Flint and Fear


The very first stone that I can remember being actively drawn to and picking up was actually a piece of Flint. I felt it had some sort of story to tell me… Not surprisingly, Flint and humans have a long-standing connection.

It was one of the first stones to work for Man in the creation of fire and tool making, both means of fending off fear for the early Man. Thus Flint manages both male and female energies, and perhaps harking back to its earliest connection with humans as tools, can be used to spiritually sever negative thought patterns, sharpening thought and response to any challenges that Life may put in your path.


It is another highly protective stone and will shield you from curses and ill wishes; and again, has the dual purpose of both helping to keep you grounded, yet acknowledge and come tot terms with your own spirituality… A stone of comfort and ability, a metaphysical pacifier, if you will…

Despite the common usage of the term “scaredy cat”, I wouldn’t say that my cats are particularly fearful… unlike me. I’m afraid of loud noises… the dentist… spiders… deep water. Well. I could go on. But my feline family demonstrate what I prefer to think of as a healthy sense of self-preservation… apart from Charlie (of course) who has the soul of a tiger captured within her small furry body.

She terrified a fox once… it was passing through the garden, minding its vulpine business, and stopped to have a look in the pond. Our landing window overlooks that part of the garden so I am able to bear witness to Charlie’s fearlessness.


My little cat spied the hapless fox and at once began walking menacingly down the path towards it. And as she walked… she fluffed…. Until by the time the fox looked up, it was being pummelled by a tabby tiger striped fur bomb…. It fled. Rapidly… leaving a rather large tuft of its fur behind on the hedge as it forced its way through in panic.


I went rushing downstairs to comfort my little cat, but she was:

No worries. I had that. Got rid of the large, stinky squirelly looking thing…”

However, fear, no matter how irrational it may seem, is there to serve a purpose. This response is part of the human psyche, deep-rooted, for self-preservation where the primary response to a threat is flight, fight or freeze. As mankind evolved, progressed, adapted, our fears became more complex… fear of failure, of not fitting in or matching up to expectations.

Sometimes, we may feel that these fears will overwhelm us, that we are alone. Sometimes, the first step to overcoming these fears is to reach out, hold out your hand, feel the warmth and the love and know that you are not alone.


40 thoughts on “Flint and Fear

  1. Great message in there. I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of flint but I’m less a fan after cutting my toe on a barefoot beach walk midway between two resorts on the Norfolk coast. Mr C had to first aid me on the beach as it was pouring blood!

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  2. I like your interest in different types of stones and rock . Flint seems interesting. Cat killing a chippy-Yeah. One less chippy. We have so many here in Pennsylvania. When I was in Elementary School, I got to tour a coal mine and bring a piece of coal home with me. Can we say interesting.

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  3. I do like a feisty cat. It is usually the girls, isn’t it? Although my mum boy cat was a real warrior. He totally ruled the neighbourhood, also fought foxes and squirrels, and always won. But he was the most loving cat. Also smart. He taught himself to pee into the plug hole in the bath if he had an urgent need at night. A bit gross, but very clever problem solving! Never been to Norfolk but I too have cut my foot with flint. Must be dome British rite of passage…

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    1. I think you could be on to something there… unless it’s a message from the Universe telling us really that we should wear shoes 👞👟👠👡
      I love the sound of your mother’s cat! My Burmese used to use the toilet…Charlie has peed on both my son’s and partner’s clothes left on the floor!! LOL!! They do pick their stuff up now though…😸😸

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      1. Sorry, this didn’t show up in my messages. We think he might have been part Siamese. He had quite a wide vocabulary that he understood perfectly and was (almost) endlessly patient when you had to treat all his battle scars and pick sticky buds out of his fur and trickles from his paws. He walked like John Wayne . Broke my mum’s heart a bit when we lost him.

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  4. Haha, your cat is definitely a tiger in a small furry body! I thought my late cat was a scaredy-cat – she always hid under my bed when she heard any visitors – but when my family got a beagle puppy who only wanted to play with her, that was when she became tiger-like! She never backed away from the dog, always smacking him if he got too close. I guess she wasn’t a scaredy-cat after all. 😆

    I like the look of those flints, nice earthy colours and layers like they were cut out from the crust of the Earth. 😀

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  5. Interesting post! I recently watched a Ted Talk where an expert on depression said that depression is much like us being permanently stuck in that ancient “fight or flight” mode…and the flight instinct translates to us wanting to withdraw from the world.

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  6. I’d better not send Dolly the Gremlin in your direction – can you imagine.. gremlin v warrior cat… yikes! Fear though – yep it can be very debilitating and self limiting. Many years ago I had treatment for panic attacks that I suffered in interviews and it led me into becoming a hypnotherapist and over the years, I’ve been able to help others overcome their phobias … shame you don’t live a bit closer Samantha – you’d be stroking spiders in no time! Great post as always – thank you! xx

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    1. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱No!!! I won’t kill them any more…but I will NEVER stroke them!!!!! Gone all shivery at the thought…
      But yes, you mentioned before how you became a hypnotherapist – such a useful and helpful occupation, especially for 21st century life, ever more complex…xx

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      1. Haha – Samantha.. just imagine them as soft cuddly little versions of your cats – without the claws and the teeth!!! Yep – if you can stroke a cat and tackle it when it ‘hisses’ then you’ve definitely got the power within to ‘stroke those spiders’ haha!! You’re right, life does seem ever more complex and yet in reality it’s probably as simple as it’s always been.. the circle of life just rolls on and in the end nature will be the controlling force.. deep – it’s Friday! Have a fabulous weekend.. xxx

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      2. Maybe the spiders don’t want to be stroked….😨….I’ve even tackled unpredictable ferrets but spiders would take a LOT of work! Lol!
        We have to learn to work in harmony with Nature, I feel…but as you say, it’s the weekend!! Have a great one 😺 xxx

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      3. Aww – well done you! and hey I’m sure you’re right those little spiders would run a mile if you tried to stroke them.. leave nature be then! Enjoy the weekend xxx

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