Strawberry Quartz and Sparkling Cats


When I was a little girl I went through a phase when I would only eat strawberry jam sandwiches -white bread, crusts cut off – and fishfingers. Not together, obviously…

I don’t like fishfingers now, but I am still quite fond of jam, so I was delighted when my son’s lovely crystal lady Lizian identified this piece of quartz as Strawberry Quartz. It reminds me of a spoonful of good quality jam and brings with it the same sense of simple happiness I get when spreading jam on hot buttered toast…


Metaphysically, then, I was pleased to learn that Strawberry Quartz does bring joy and awareness to life. It’s a happy, uncomplicated stone that shows you the humour in life and how to live every aspect of it with this sense of light and love.

It works with the heart chakra to gift your life with love and positivity, so you can shed old, negative thought patterns, pinpointing the causes and transform them into new and more hopeful ways of living. A sugar boost for the soul, a burst of sparkling energy and joy…


Sparkling” can be used in various descriptive ways; it may seem a harder-edged word than something like the softer “glowing”, but I enjoy it as it brings crystalline qualities to mind.

I love to see the play of sunlight in my black cats’ fur, Lily and Tooty, as the light touches each hair with sparkle and bestows a rainbow radiance…

Lily (5)

I love Ting’s blue eyes, that sparkle with adoration as she looks at me… slightly cross-eyed.


And of course, there is Charlie. My little princess is possessed of a sparkling intellect. Seriously. She’s the most intelligent cat I’ve ever known.


Two summers ago, I made up a song about Charlie…as you do… and I used to sing it to her, quite a lot. It had a particular name in it, which I called her, so imagine my surprise when last year, the same name was used in the lyrics of a song for a soft drink… then this year, the song was released as part of a compilation album.

My little cat has demonstrated a sensitivity to music that I was not aware felines had. Unless it’s just my singing… but the first time she heard the song for the drink, she looked at me with interest, obviously recognising the words. Then, as the advert was played… again… and again…she grew visibly weary of it and slightly irritated by it.

I heard the advert for the compilation advert for the first time the other day and thought:

Oh no! She’ll think I’ve done it on purpose…!!”

Then it just so happened, I was in bed, Charlie was lying at the end of the bed and my son popped in to say goodnight. The advert played. I said:

Uh-oh! Watch her!”

When Charlie heard her special song, she turned around to look at me and her face said, clear as day,

I suppose you think that’s funny. It’s just plain childish!”

She gave me such a contemptuous look, I shrank back into my duvet, while my son started to laugh…


Just one example of Madame La Princesse’s sparkling intellect …. and ability to make me, a not inconsiderably-sized human, feel about two inches tall…The song? No! I’m not telling you! Oh…all right then…enjoy!

Zooby Doo

59 thoughts on “Strawberry Quartz and Sparkling Cats

  1. What a beautiful story about your cat and song! You are amazing, I haven’t heard such a beautiful story like that. Charlie seems very special with her ears… Music can say something to them too…
    And strawberry… how much I love them. Reminds me the days in my childhood, the smell of strawberries in the home, that they were cooking jam… A few weeks ago I did too, but where is this old smell… nothing as before. Thank you dear Samantha, it was another wonderful post, and yes, photographs. Million kisses your little friends, Happy Mother’s Day, Love, nia

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    1. Thank you nia, for your lovely comment 🙂 x Charlie is definitely a very special cat, bless her! And yes, strawberry is a very evocative smell… when I was a little girl we used to go to big fields where you could pick your own and my grandmother used to make the most amazing jam and ice cream with them…
      Thank you very much for your lovely comment, I’m pleased you liked the post, lots of love to you 🙂 xxx

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    1. Thank you very much, my son takes all the photos, but I’m learning as he will be going to University soon, so I’m quite lucky that the cats don’t mind modelling! Ah yes, apricot is nice, but I tried blueberry jam on waffles the other day…VERY nice!!

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  2. Strawberry Quartz, I didn’t know there was such a thing. It’s pretty. As for the cat, every cat should be so lucky to have their own theme song. I know I sing the “Barney” theme song and “You Are My Sunshine” every-now-and then to my cat, Daisy Mae.


  3. What an ‘illuminating’ post… I love the ‘sparkle’ photo of Lily/Tooty… wow – every hair shining bright down… and Zooby Doo… yep – poor Charlie… no wonder she’s looking on in complete contempt.. how could you Samantha!! haha laughing loudly. What a cheerful way to start my Monday! xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank goodness for that – poor Charlie will be ringing ‘mistreated catline’ if your not careful! … although maybe that shining intelligence will keep her safe.. I suspect she knows she’s onto a very good thing! Have a lovely week xx

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  4. MOL…we do understand, Samantha, I think that was the best proof ever…MOL 😀 Strawberry quartz looks so… sweet. Granny has a very small one and she loves it 🙂 Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day 🙂 Pawkisses for a Happy Day 🙂 ❤


  5. Ah, I’ve discovered a few things from your wonderful post. Strawberry quartz is so rich with colour love it! Charlie is undoubedly a very special cat, in fact I thought Madame La Princesse was another cat altogether! I see I got my facts wrong! Sorry for the slip up. You have three brilliant cats I just wanted you to have one more! Lol… Xxx

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    1. I do have four cats: Charlie aka Madame La Princesse aka Princess Charlotte Oddpaw, Lily Bee, Ting Tong Maccadangdang and Tooty Michonne….oh we have such fun at the vet’s! Tooty and Lily are both black cats, Ting is Siamese and Charlie is tabby. Pleased you like the crystal and the cats…they always welcome admirers, lol! 😺😺😺😺 xx

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  6. Sorry, I thought I left you this comment before but I can’t see it so I’ll repost roughly what I said…
    Strawberry quartz is so pretty! 🙂
    This made me chuckle. Not heard that Zooby Doo thing before either, what a strange video. x

    Liked by 1 person

  7. No # (I was thinking that was just Twitter). I didn’t put any comments on any of the photos either, so that’s probably a mistake. I really should look up how to use Instagram this week! Thanks for the tip on the hashtag 🙂

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  8. Ooh, such pretty crystals! They definitely look like sparkly strawberry jam, fun and joyful. 🍓🍓🍓
    I also love the way the sun shines on those black fur, and Charlie is really smart for recognising the words in the song. 😆

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