Crystal Cats And… Um… Cats


I’m guessing from the title of today’s post you can see where I’m going with this… but just in case… My love of cats started even before I was born. My maternal grandfather died shortly before I was born, so in order to try and provide a little comfort, my father bought my mother a small black kitten, duly named Snoopy.

He would sit on my mother’s bump (me) and purr… I have since read that you can play Mozart to your unborn child to encourage the growth of genius… not sure about purring, whiskers maybe? Snoopy was the first in the line of my feline family and I have been blessed with many memorable characters that have brought their own particular magic to my life.

From the age of about 6 to 12, I had a brown Burmese, Ming, a wonderful companion and comfort. A very vocal and urbane cat, he accompanied me to my grandparents’ house in Wales on weeks away while my parents carried on savaging the wreckage of their marriage.

My grandmother took the presence of a cat in her previously animal-free home with her usual aplomb and ladylike dignity, perhaps recognising the very real comfort I drew from his presence. She only showed concern when Ming set about her textured wallpaper with his toe knives, saying with a slightly pained expression:

Darling, could you perhaps have a word with Ming and ask him not to do that… Nanny quite likes that wallpaper…”

Presently, my Furry Four are my comfort and inspiration, bringers of mice (Lily) and laughter (Ting), muddy pawprints (Tooty) and beauty (Charlie) My attraction to crystals came later, although even as a child I was drawn to the colours and shapes of stones that I found…

So… imagine my delight when my son’s lovely crystal lady had this Malachite cat. I had to have him and rushed to buy him at the first available opportunity. Malachite is quite a powerful crystal, and should be used carefully, ALWAYS in its polished state as it is toxic when rough. Its green swirling patterns reminded me of tabby cat fur, but can also be taken to mean that this crystal is still evolving.


It is protective and amplifying – if used in healing, it’s especially good for female problems but benefits from being used in combination with something like Clear Quartz. It can soak up electrical and atmospheric pollution and will clear the chakras, bringing fresh alignment and insight, understanding and mental clarity.

This little crystal kitten is Tiger’s Eye, protective and grounding. It brings integrity and determination to the wearer, to help with achieving their goals, promoting confidence and clarity while balancing emotions and helping with depression … my cats always cheer me up…


And then this crystal cat is Opalite – a Mother’s Day present from my son. Now, Opalite is actually glass, given a milky iridescent sheen, yet even still, it has useful properties. It is linked to the third eye chakra and is said to help with spiritual communications. Opalite is said to have quite a subtle vibration that can help to soothe emotional upset and deal with anxiety in a calm and thoughtful manner. As such, it is an excellent focus for meditation.


Generally, crystals that have been shaped have a special quality to their energies: spheres emit energy in all directions, rather like turning on an overhead light, eggs can be used to direct and focus energy while rough pieces have a free-flowing energy ready to be purposed to your intent.

I haven’t actually come across any set interpretation for animal shaped crystals… perhaps using an animal form gives the crystal that particular quality … the faithfulness of a dog, the regeneration and joy of a frog… cats admittedly don’t appeal to everybody, but they do have a grace and elegance which is hard to deny as they move silently through the world.

Perhaps, then, feline crystals are purposed with grace and gratitude; a quiet, yet powerful energy, reminiscent of a tiger in the jungle… the warmth and love of a domestic cat upon your knee.


94 thoughts on “Crystal Cats And… Um… Cats

  1. I love cats too! I actually grew up first with dogs and hamsters, though I wasn’t too attached to them – it was later in my teenage years that we had cats, and I fell in love with them! There’s just something about cats that tugs at my heart. ❤️

    I really love the crystal cats, particularly the Opalite one! (Maybe it’s the colour that drew me, I love blue. 😛) I have a pair of wooden ones forming a heart shape, and a salt lamp cat, but no crystal ones. I hope my favourite crystal store stocks them eventually. 😀

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    1. A salt lamp cat?? You have to put a picture on! I haven’t seen one of those and I would love to..but yes, I fully intend to add more to my collection 🙂
      As my father was a vet we had all sorts of animals, but one of my first pets was a big golden hamster called Gogo! 🙂 x

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      1. Here’s the picture of my salt lamp cat:×400.jpg

        Hopefully it’s clear enough for you to see; I took it in a hurry. 😛 I’ll probably write about the benefits of salt lamp later on!

        Aha, my pet hamster was also a big golden hamster! I called him Boyboy (yeah, it’s a male hamster, very creative for a 10-year-old 😆), but sadly one day it just disappeared. The cage was on the floor, but the door to the room was closed so our Golden Retriever wouldn’t have gotten to it… we never knew what happened. 😶

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      2. Oh it’s beautiful!!! I haven’t seen one like that before-we just have the lumps.
        I have a similar hamster story…the second hamster I had got out of its cage, we had a Great Dane dog at the time and she just swallowed him whole….

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      3. Glad you like my salt lamp cat! I couldn’t have a cat in my apartment (no pets allowed), so that’s my “pet” cat. 😛

        So sad about your hamster, my Golden Retriever then did give that “yummy!” look each time he looked at the hamster… but hey, I’ve seen a video of a guy with a pet rat on a cat on a dog! So cute when he walks them. I’ll have to see if I can find it again. 😀

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      4. Ah, yes, now I remember where I watched the pet rat on cat on dog; it was on Animal Planet’s “Must Love Cats” by John Fulton! Here’s a video of the trio:

        Thanks for the compliments on my cat salt lamp! I only remember bits and pieces of the benefits of salt lamp (like it generates negative ions to counteract positive ions from electronics), so I’ll need to read it up again. While I’m not an expert, I find I sleep better with it on at night, but it’s a little bright so it took a while to get used to. 😛

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  2. I could use some malachite! Polished 🙂 Just wondering what you think about orbs…the kind that show up in photos? Not crystals, I suppose… but they sure remind me of crystals.

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    1. My son has a malachite obelisk, but I must confess I haven’t much experience of using it myself…other than admiring the cat!
      Have you taken photos where these orbs show up, as depending on setting, lighting and camera angle, they can be lens reflections. Other interpretations range from energy ball, to spirit presences to lightning..

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      1. I have quite a few photos with orbs in them …in the house! My maternal great grandmother was a psychic medium. I have some of her crystal balls. Maybe they have something to do with the orbs? They look like clear quartz to me but not sure… I am completely ignorant about crystal balls. Maybe it is time to take a look inside them and see what I see…. I will keep you posted 🙂

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  3. I think it’s great your father got your mother a black cat named Snoopy for comfort. I always loved Snoopy. I love cats too. Do you have any pictures of Snoopy or any figurines that look like Snoopy? I like crystal as a rock. Maybe it’s because my name Crystal. I like seeing all kinds of rock. I like geodes too. Love your photos of Crystal cats. Do you have a crystal cat figurine photo that resembles Snoopy? Malachite, I haven’t seen malachite since my college days. I might have some malachite that was given to me. Akuokuo, the memories that comes back. Thanks for that.

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    1. Do you know, I put some old photos out of Snoopy to scan in and completely forgot! I’ll have to find a way to work them into another post. I have lots of ornaments of cats, but these are my only crystal ones so far…obviously I need more, LOTS more lol!
      My son has pieces of geode, but not a whole one…shall add that to the wish list!
      Thank you very much for your lovely comment and follow 🙂 x

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      1. I only have parts of geodes made flat. I wasn’t lucky enough to get a whole Geode. I will be waiting for photos of Snoopy. Let me know how your old pictures turn out. Mine won’t turn out good since they were on another type of camera. Your blog was interesting.

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      2. What my son does with my old pics is scan them into the computer and then edit them from there-you can make them a little sharper and correct the colour with some software.
        I have seen some beautiful geodes about the size of a small child…hundreds of pounds worth!!
        And thank you 🙂

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      3. Well Good Luck. If I need anything like that done, I usually ask my nephew who is 14 or my niece who knows about that stuff. Not surprising is it? So what if it doesn’t get done right away as long as it gets done.

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      1. I meant the PM…Who said ‘ham’? I mistook your rose quartz (hope I got that right?!) for a netty sponge thingie…but only because the pictures are so tiny, and I was far away, and it was a foggy night… Actually it would a cool ?Gravatar? Is that the right word?

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      2. Ha yes! I think it’s definitely something to do with the silhouette and the shoulders..guess what? I went in my mother’s kitchen cupboard for something and she had Buddy Holly chicks!!
        And yes..Rose Quartz. I am prepared to remember it as a foggy night too..I might change over actually, as I’ve had my current pic for a year now 🙂

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      3. Funnily enough I have been thinking of changing a few things too, just for a Spring dust and polish. Now I have a Buddy Holly song in my head…but I will be kind and keep it there!

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  4. I really smiled when I heard you had a cat named Snoopy at one time. When I was a kid we had a cat named Snoopy. He was a huge white cat with a black spot on his head. He also had the bluest eyes. He liked to sleep in the dryer if the door didn’t get shut so we always had to make sure that he wasn’t in there when we threw laundry in it.

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      1. I know a little although I’ve never come across Eilat stone in real contains malachite which is why they look so alike and Eilat stone balances Yin and Yang energies, brings wisdom to the wearer and harmonises emotions, as well as giving you a sense of wonder at the beauty of the Earth-a lovely crystal! 🙂 x

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  5. My cats are definitely toxic when unwashed -just saying…
    I have a friend who’s an expert in cats behaviour, she came to see us last weekend and my cats listened to her and did what she said. I felt like a failure (I strongly believe you can’t train a cat)…
    Then Brian wanted to eat her shoe (on her foot) and I felt like a total failure.
    I have since decided to isolate my otherwise peaceful household from unwanted elements showing off their witchcraft – we don’t need any negative influences from outside (we have enough coming from within).
    The cats crystals look strangely appealing (I’m not normally someone who buys crystals or figurines of cats) – it might be the magic of your photos, though 🙂

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    1. LOL…oh’s not really a matter of training a cat, I suppose it’s more a case of whether their desires happen to coincide with what you want them to do at the time..! Charlie will knock on the cat flap to be let in, but she came up with that all by herself, and now the others do it to, which is quite funny. But you can pretty much count on animals to reduce you to feeling like a blithering idiot…I’ve answered the door to the local M.P. canvassing with a cat on my head…but I suppose it makes life with animals all the more interesting. If I didn’t have them I’d probably just write about…stuff.
      I have an addition to the crystal cat collection too…shall have to work it in somehow 🙂 xx

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      1. I’m actually looking for a way to stop my cats following me when I go to work and when I walk the dogs…for their own safety 🙂
        I think animals make us more human and more real-less pretentious, less snobbish, less politely indifferent. I would definitely prefer to talk to a lady with a cat on her head than anyone else 😉

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      2. Especially when the cat looks less than complimentary! I’ve been telling my human students for years: ‘don’t just believe me, check, question everything, think!’. Well, humans are still well behind cats, of course 😉

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      3. I don’t think Charlie cared for the political party the M.P. belonged too…ha ha!
        It is always good to encourage individual research, rather than just relying on what you’re told, otherwise there’s no personal development.
        And of course humans are still behind cats! 😺😺😺xx

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  6. I have a gray tabby named Charlie. Technically, my Dad signed the adoption papers. However, the little fella is practically attached to me at the hip. He is a wonderful companion and exterminator. I had to have a talk about the mice with him though. Hopefully he understands now that he is supposed to leave the mouse corpses for my dad to find, because I don’t want to be the one to pick them up. My grandmother laughed her behind off though at the squeamish sounds and squeals of dread I made while on the phone with her and having to dispose of a dead mouse.

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  7. They’re all lovely. Just last week, I was at the new age/crystal/incense, etc. shop that’s just up the street from my new workplace (very dangerous). They had a basket full of tiny dolomite animals, and there was one cat. It had what looked like a crack running around its middle, so I didn’t buy it. But maybe now I should!

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    1. I actually found out that these little cracks and pieces of damage on a crystal are called “empathy nicks” and help the crystal work more closely with you in healing pain etc. However…I’ve found that a good resin glue or even wax will patch things up 🙂

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      1. Forgive me for being stupid… lol…the real cats are not for sale, neither are the crystal ones, but they do vary in price from a couple of pounds up to about £12.00. Just have a look on eBay and that will give you a rough idea 🙂


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