Food And Feelings…

18618599_128858467669361_1476528054_oCharlie… bug-hunting 

I’ve never had the best of relationships with food… I was a fussy eater when I was little, and even now, I have particular quirks that can irritate anyone who is nice enough to prepare food for me, yet seem perfectly logical to me.

For example, I have mixed feelings about stew… No matter what you call it, casserole, stew, cassoulet, ragout – to me it is a dish to be regarded with great suspicion as it appears an excuse to cover a variety of items that I might not like with a coloured sauce in an attempt to disguise them.

Like mushrooms. I can appreciate them for their … aesthetic value, but whenever my mother puts mushrooms in a dish, I will systematically pick them out and lay them on the side of my plate like a row of slimy brown corpses…

I don’t like all my food items to be touching. If I have something like baked beans, chips (fries) and sausage, there has to be a clearly delineated zone between the said items. This makes perfect sense to me – who wants to eat chips soggy with bean juice?

And yet, I love reading recipe books, I am fascinated by cookery programmes, follow various food blogs and can eat out once in a while without too much mental trauma…

18618386_128858504336024_1624263357_oDinner out with my son and a rare exception to my general rule of no sneaky sauces or intrusive ingredients… a lovely risotto

My mother is of the generation where food equates to love; for her, you demonstrate you care by cooking for someone, pressing extra portions on them, piling their plate high. Every food shopping trip is planned with military precision … and yet we still end up going back for an ingredient that she can’t possibly do without… much to my exasperation.

I go “off” items with, to her annoying unpredictability, refusing to eat things that my mother considers a delicacy and that I will have nightmares about… lobster equals luxury food item to my mother; to me… it’s basically a giant bug that belongs in the realms of horror. Or at least in the sea where it lives.


My younger son is vegetarian, which is beginning to appeal to me quite strongly. It seems cleaner, somehow, and kinder. I’m not condemning meat eaters at all – who am I to judge? Indeed, as long as you eat meat with appreciation and gratitude for the animals’ sacrifice, then fair enough.

I would NEVER attempt to impose eating regulations on my cats, they are obligate carnivores after all and need a protein based diet, so I will (mostly) hunt far and wide for the perfect of catfood that will satisfy my girls’ delicate palates…

As for me? Well, I know I don’t have to go too far to hunt down my next packet of biscuits… or watermelon!


31 thoughts on “Food And Feelings…

  1. The range of food preferences is always interesting to me–what you mention about keeping foods separate is a common one, but then there are the people, like my husband, who take a plate of food and mix it all together before consuming 🙂 I have a friend who won’t eat brownies with nuts because they have to be “pure,” with no inclusions! Not sure about her position on chocolate chip cookies…

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    1. I agree with your friend, no nuts..but things can only be improved with more chocolate, I feel… baby food always puzzled me too, because it’s all mashed up together, so how do you know if the baby likes it..they might like beef but not the carrots!

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  2. “Brown corpses” 🍄- 😂😂😂 Pray tell is that a macadamia nut cookie😉
    Your risotto is well plated. Good job on the photos. You must take more food photos☺🍖🍗🍔🍟🍲🍜🍝🍛

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  3. Hey Samantha – great post and I’ve just been told that I’ve been nominated for the ‘bloggers bash’ Inspirational Blogger award which I’d never heard of and apparently it’s a ‘proper award’ which culminates in a ‘bloggers bash’ in London. Anyway.. to cut a long story short, I’ve checked out the blog and am delighted to see that you’re on the award nomination list too for the ‘hidden gem’ award.. and I’m delighted that I found out and have been able to vote for you! Congratulations for the nomination and good luck – you deserve to win and you’re definitely a winner in my eyes xxxx You may have been aware of it but as it wasn’t something I’d have known about if someone hadn’t told me, I thought I’d mention it to you just in case you were ‘in the dark’ like me!

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    1. Hi Wendy! Congratulations! Yes, I saw you on the list and I thought “ooh sounds familiar..” then I realised it was you! No prizes for guessing who I voted for …but yes, the lovely Marje at voted for me (bless her) and told me…I was vaguely aware of what the Bloggers Bash was but never considered that I would be nominated! Thank you for voting for me and your kind words too 🙂 xxx

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      1. I’d never heard of the Bloggers Bash but am highly delighted to be nominated alongside a couple of my favourite blogging buddies. If I’d known about it there are a couple more bloggers I would’ve nominated too.. maybe next year! xxx

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  4. I know others that feel the same way you do. The mushroom thing was my neighbour and food not touching is my nephew. So you are no different than others. I usually make casseroles and stews so know what is exactly in there. I don’t like it when peeps make chicky soup and use pieces of gristle in it. Soup or stew must have the best in meats or it is not worth eating. I too could easily become a vegetarian.


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  5. I’m not really a fussy eater, but I can understand being one! I also don’t like to mix my food (especially Korean bibimbap, which is supposed to be mixed) because otherwise the taste gets rather mixed up in my mouth. I bet you love those plates with little compartments. 😛

    By the way, have I told you I love looking at your cats? That picture of Charlie there makes me wanna roll her, though I doubt she’d appreciate it. 😆

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    1. Lol… I wouldn’t recommend it! Ting would let you (the Siamese) she’s very loving and playful! Also food…yes, I think those plates are fab! Just what you need for keeping everything separate otherwise you might just as well have a plate of…mush! 🙂 x

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  6. i am not a fan of eating food drowning in sauce.. at a buffet, i make sure that different food doesn’t mix with each other so i get some and make another trip at the buffet later.

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