Ammolite and Artistic Cats


I quite like snails. Not so keen on their homeless cousins, slugs – my mother’s front lawn sometimes looks like the aftermath of a music festival after a damp evening – but snails I find amusing, cheerful and determined. I’ve been reading the adventures of Elliot on Sue’s blog over at Space, Time and Raspberries… please go and have a look.

Strictly speaking, Ammonites look more like a squid has borrowed a snail shell, but they all originate from the same major family of molluscs.


Now. Ammolite – not to be confused with Ammonite – is the result of an ammonite becoming opalised. Opals are the wonderful crystals that glow like tiny pieces of captured Universe magic, and they are formed from a combination of water and silicon dioxide.


Water will naturally find its own level as it travels through the Earth and as it passes through sandstone deposits it picks up silica. The silica-rich water then bleeds into natural gaps and fissures in the ground, finding spaces left by decomposing fossils and replacing the organic matter with opal solution. Over time, this hardens, and we are left with a beautiful crystal, vivid and vibrant, distilled from the very essence of Mother Earth… a crystal snail… squid… that in the right light has beautiful flashes of intense colour.

I have Ammonite fossils, mostly from Whitby – another little piece of information being that they used to be called “snakestones”. They were thought to be actual snakes that had been turned into stone by St.Hilda and were sold as souvenirs, sometimes with little snake heads carved into them.


Ammonites have held a lasting fascination for me, ever since I was a little girl, so consequently I was aware of what Ammolite is, but I’d never seen it before. Till last Friday. Our city is sometime visited by wonderful markets from Europe, with stalls selling handmade clothes, amber, wood… and crystals.


I’d actually seen this Ammolite on Wednesday… I stood at the stall and poked around the crystals, exchanging suspicious looks with the owner… I walked away. I thought about this Ammolite for the next two days. I read Sue’s Adventures of Elliot the Snail… I was tidying my bead collection and found these beads…


I went back and bought the Ammolite. I have had to read up on its metaphysical properties as it’s a new one for me, but it is said that the spiral shape represents the soul’s path in this Life, its full spiritual journey; and, as such, can be used in healing past life traumas.

The glowing colours each have their own significance – Feng Shui masters call Ammolite the Seven Colour Prosperity Stone, and claim it brings health, wealth and vitality to you, your home and business. (Red symbolises growth and energy.) The spiral shape contains and transforms negative energy into a positive flowing spiral, moving energy freely through the chakras to cleanse, align and heal. The chambered shell represents structure and clarity, stimulating survival instincts. Snails do, traditionally, symbolise well-being and longevity – hence the recent craze for snail oil as the new anti-ageing cream…


But I am drawn to the wonderful colours, a little example of the more extreme colours available from Mother Earth’s paint palette…

Ah yes. My cats are all very fond of the various branches of the Arts… their lithe and graceful bodies lend themselves naturally to all forms of Dance, whether it be Modern, Interpretive or Ballet… watching my cats interact with each other and the world around them is fully as entertaining as any television programme…

_MG_7404 (2)

But…but…WHERE’S ALL THE FOOD??” (cue dramatic “dunh-dunh DERRR!!”)

Did Tooty eat it?” (accusing looks all round)

Where’s our mother with supplies?” (cue lost soulful music..)

SHE’S HERE NOW!! Panic over!” (cue suitably comedic music to announce my entrance…)

Charlie is very fond of expressive Arts… my old headmistress sent me this wonderful book, called “Why Cats Paint” and in it there is a selection of photos of clawed furniture. Art installations. I used this book to back up my point when my partner discovered Charlie’s artistic self-expression all over the back of the sofa after a recent trip to the optician to get his prescription updated…

Suffice it to say, all animals are examples of Mother Nature’s Art and creativity.

The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” – Leonardo da Vinci


59 thoughts on “Ammolite and Artistic Cats

  1. I love your term “captured Universe magic” – which can describe so many wondrous things on our beautiful Earth – and I’m totally going to steal it!

    Every time I see one of your featured crystals, I want to rush out and get one. Your new ammolite is a beaut. Here in Canada, out west where there are rich fossil deposits, there is a world-famous ammolite mine which is, sadly, being depleted rapidly.

    And I love how you have your own living, breathing, furry ammolite (or I guess that would be ammonite)!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! Thank you, the phrase just encapsulates the myriad little miracles we see..I’ll have to read up about seems such an interesting country actually and I feel I should know more considering I have relatives there..
      And the cats are irresistible when they roll up like that, all warm and cosy 🙂 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, I’ve known about ammonite, but this is the first time I’ve heard of or seen an Ammolite! It feels like these crystals are infused with the wisdom of the universe as they were ancient spiral-shelled squids. 🔮

    I don’t like slimy creatures like slugs, but there’s something fascinating about watching a squid climb a concrete wall… one has to wonder, where is it going? 😆

    And I definitely agree with Leonardo da Vinci; the smallest feline is a masterpiece!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ammolites look very pretty, I love that the cats express themselves artistically too. My 3 year old daughter let out her inner artist with a sharpie on my slate coasters, I don’t think they’ll ever be the same! X

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  4. The ammonite fossils are really beautiful. I had a period of obsession with Fibonacci sequence when I was at school. I would take pictures of various structures found in nature, measure and calculate if it fit the beautiful sequence of numbers (it did).

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  5. We have never heard about this shell kind of stone, Samantha, but it looks and sounds amazing. Do you think an empty house of a snail will turn into an Ammolite, because then we have one too 😉 We like the picture of your dancing Tooty, she definetely got the moves 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy sluggish Day 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  6. That was definitely worth going back for Samantha.. I love opals and shells that have those pearlised colours and this is gorgeous too. I’m sure it will bring you much prosperity.. one way or another! x

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Thank you so much for sharing Elliot’s Adventures, Samantha! That’s very kind.

    I’ve been fascinated by Ammonite for many years, but I don’t own any. And I’ve never seen opalized snail shell before. I definitely want one of those.

    Thanks to all the research you’ve done, I’m beginning to understand my affinity for spirals!

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