“Well You Can Tell By The Way I Use My Walk…”


This song lyric – thank you Bee Gees – illustrates beautifully the subject of today’s post… I seem to be heading towards a theme of “The Human Body In Song”… bear with me …

The way a person walks can tell an observer a lot about them. When I last visited London, for example, I walked with such determination and purpose (apparently!) I was asked for directions several times. I had absolutely no idea where I was going, most of the time, but sometimes a little “fakery” is called for.

Dog walkers are another interesting example. I see one man walk his dog regularly. What’s wrong with that, I hear you ask…Well, nothing, apart from the fact that is all he does. The dog is held on a short lead and marched around the block, with no time to stop, or sniff, read his surroundings… I find it sad.

When I walk Erin for my mother, we stop every few yards to look, sniff, comment… (“Don’t touch that. It’s dirty… oh yes, there’s a new skip full of rubbish, we’ll just have a look inside… see if there’s anything useful…” this is me, by the way, as I deliver a general running monologue to the dog…)


We meander along quite happily, stopping to look in the bookies – it holds a strange fascination for Erin – and then we have to run quickly back. No idea why, it’s just what we do… part of the fun of the walk.

I am always interested to see women walking in high heels, slightly envious too, since after a foot operation I can’t wear them myself. You have the girls who “work it” and manage their heels beautifully; but I remember seeing one poor girl limping rather badly and bravely trying to disguise it. I just wanted to go over and press a few plasters into her hands…

But yes, there’s quite a variety of ways of getting from A to B on foot… the slipper shuffle, the leaning forward intense rush “don’t get in my way”, the mother and child drag, the stomp, the stride… My son remarked on the way I walk, toes pointing forwards, feet straight… I replied somewhat irascibly:

Well, how else am I supposed to get where I’m going??”

Then, to my embarrassment, both my sons continued watching my feet… I fell over as my feet became self-conscious…


There is something about action, movement that catches the eye… As both my sons are over six foot tall I am always drawn to how tall men walk… you get the apologetic “Oh really, I’m taking up too much space” hunch over or the commanding “I’m here and you know it” careless stride, a contained sense of power… loose in the hip but with a certain attractive strength. A good example is the film “Independence Day”, the almost last scene, where Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith are walking away from the alien spacecraft they’ve just landed after saving Earth and the whole of humanity. Both tall men, fantastic actors… great walkers…

Me? Well, I bought these fantastic work out shoes with memory foam soles, comfortable and quiet, so I can move as silently and elegantly as one of my cats… just don’t look at my feet!

_MG_7434 (2)

41 thoughts on ““Well You Can Tell By The Way I Use My Walk…”

  1. I love this topic and you have described it so well as “the human body in song.” Many song lyrics speak of the seductive way women move, but there should be more songs about the beauty of masculine movement! As for high heels, I had a brief window of a few years when I wore them, but they hurt too much. To add insult to injury, the Long Suffering Husband is impervious to their appeal, and if I ventured to appear in heels, would always hint that I ought to wear something more practical!!

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  2. I am definitely not a “heels” woman. I tend to live in tennis shoes. This was a great post and I am now going to consciously be watching people walk.
    I love the movie Independence Day! I may have to haul it out to watch tonite…..and watch those two walk away!

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    1. Thank you very much 🙂 I am pleased you enjoyed the read-yes, I think for comfort and practicality you can’t beat tennis shoes! ( Could always stick a few sparkles on to make them pretty for going out..hmm..)
      Oh yes, Independence Day is a great film-enjoy! 🙂 xx

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  3. Interesting to notice the “style” of dog walkers. As a cat person I always wonder what I would be like if I had a dog to walk. We have coyotes in the canyons here, so I’d probably be totally overprotective and never let my dog off leash!

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    1. I find it interesting…as I said, I ramble on to the dog as we walk too…sometimes I wonder if we have to run home as she wants to get away from the sound of my voice!! I’m a cat person primarily too, but I enjoy the company of a dog, so Mum lets me borrow hers 🙂 xx

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  4. I love that scene in the movie – definite power walks, you are right! London requires a certain kind of walking too, I agree. Basically ‘hard and fast’ and as though you are the one with the right of way and everyone else should get out of the way…

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  5. I would love to look as graceful as a cat when I walk. I’m more of a puppy-who-hasn’t-gotten-used-to-her-feet type. 🙂 I stepped off a curb wrong one time in Manistee (northern Michigan) and broke a bone in my foot.

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  6. I love watching the way animals walk too. Like sometimes little dogs kick their feet straight out and up in the air, sometimes when bigger dogs are tired they essentially swing their hips. And cats I love when they are in sneak mode and they walk slow and close to the ground. I wonder what all the different animal walks mean!

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    1. Yes, little dogs really bring a sense of joy to the way they move 🙂 My mother’s German Shepherd always reminds me of a wolf-she’s a big girl but really light-footed and stealthy! I like the cat sneak walk too…they have specially cushioned pads to give them that extra silence for hunting 🙂

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  7. How true! I usually notice how people walk, some with outward pointing toes and some with inward, some slow and some fast. I’m more of a slippers person (hard to find shoes with my wide duck-like feet 😛), but I’m generally all right with low 1″ or 2″ inch heels, though my ankles get tired when I walk with them for too long. 😅
    I love to watch cats walk too, especially when they’re sneaking around to catch something. 😸

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    1. It’s one of those endlessly fascinating things, I find, people watching…I prefer slippers too, or even better barefoot-when it’s not too cold!Cats have wonderful walks-apparently their legs are hinged differently at the hips which gives them that wonderful sashay! 🙂 x

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  8. Your posts are brilliant. I keep thinking about things you say (thus, my comments are often postponed or chaotic/plentiful…).
    My (very) high heels are an integral part of me most of the time. But I don’t wear them when I walk the dogs-and I am different when I’m with the dogs. More approachable (apparently), calmer and less aggressive (this is not my own observation-but it’s fair). Relaxed? Happy?
    But I do love my high heels, they give me confidence and the feeling of being in control. They remind me to walk properly, my back straight and my chin up. Nobody dares to open the door for me or behave as if I needed help-which happens a lot when I’m not wearing them.
    I do believe the way we walk can tell the world a lot about us, not just about our personality but the mood we’re in at the moment.
    And it works for the dogs, too. I would recognise every single of my dogs by their very unique walks. Lily is an urban dog, walking fast-with a purpose, oozing confidence and power. The world belongs to her and she’s on a mission to check if her properties are well looked after (pubs in particular). Brian is alert but shy, his hind legs always ready to break into a sprint. He’s trotting next to me most of the time, even if sniffing at things he’s still ready to run away.
    My cats walk differently, too. You can always hear Ulysses, but never Charlie…
    Oh, the BeeGees song has wormed its way into my brain now!

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    1. Interesting observations about dog walks..the pup sort of shambles like a race horse, all legs and power ( so much for getting a tiny dog Mother..he fractured my cheekbone the other day!!) Erin walks lightfooted and wolfy..and the cats all have their own individual ways too.
      I agree, putting on heels does influence the way you feel and approach the world and how people respond to you…guess I’m just a barefoot bumbler LOL!! And thank you, as always for your lovely comment 🙂 xx

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  9. Fantastic observations, Samantha. We hardly see people playing with their doggies, when they take them for a walk, it seems that the telephone is more impawtant than the doggie. It’s really sad for the doggies 😦 Granny was a high heel walker too, but she has to pay the purrice for it now with two sagged feet. Granny says: If only we all had the grace of a pussycat’s walk…sigh 😀 Double Pawkiss 🙂 ❤

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  10. Oh so true – it is fascinating how you can tell the mood of someone often by the way they walk… Filling the space they’re in or hunched away.. I’m such a people watcher too.. And of course, not forgetting: Got the wings of heaven on my shoes. I’m a dancin’ man and I just can’t lose…..xxx

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