Iolite And Impressions


A lot can be learned from first impressions. Generally I am a reasonable judge of character, but sometimes I just get these… feelings. I would hesitate to claim any psychic ability, but these impressions have been strong enough, or made a lasting enough impression on me to the extent where I avoid the person or place.

An ex-neighbour is a case in point. My partner thought he was all right, one of the lads. I hated him. Wouldn’t give him house room. My partner couldn’t understand this, since the man was always perfectly pleasant to me; but we later found out that he’d been arrested for domestic abuse.

Another instance of impressions… my son’s class were doing a performance in a pub in the city so of course I went along to support and watch. It was actually taking place in an old music hall that had been restored – there has been some sort of public house on that location since the 1400’s. I was uncomfortable from the word go… the whole place felt like a musty old jacket from a charity shop… too many echoes, too much going on, too many voices to process…

Iolite – pronounced “eye-OH-lite” – ( I didn’t have any on me that day!) is a vision stone… it switches on your ability to tune into your surroundings, your gut instinct, if you will. Not surprisingly then, it’s a crystal of journey and insight, often used in shamanic ceremonies. Iolite can bestow the understanding and clarity of a clear night sky, which it so closely resembles, dark blue with paler flecks.


Thus it helps with the clarity of thought, banishing negative ties and releasing your true self. It makes you aware of yourself and your place in the Universe, a kind and gentle stone to help with spiritual growth and creativity.

Always trust an animal’s first impressions… that’s what people say, although if I trusted my cats’ first impressions of people who come to our house I would spend a lot of time a) up in the apple tree b) running across the park or c) under my bed… nothing would get done…

It’s always interesting to watch an animal meet someone new. I remember the first time my old cat, Walter, set eyes on our new next-door neighbour, a tall, good-looking man à la Sidney Poitier… Walter couldn’t stop staring. To the point where I was so embarrassed I had to get up and remove my cat from the room, in case he asked for an autograph…


Impressions then… knowledge and hints from others and our surroundings, built in responses and learned behaviours… Nature vs. Nurture, almost as we impress upon others our own self-images and interpretations. Listen, learn, absorb, but always trust your own self, your own judgement.

From the moment of conception our feet may be placed on the path we choose to lead in this Life; walk lightly, my friends, and be aware of every step.

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46 thoughts on “Iolite And Impressions

  1. A thoughtful post. 🙂 I do think women in particular are more aware of the subtle non-verbal communication given off by others. I always listen to my instincts.
    I like your cats’ behaviour! 🙂

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  2. Love that last line! Also the word Iolite. I had forgotten it, but it is such a pleasing word to say. Bit daft to look at though. Could be mistaken for LOLITE… laughing out loud half-heartedly…or just without sugar…

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  3. What pretty crystals! The first thing I thought of after looking at these Iolites was a dark night sky with swirls of clouds and sparkles of stars. Or even the universe, with the galaxies and constellations. ✨✨✨

    It sounds like you have a pretty strong intuition when it comes to first impressions, and your cats are so funny! I never did find out what were my cat’s first impressions of a stranger, because at the sounds of anyone new she’d zoom under my bed. 😅

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      1. That’s great! I get a general feel of the character when I meet a person so I try to trust that feeling, though sometimes I get that head vs heart problem. 😛

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  4. I often get a ‘feeling’ about a person upon touching their shoulder or hand. I’m not always right but generally I’m pretty close. Now, Kali knows immediately as she greets peeps that come in with a hearty mew. She however doesn’t bother greeting peeps she knows well though. Why waste her energy, she’s seen and talked with them before. Shoko however, runs away when someone knocks on the door. She comes out about a half hour after the visitor has left. She’s not a social cat.



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    1. Funny aren’t they, how they have their own personalities. Ting is actually quite timid around people and will hide, whereas Charlie will visibly decide whether you are worth her time or not!
      Wonder if you are an empath… people who can pick up on personalities and suchlike just by touch. ..I make decisions and although I can’t always justify them, I am usually fairly accurate! Lots of love to you all 🙂 xxx


  5. Some more ‘thinks’ just came to me so, i’ll share….

    Iolite goes with the 5 of the Hierophant as above so below (or the reverse) oo choices choices
    it also moves with Taurus nesting and resting (now here come the uhm part) in my own personal perceptions, agreements and beliefts DOH! What that means for me is, if I am seeing everything with my own distorted perceptions, i tend to have a disease of perception then holy cow! As below so I THINK above.

    Iolite is my partner and reminder friend that I just LOVE to KNOW, to be right, to nest all homey in there and then to call myself intuiting, hearing my guides/Higher Power when, in fact, sigh, I am deciding based upon my reaction to a thing, my old ideas. Iolite pokes me to remember this, to open that channel of communication for new air, not to break stuff down like the Tower, but simply to sit in my comfy spot and to venture a step out into the unknown spaces so that those too can be co created with me and HP/spirit/whatever you call it.

    Iolite, when i choose to be open-minded and willing, shows me the frequency to match in my thoughts, meditations and then actions, to be in balance, to find that balance to see it and to snap to it when perhaps I have noted that i have reached a bit too far, so I no longer need to fear feeling lost or falling, and can return to ground and center.

    Last message/thought Perfection, the five is the pillar of perfection. I however, can tend to believe that I grow into Perfection and then I refuse to move HA HP just loves when I plan.

    Best Regards!

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    1. Thank you – absolutely fascinating insights packed full of imagery and interpretation. I value your thoughts on this as it is only by sharing that we can learn and expand.
      Great comment – thank you very much x


  6. Our gut instinct is definitely worth listening too.. sometimes it’s only years later that ‘the truth’ comes to light.. that happened for me with someone everyone referred to as ‘lovely’… I just felt something wasn’t right.. he was arrested a few years later for child abuse! Yep we need to listen to our hearts sometimes and not our head.. A great reminder xx

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  7. I really love learning about the crystals and minerals you showcase, I’ve learned my first impression of a person’s character is usually accurate, regardless of how many other people’s impressions differ from mine. It might be illuminating to carry an iolite and see if those impressions are enhanced.

    One of the cats who lived with us hissed and growled at everyone who came to the door or into the house — except for my son and me. She was a highly intelligent, very suspicious tortoise shell. We had an orange and white tiger stripe who loved everybody. He’d come to the door to greet visitors, then jump up on the table to be in the middle of whatever was going on.

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    1. Thank you! I’m not the most knowledgeable person but I do like to share little tastes that might whet someone’s appetite for further research…and yes, you live and learn! As I’ve got older I’ve learned to trust my judgement – and cats are never wrong! 😺 x

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