a nasty surprise if it turns out to be a raisin.

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  2. Congrats on the nomination! I understand about refusing them, so no worries about them. ❤
    I like biscuits and cookies, but I don’t like eating biscuits because they’re just darn messy! (Or rather, I’m just darn messy with them. 😅) All the crumbs flying everywhere with each bite are really distracting. 🙁

    But I love biscuits and cookies, especially the nutty ones! I like mine with or without raisins, as long as they taste good. 🍪🍪🍪

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  3. Oh, Samantha, you just crack me up! Thanks for your kind words, and I’m tickled that you took up the challenge. Reading everyone’s comments has truly amused me. I will forgive you and the others for inhabiting the Dark, raisin-less Side. (I seem to be in the minority, as I stand with both feet planted very firmly in Raisins! More Raisins! territory.)

    What’s in a name? A biscuit is a biscuit, unless you’re in North America, where they’re cookies. Or savoury little squares, rounds or triangles of light, crispy toasted bread with names such as Triscuit or Saltines, also known as crackers. Or, in the South, fluffy bun-like things to go with your fried chicken, gravy and grits.

    If the biscuit in question is an actual biscotti (which hearkens back to your “twice-baked” classification), I’ll take mine dunked in tea, with chocolate, almonds, dried currants or cranberries, and — naturally — raisins!

    So, basically, a rose is a rose is a rose. Unless it isn’t.

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    1. Could just be a flower…
      I’m beginning to think that U.S. biscuits are like English dumplings, in which case having them with gravy would make sense…but I also like florentines which are not really biscuits…possibly a variety of flapjack but is that a cake??! Argh….still no raisins though…
      Pleased you like the post! 🙂 x

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