Having A Bath… With Cats


1. First remove all traces in bathroom of previous occupant (wet towels, empty shampoo bottles, muddy pawprints and the like) and clean, so it is wonderful and fresh, ready and waiting for you to enjoy some quality time alone, just for you.

2. Jump and shriek in fright as black cat leaps silently onto toilet seat and stares… meaningfully.


3. Turn back to bath to begin running a lovely hot bath, after first removing small black cat that has somehow appeared in bath.


4. Clean bath again, as small black cat has obviously been digging in the garden and has left muddy pawprints all over the previously gleaming bath.

5. Open bathroom door to persuade cats to leave only to have Siamese cat dart in and jump onto shelf behind bath knocking all the toiletries over.

6. Remove Siamese, ignoring her howls of protest and shut door.


7. Remove small black cat and larger black cat from bath and clean…

8. Start to undress, while bath is running, ignoring howls and thuds from other side of the door as previously removed cats attempt to regain entry.

9. Discover tabby cat has removed plug from bath, pulling it out by the chain, thus allowing the water to escape, and said cat is now staring at your half-naked body… judgementally.

10. Give up and have shower.


41 thoughts on “Having A Bath… With Cats

  1. Dad closes the door so there is no discussion of us coming in and staring at him. Mom always allows us in and if the door is closed some plaintive mewing and a black paw under the door let’s her know….we are not amused at not being allowed to judge her when she’s nekked. MOL

    Shoko and Kali

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      1. A previous cat we had liked to stand on the side of the tub and swat the bubbles while the tub was filling. One time she misjudged and slipped into the tub. She was not happy

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