Teeth… And Terror


Regular readers will know that like a fair proportion of the population , I am afraid of the dentist. Not my actual dentist per se, as she is super-model beautiful, softly spoken and blessed with a silken touch on her instruments.

I had a tooth out yesterday… no Tooth Fairy for me; mind you, I don’t really think she would have wanted this tooth, although I did not lose it through lack of care. I am extremely conscientious when it comes to looking after my teeth, precisely because I am so afraid of the dentist.

For years, though, this particular tooth has bothered me. I’ve tried all the sensitive toothpastes on the market, it’s had various fillings – even a root canal or something – I didn’t listen too much to the gory details about that…

My previous dentist dismissed my complaints of it not feeling right, too hot, as being perfectly normal, as it was a gold filling which does obviously retain heat. He reprimanded me for not flossing the area: “But it HURTS!” He replied: “No pain, no gain.” Yeah right.

Then, last year, I changed dentists. As a matter of course, on my first routine check up there, x-rays were taken, and when I went back to receive the results, I was horrified to find that the previous dentist had slapped a filling and root canal on top of an underlying abscess that was already present. The actual bone in my jaw was losing density… as my current dentist pointed out to me, showing me a cloudy grey blotch in a whole sea of blotches, that I eventually made out was my head. Eugh.

The tooth was granted a period of grace to see if it would somehow magically right itself. It didn’t. It throbbed and buzzed like a wasp in a bottle… it was the sort of thing that you would scratch until it bled if you could. So, yeserday, the tooth’s time was up.

Palms sweating, nervously clutching clear Fluorite (good for teeth) and Amber (natural analgesic) I lay back in the dentist’s chair as she tenderly rubbed the special numbing cream into my gum before injecting the anaesthetic. Lots of it. I am hyper-sensitive to pain, an actual recognised medical condition – I’m not just being a big wuss – and moments later, the tooth popped out as easily as an apple falling off a tree.

It’s all over,” my lovely dentist soothed in dulcet tones , “just rinse and then you can go…”

I leapt to my feet and shot out, pausing only to mutter “’ank ‘oo!” and glance back disbelievingly at the sweaty outline I left behind on her pristine dentist’s chair. I suppose that’s one less tooth to worry about in the future, and to be honest, I’m glad it’s gone, rather like when the annoying neighbour whose car alarm goes off all the time at 4.00 a.m. moves away…

And I leave you with this cautionary tale from the poet Pam Ayres that my father found amusing… and I, quite frankly, find terrifying…

18362027_123540948201113_1080506221_oFluorite and Amber… very useful for dentist trips…

39 thoughts on “Teeth… And Terror

  1. So sad to read this. I would go after that ex dentist for malpractice…nincompoop really! No wonder I missed your voice yesterday. Rest up. Heal and here’s heaps of good energy sent your way💐🌹🌼
    Rest do not overdo chores. Garfield hugs😚💕🐾🤗🤗

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  2. I’ve had some crazy experiences at the dentist and ending up changing too! I had 4 teeth unnecessarily pulled out when I was younger which has affected the shape of my mouth ever since and stops me smiling! Since changing, I have loved the dentist instead! xxx

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    1. Well…I wouldn’t go as far as to say I love my dentist ..but I probably wouldn’t hide from her if I saw her in public like I did my previous one! Pleased to hear you are happy with your current one though – it’s so important! 😸💞xxx

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  3. Loved that phrase– wasp in a bottle! Especially loved “as easily as an apple falling off a tree.” A magic spell of beautiful sounding words. I know you’re feeling better with those words. 🙂


  4. I am horrified at your previous dentist! And glad you found a competent one, and that the pain is over. Good for you for having the courage to take care of it. I like your fluorite and amber–smooth and silky to have in the pocket for those stressful moments 🙂

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  5. That Pam Ayers clip is really funny! My husband and I talk about genetics and our teeth. My family is Italian and we’re lucky enough to have good teeth. I’ve never had a cavity. My husband is Scots-Irish-German and his family–both sides–has dental issues! 😉

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  6. The dentist visit is one terrifying outing that I can do without. Even getting my teeth scares me. Suppose while cleaning she finds a troublesome tooth. Another hygienist cleaned so hard she knocked a filling out. I got it replaced for free as it wasn’t my fault.

    Loved your post.


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  7. I was probably so scared I didn’t notice it. I must have the fast acting anesthetic as I get a reaction to the one with epinephrine. I decide to get up and walk with a racing heart and knock all instruments to the ground and the light. Best just give me the fast acting kind and then I’m out of there faster.

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  8. I’m glad the terror is over for you! And that you fired your previous dentist; he just didn’t listen. 😅 Those crystals are pretty too; I particularly love the Fluorite. 😀

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