Jet And Joyful Cats!


Jet is one of those inbetween crystals like Amber, where it isn’t actually a stone, but was formed from fossilised wood millions of years ago. And not just any wood, but a particular sort from the wonderfully named Monkey Puzzle tree.


Jet has been used since ancient times as a talisman against violence and illness. Perhaps because of its organic origins, rooted in Mother Earth’s love, it has always had strong protective qualities attributed to it. It is also said that people who feel especially drawn to Jet are “old souls”, who have been on this Earth before and travelled her paths in a previous life.

Jet became popular again during Victorian times when it was the fashion to have elaborate mourning jewellery made to commemorate the passing of a loved one. The best quality Jet comes from Whitby, a small Northern coastal town in Yorkshire, here in the U.K. and very dear to my heart. It is also immortalised in classic literature as the place where Dracula landed in England, in the novel of the same name by Bram Stoker.


Thus Jet’s inherent quality of spiritual protection is very appropriate. It can soothe unreasonable fears and give you the strength to take control of your life and move it forward in a positive and fulfilling way. As it is such a kind and empathetic crystal, it should be cleansed after each time it has been used in healing. Likewise, if you do happen to inherit a piece of Jet jewellery or buy one, then it would be advisable to cleanse it thoroughly as it’s a bit of a psychic sponge…


Jet, therefore, with its uniform texture and colour, light and calming to the touch, brings the same quality to emotions, lending an even balance to your life.

There have been times in my life when the way forward has seemed very bleak and joyless. Sometimes it can feel like the Universe is handing you a plateful of trouble with a side order of difficulty and no knife or fork…

I take so much joy and comfort from my beloved cats and I would like to think they find a similar joy in sharing their lives with me… Tooty’s uncomplicated joy in finding me waiting with the right flavour catfood;


Lily’s joy when she sees me from across the park;


Ting’s joy in everything around her


and Charlie’s joy when she realises I have the ideal jumper on for kneading…


Simple little things that link our lives in joy.

So then, when you feel like when really it’s all too much, stop. Just stop. Give yourself a moment, take a breath and look at the simple joys in Life. Every day the Sun rises, bringing warmth and light and life… putting the shadows behind you.


42 thoughts on “Jet And Joyful Cats!

  1. What a nice solid black crystal! Jet is an appropriate name for it as it’s, well, jet black. 😛 And there’s just something joyful about having a cat purr while I massage her head, neck and back. At least, until she’s had enough and runs off. 😝

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    1. LOL …that tree is actually in the garden of a house just round the corner from us. It’s the ONLY Monkey Puzzle tree around for miles and everytime I wanted a picture of it, there was someone in the garden giving me funny looks…!!
      And thank you, the girls love the camera! 🙂

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  2. How fascinating.. we have quite a lot of monkey puzzle trees near to where we live and I’ll be looking at them with renewed interest when I pass them in future.. and of course.. adorable cats! x

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    1. Well soap and water are always good 🙂 but when you work with crystals to relieve physical or emotional dis-ease, cleansing is important to wash out the negative energy. Some people do like to just run them under a tap, the action of the water running onto the crystal affirms the intention of cleaning and cleansing. Some people like to cleanse them in moonlight overnight (or sunlight but with crystals like Amethyst the colour will fade a bit). Other people like to cleanse crystals by visualising a cleansing white light surrounding and sinking into the crystal to wash away the nasties. Whatever feels right at that time, cleansing just helps to keep the crystals working at full capacity 🙂 x

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  3. Although I knew jet was fossilized wood, I had no idea it was from the monkey puzzle tree! I remember those trees at our B&B in Torquay. It was a fabulous, fancy house called “Braganza” — wonder if it’s still there. Anyhoo, I’d love to get my hands on some jet. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it sold here. Great post, lovely crystal, beautiful cats!

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