The Eyes Have It…


What’s the first thing you look at when you meet someone? For me, it has to be the eyes… you can read a lot about a person – or an animal – from their eyes. It’s obviously a very significant body part as look how many moths and butterflies adopt the eye pattern to give the impression of being big and scary…

My mother’s puppy, Rocky, has a habit of putting his head on my knee and slow blinking. As any cat lover knows, I am aware that in cats this is the feline equivalent of a kiss… sort of … but I’d never seen a dog do it.

So, I Googled it and was enchanted to learn that it means the dog has no aggressive intentions towards you, it’s making friendly eye contact and is relaxed in its environment. It just so happened that I was eating my dinner when Rocky sweetly laid his head on my knee and slow-blinked his eyes lovingly… and demonstratively… displaying non-threatening intentions towards my salad!

It also amused me that he regarded me of sufficient importance in the “pack” to be appeased thus… I think Erin, Mum’s German Shepherd, regards me as an equal (perhaps), maybe a rather annoying sister, as she rolls her eyes expressively at my mother when I want to hold her paw, or her tail… or touch her nose…or look at her teeth…

My four cats all have different colour eyes which amuses me. Lily’s are emerald green, which show up beautifully against her black fur, as do Tooty’s – her eyes are a striking shade of yellow. Ting’s, of course, are as blue as a summer sky, the show up purple in some light; and Madame La Princesse, Charlie, has a special shade of greenish gold, uniquely all her own to reflect her feline intelligence… I wish I could my eye make up like hers…

Human eye colour is a funny old thing too… some people even going to the extent of wearing contact lenses to change their eye colour. If eyes are supposed to be the mirrors of the soul… isn’t that a little deceptive? Like wearing sunglasses… faces can be hard to read, then, without making direct eye contact.

Eye colour can form part of an accepted image too – look at James Bond. There was an outcry when Daniel Craig got the part of OO7 – blond haired? Blue eyed? This couldn’t be… but why? Why did having blue eyes make him less suitable, or visually pleasing to the eye, as James Bond? Why had so many fans identified the fictional agent with a dark hired, dark eyed suave man…

KH 1The lovely Ciaran Hinds (

Women are apparently attracted to men with dark eyes, according to scientific research, as men blessed with dark eyes are more likely to be confident and successful… is it the strongest caveman thing? Now, blue eyes can all be traced back to one common ancestor, who was a mutation; so perhaps the subconscious yearning for a man with dark eyes does indeed hark back to neolithic times when dark eyes were most prevalent and therefore most successful.

NP1Nathaniel Parker ~ in Inspector Lynley (

Men with dark eyes feature as the “hero” or “lost one” in my little pieces of creative writing, and these dashing, dark-eyed heroes wander nonchalantly through my dreams…


The lovely Mr. Jeffrey Dean Morgan of ‘Supernatural’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ fame

And yet, both my sons have blue eyes… My own are (of course) a somewhat uninteresting shade of green, ironically enough, similar to the new shade chosen for cigarette packets. “Opaque Couché” – the ugliest colour in the world, so Australian researchers say… Oh well. At least “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”… and I am blonde. Sort of.

57 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It…

  1. How beautifully you are looking, searching, sharing, dear Samantha! and then your beautiful eyes being a wonderful reading piece for us. Photographs fascinated me. I love your cats and also your lovely and adorable dog too. Blessing and Happiness to you all. Thank you, Love, nia

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  2. I can imagine the beautiful color of your eyes against a blonde head of hair….This is an informative post and an interesting share. Pets eyes are so cute ..especially the dogs looking so loveable. ☺Happy tea drinking and a great weekend😊

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  3. Ha Ha! So funny! You are the best Samantha Murdoch! The best. Must confess — I look at ankles. Odd, I know. But blue eyes are magical for me! Although those chocolate pools of Colin Farrell’s are quite nice too!

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  4. Loved this post, Samantha — I’ve been reading it as I’m on my third cuppa of the morning, too! For me with guys, it’s the hands. Don’t show me small, delicate, slender hands, please. Large, square, with a few knotted veins to show he ain’t just out of the cradle, but has been around the block a few times. Back to eyes, though: mine are dark blue/grey. It’s not unusual for strangers to ask me if I’m wearing contacts (as in, coloured lenses) when I’m not. My husband likes to tease me by claiming to never remember what colour they are, except when he calls them steely grey. I kind of like that, because I want folks to see by my eyes that I’m strong and no pushover! His, by the way, are a lovely melted milk chocolate brown. (But do give me Viggo Mortensen or Alexander Skarsgard and their icy blue Viking eyes anytime!)

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    1. Oh yes, they are good representatives of the one common ancestor! Yours sound unusual too, mine are neither “summat nor nowt” as they say up! And hands.. well, I’d have to say that Jeffrey Dean Morgan possesses a fine pair of those too! 🙂

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  5. I really love the eyes of felines, so dreamy when they’re relaxed. Dogs have cute eyes too, like my family’s beagle that always looks up as though to say, “Can I have that… please?” 😆
    Being a Chinese in an Asian country, we all have black hair and eyes so anything else is considered exotic for us! Your looks sound pretty exotic to me too. 😀

    In many Asian cultures (including mine), looking directly in the eyes is considered a sign of disrespect especially when the other person has a higher rank (i.e. parent, boss, etc), so I really can’t look at someone in the eyes (I usually focus on the chin). It’s probably because of that that I can’t tell what someone’s eyes look like (what do deep eyes look like?). I have no problem with cat eyes though; it’s easy enough to tell when they’re scared / annoyed / relaxed. 😺

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    1. It’s always interesting to hear about other cultures, like what you said about looking someone directly in the eyes, so when you travel you have to be aware of these things, I’s like the “highest touch” here. Apparently, the higher you touch someone on their body, like tapping them on the arm or patting them on the shoulder, the more dominant a person you are. Me personally, I prefer to keep my hands to myself! Cats eyes are always very expressive I find, dogs are a little harder to read…
      Hmm..deep eyes, I suppose they are ones where you feel you can almost read a story in them…Ciaran Hinds has deep eyes! 🙂 x

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      1. Haha, me too, I’d only touch if it’s someone I’m close to, otherwise no touching for me! Luckily hugging people that aren’t close family or friends isn’t the usual culture here, so I don’t have to worry about strangers hugging me. 😅

        I think I still don’t get deep people eyes, because… well, they look like eyes for me! But no worries, I’ll just be content with looking into cats eyes. 😆

        Speaking of which, a good 10 years ago I tried to have a staring competition with my family cat and she was nice enough to oblige without a fuss. 10 minutes later and a lot of blinking on my part, I gave up because she never blinked or moved once. 😹

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      2. How did I miss this discussion of Mr. Hinds? His fans agree that the combination of eyes, hands and voice is as good as it gets. I like your expression of “reading a story” in someone’s eyes. That works with people and animals too.

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  6. Eyes can tell you a lot! Mr C has dark eyes and they were one of the reasons I was attracted to him, mine are boring old blue and my son’s have gone green although they were blue as a baby. Another super post x

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  7. always give it a funny twist, Samantha, we like that 😀 Eyes, the windows of the soul, so much to read in there ❤ Actually we came for the tummy rub, but it is always nice to look into someone's eyes…MOL 😀 Pawkisses for a wonderful day to you all 🙂 ❤

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