Cats and Carriers


My little cat Charlie is a constant source of joy, delight and inspiration to me… however, sometimes, I do wish she’d just … co-operate.

She has a tendancy towards over-grooming, just the one particular patch of fur, right above the base of her tail. I’ve been through all the possible causes of this, from food allergies to stress, and although, by and large, the problem is under control and resolved, there are still certain times of year, like the Spring moult, when a trip to the vet becomes necessary.

For Christmas this year, my mother bought me a new cat carrier… it’s beautiful, like something Little Red Riding Hood would use to pop a few treats in for Granny; and what’s more, it’s a top-opener. I read an article on Katzenworld about how this style of carrier is the way forward, and I would definitely agree.


This carrier is sturdy and spacious, the cat has room to turn around and lie down properly in it, the carrying handle is strong, and best of all, you can just pick the cat up and pop them straight in the carrier through the generous sized gap and close the lid. No more of the somewhat “threading a needle with a sausage” scenarios of trying to push an annoyed cat through a tiny door about the size of a postage stamp. Simply – up and in. I don’t know who was more surprised really, me or the cat.


This vet trip I was on my own… my son had a really important day at college… so he claimed… and I actually had to take Charlie and Lily as they were both due for their boosters. I thought to myself:

Am I mentally and physically strong enough to face a bus journey with two cats; the howling, the stares, the questions – yes. Yes. I can do this.” (I took a taxi.)

Once at the vets, and Lily dealt with, she’s very good at the vets-

_MG_6403 (2)Oh yes, I remember you, weren’t we introduced at the vicar’s tea party last week…”

then it was time to retrieve Madame La Princesse from her luxury basket. I opened the lid and looked in. She looked back at me… I reached in and lifted her out-love the ease of access with these carriers and plonked her on the table for the vet to look at.

NO! No! You keep your hands off me… you… you…VET!”

Charlie has surprising strength for a little cat and rolls herself up like a furry hedgehog lined with teeth and claws. However, duly examined with her usual tablets prescribed, I picked her up and popped her back in the basket. She turned around and lay down in it, glaring at me with large greeny-golden eyes.


We left the vets, and I paused a moment outside, to consider the pros and cons of the bus journey home. Surely, after such a stress-free vet visit I could – I took a taxi.

I do love this cat carrier though. Years ago, I bought into the foolish idea that a cardboard cat carrier could convincingly contain a cat against its will… Believing this, I attempted to place my large ginger cat into a cardboard carrier to take him to the vet, Ten minutes later, it was all over… for the carrier. Ginger sat in a heap of shredded cardboard, contemptuously picking the last pieces from between his claws and looking at me as if to say “Really?”

I upgraded to the plastic boxes in two halves, with the tiny doors. My old tabby was far too much of a gentleman to try and escape from it, but he did chew through the locking mechanism, just to prove a point.

My current four girls have all done their time in the plastic boxes, and have discovered, that with enough force, they can pop the door off its hinges… stick claws through the gaps and spike the unwary person carrying them… and I am sure that if I inserted a tiny secret camera I would see the contained cat cat jumping up and down inside mosh-pit style…

However. This new cat carrier-by Curver, actually, who also make useful little boxes to put things in, is both comfortable for the cat and practical for the human. (I have carried guinea pigs in buckets and fish in washing up bowls before…)

When I got home and opened the lid for Charlie, she hopped out gracefully and unruffled, rather than elbowing her way through the tiny door like a commuter on a busy train.

Pausing only to glare at me:

Aha! I know you have tablets for me. You won’t get off so lightly with those…”

she disappeared upstairs…


34 thoughts on “Cats and Carriers

  1. This is so beautiful dear Samantha, I should search in here too. I know, how problem to take them to the vet. Even I only have one cat and makes me so tired every time. Because she doesn’t want to go!!!!! Beautiful photographs. Thank you, have a nice day and weekend, Love to you all, nia

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  2. I love your new cat carrier – it makes so much sense and is so much easier than the ‘postage stamp’ front door!
    I laughed at your story of travelling to the vets. I ask myself exactly the same questions when I have to take my dog/s to the vets. Am I strong enough today?
    With my old boy Mr Spaghetti Legs, I had to lift him in and out of the car – repeatedly – which was exhausting. With Little Monkey, she stresses so much that she fast pants the Whole time we are at the vets, while I sit by her – absorbing all her stress!

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    1. It definitely makes Life so much easier…it’s going to get a second outing next week as it’s Ting’s turn for her booster. Little Monkey might benefit from the dog version of Feliway, I think it’s called Adaptil. Carry amethyst too, good for absorbing negative emotions 🐶🐱x

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  3. That is a really cute cat carrier…have never seen one like it before! Taking cats to the vet (or anywhere else) can be a test of your nerves sometimes for sure. I’ve never heard my one cat meow so LOUDLY as when he’s in the carrier!

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  4. Have you tried feliway! The feline pheromone therapy that some cats respond too. Often over grooming is a sign of stress, boredom, underlying issue. I’m sure you have gone through the list (you seem pretty thorough). So thought I suggest feliway if you haven’t tried it!

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  5. I wonder if that carrier comes with wheels? My neighbor’s cat is a little chubby (well, fat, actually). I think this would be purrrfect for her 🙂 I will tell her to check out your blog.

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  6. Hahaha! I can just imagine your taxi rides. Did either of the drivers ask what you had in there, or was it obvious? Do you suppose an allergic driver would have refused to give them a ride? That does look like an excellent carrier. Besides, it has such graceful, attractive lines, it’s pretty!

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    1. Lol! The cats announced their presence quite loudly! I actually thought what if I got an allergic driver so when I booked the car I did say that I would have two cats with me…there was something in the news here about a man and his service dog being refused entry to a taxi so I thought it would be safest to mention the cats first..but I do love this carrier! 💖🐱x

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  7. That is one swanky cat carrier! I have a mental image of you wearing a cute coat, sunglasses and gloves a la Audrey Hepburn whilst carrying this jauntily over one arm. I am sure I am right….

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  8. That is a nice looking carrier! I didn’t know they made those until last summer when we went to the vet and they had to let us borrow one because we could no longer get Garfield inside ours! He had gotten too smart and was too big to just like sneakily slide him in so they gave us the top opening one and suddenly life was much easier! Also, your cats are beautiful😻

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    1. Thank you very much😊 and for the kitty compliments too! Love the name Garfield for a cat, and don’t top openers make life so much easier…I have since bought another one ready for the next time I have to take two at a time…🐱xx

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  9. This carrier looks so sleek and sooo much more practical! We always struggle with our three cats and them 1) destroying cages 2) likewise, ‘playfully’ clawing people’s hands through the gaps 3) looking blooming miserable in them as they’re squashed in! I’ve shown this to my mum so we can check them out! Also, “rolls herself up like a furry hedgehog lined with teeth and claws” had me in stitches! xxx

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      1. Oh Samantha – how funny ..well not for you at the time and I’m just picturing the taxi driver’s face at the cat hollering! You’ll be on a ‘taxi blacklist’ soon.. haha xx

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