“If Music Be The Food Of Love…”


You may have noticed that my replies to comments lately have been more … picturesque. This is because I’m in love. I am in love… “Finally … it’s happened to me, right in front of my face… “

I have a new phone. I saved for it. I researched it, I bought it. (How we met is a story for another time…)

Like a skilled lover, it has opened my eyes to the pleasure of owning a decent phone, leading me gently from one experience to the next …

I can unlock it with my fingerprint. It loads Twitter easily and quickly. WordPress works like a dream. It makes me look like a decent photographer.


And last night… together… we discovered music. Yes! This phone holds and plays loads of songs without complaining about storage and the quality of sound is amazing.

So. Last night was spent meeting a lot of old friends again… a party in my head; and it made me think of a music tag, if you will. By all means, pick it up and carry on, I’d be delighted. This phone made me realise just how much I’d missed music and the pleasure is… intense.

1. The corniest song you have and like…

Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You” by Glenn Medeiros. I first heard this song when I was about 14… quite a few years later, I STILL know all the words. Why is this…?

2. Song by an artist no-one would expect you to like.

Mockingbird” by Eminem. I have a secret fondness for rap… thanks to my nephew.

3. Song from your past that takes you straight back to that moment in time.

Since You’ve Been Gone” by Rainbow. Straight back to the Union bar at Manchester University drinking Taboo and watching the first boy I ever kissed playing air guitar. Enough said.

4. Guilty pleasure…

Anything by Justin Bieber. Bless him. (He just needs a cup of tea and a hug.)

5. Enduring crush.

Robbie Williams. A song for every occasion and a cheeky smile to match…

6. Band or artist that you think most people would associate with you.

Coldplay… and I do actually like quite a lot of their music.

7. Favourite piece of classical music.

Mozart’s Symphony No.25 in G minor… like tiny clear quartz crystals falling softly on your senses… Genius.

8. Favourite song from an era before you were born.

California Dreamin’” by the Mamas and Papas… I would have loved to have been a hippie…

So. Here you are then… just a few of my old friends, not mentioning The Doors, Dr.Dre, Supergrass, Oasis…

I hope you’ve enjoyed a taste of my pleasure… it’s been emotional.

(With apologies to Shakespeare, CeCe Penistone, Vinnie Jones… )

50 thoughts on ““If Music Be The Food Of Love…”

  1. Ha! 🙂 I am still researching phones. Does your phone start with an i by chance or maybe something that has the word galaxy in it or…. maybe all caps like “Here’s The Cat” –HTC? phone? Must know. Please. I am still in the dark ages…. and, yes, by golly–I deserve a good love affair too!

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    1. Huawei P9 Lite…it’s amazing! I didn’t fancy a Samsung anything after all the press about them exploding. I loved the iPhone but I couldn’t justify spending over £300.00 on the model I wanted, so the Huawei was the next best option. Plus the fact it’s an android phone so I’m reasonably confident in using it. I totally recommend it!! Wonderful phones 💞📞📞💞

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      1. Ooh missed reading this! Huawei👍👍 heard good things about it. Oppo too…iphones and Samsungs cost $1,300 plus without phone plan. With phone plan lock in 2 yrs it could be $300 for set.

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      2. The man in the shop – Carphone Warehouse, actually – said that they are a real up-and-coming brand, and you can obviously get ones that have more memory which cost more, but I paid for handset only. I don’t like being tied into contract…prefer to shop around-handset only was £220. 🙂


      3. I must admit I’m secretly (well, sort of) happy it’s not an iphone…I hate the market dominance and the corporate, ‘fake smiles and competitive spirit’ culture they impose on us. I do have one but I couldn’t do much about it as it’s my work phone. All of me rebels when I have to use it (I didn’t like my school uniform either).
        I wish both of you the perfect relationship for years to come 🙂 x

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      4. Oh we’re very happy together..lol…added bonus of an off switch too 🙂 and although I aspired to an iphone, because I’m not particularly technical, I wanted a phone that used a system I could understand. ( I HATED my school uniform…bottle green A-line tweed skirts…)

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  2. Ooh a new phone! Samsung or iphone?!!👍👍👍Seriously these days our cameras in phones are really good! Enjoy your new gadgetry and do take photos to share!! I am waiting to see how S8 performs and hope that Samsung brings back the Note series without explosions ha ha!

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    1. I would be afraid to spend quite so much on an iphone, plus the fact I like the android operating system as it’s the one I’m used to. Samsung-looks beautiful..would just be afraid of it! There were some horrific incidences here of people being burned…

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  3. Oh my gosh, I love this post! Especially your “Since You’ve Been Gone” memories. Brings me back to those highly-charged days of my youth in the…ahem…late 70s and early 80s!! Romance, drama, bad clothing choices!

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  4. I love California Dreamin’ too, and I like your description of Mozart! I have a love/hate relationship with my phone, since it is constantly demanding my attention, but where would I be without it???

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  5. What happens if you have a plaster on your finger?! I need a new phone. Mine just makes phone calls and it doesn’t do that very well! I like this ‘tag’! Or I did at first. I read it earlier on someone else’s phone so couldn’t comment at the time. And I now have had that Glenn Medeiros song on the brain ALL DAY! Always the naff stuff….

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    1. Ah, I am so pleased you asked this as it just so happens I did in fact have a plaster on my forefinger…however, you can give a secondary print for the security to use, or if you don’t want to do that, then you can pin or pattern unlock.
      And…I had to re-read your comment…I thought:”Oh dear..she liked it at first but not now? Did she go off it through out the day…?”LOL LOL…or at least I hope you still like it!! (Hee hee hee…Glenn Medeiros…)

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      1. Waaaaaaaah! I had just managed to get him out of my head!! And I always like your posts. Imagine a thumbs up, a smiley face, and a ray of sunshine icon here…

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      2. Hmmn, second from last is a heart so heavy it has overturned…the last is a square peg in a round hole!! OK, I am just theorising…

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      1. Tickets are ten pounds via sacha black’s blog. The first time I went I was a newish blogger so not just for professional bloggers. I’m shy too but braved it and loved it. We’re a friendly bunch and will make you feel welcome. Hope you decide to come, it’s a fantastic event. If you do let me know. 🙂 xx

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  6. WOW! Great choice of music, Samantha. Granny is Coldplay fan since she saw them on television singing Yellow. She still has goosebumps when she hears it 😀 Enjoy your new lover..MOL 😀 Pawkisses filled with music for a musically day ❤

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  7. Haha! You had me going, Samantha. Congratulations on your new love. I trust it won’t end badly. 😉 I’ve had a decent phone for years at this point, but I don’t use it for music. I might listen to Reuters while I walk, but not music. Yet, I have been compiling a playlist for my elder years as insurance against losing my connection to my youth. It will include Alice Cooper, Barbra Strisand, the Beatles, Beethoven, Billy Joel, Credence Clearwater, Donna Summers, Dweezil Zappa, the Eagles, Firesign Theater (not technically music), Frank Zappa, Herb Alpert, Herman’s Hermits, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (again, not music), It’s a Beautiful Day, Journey, the Kingston Trio, Mason Williams, My Chemical Romance, Neil Diamond, Pat Benetar, the Pointer Sisters, Queen, Shania Twain, The Alan Parsons Project, many, many show tunes (but not from Cats, Les Mis, or Phantom), the Carpenters’ version of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, and probably many more I’ve forgotten.

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    1. That’s a brilliant list! Reminded me of some favourites I shall have to put on my phone too, I don’t have any musicals yet…must add “Jesus Christ Superstar” with the 1972 film cast..and so far my phone hasn’t disappointed 🙂 It would probably even make me a cup of tea if it could! x

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