Desert Rose And Destructive Dogs… !

desert 2

This wonderfully sculpted crystal is actually a relative of Selenite and, as such, has the ability to bring peace into your life and help judgement and insight…Legend has it that these flowery crystals were discovered by Arab nomads wandering the deserts, giving their camels comfort breaks and discovering the Desert Rose in the resulting puddle…

A charming but mostly untrue story, however as a crystal, it does bring relief from old habits that are blocking your progress in life and can help you to find a better, more fruitful way of thinking.

desert 1

As Desert Rose stabilises emotions, it also strengthens your sense of purpose and determination, making you more open to receiving love in a positive equal relationship.

This crystal, particularly apt for Mother’s Day, helps to forge a positive healing connection with Mother Earth and restore her protective energy grid where it has been disrupted in areas, for example, where heavy industry may have taken place.

Speaking of mothers – appropriately – and earth (humorously), I rather think my mother has forgotten just how … into everything a puppy can be. Erin is now a dignified lady of seven years and regards all the chewing and dragging out of cupboard contents as a little beneath her…

desert 3

As Rocky trots into my mother’s front room clutching a dead plant in his jaws from outside and gaily scattering dried compost everywhere, or emerges from the cupboard gleefully crunching a peg between his puppy teeth, Erin looks at him with the outraged and somewhat disbelieving expression of an elderly maiden aunt as if to say:

WELL! Really! The youth of today – absolutely no respect for anyone or anything!”

desert 7

To date, Rocky has destroyed the sweeping brush, the mop, the clematis, the passion flower, the bird table, my oldest son’s work boots…but we won’t talk about that … and dug two very large holes in the back garden.

desert 4

Despite all this, Rocky’s total joy in life is infectious and utterly charming – Erin is devoted to him, and Mum enjoys the “busyness” of two dogs… and me? Well… I’m just hopeless with baby animals…. Yes, I do the baby talk…”Who’s handsome? Does ‘oo want a biccy..?”

I keep reminding my mother it’s all a matter of perspective, and how you look at things, or to put it simply … out of sight, out of mind. Just put things out of a little one’s eyeline or reach – they soon forget about it and find something else more appropriate for kiddy canines to play with.

desert 5

This is a frame of reference left over from when my sons were little-anything they shouldn’t have had was placed away in a secure cupboard, or on top of something out of reach. I still find myself doing this, although my youngest son is now considerably taller than me at 6’1”.

desert 6

Works for most animals and children, although perhaps not cats… as I type this, Charlie is busily engaged in helping herself to cat treats from the jar, having unwrapped my Mother’s Day presents for me…


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62 thoughts on “Desert Rose And Destructive Dogs… !

  1. Happy Mother’s Day, from a house where anything of value is stored above the 6ft mark! Desert rose was one of the crystals I enjoyed looking at in a shop, as it has a texture that demands to be felt! Have a lovely day x

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    1. Lol! Yes, glad you know what I mean!
      It does save bother though…I just hope the pup doesn’t grow too much more as he’s nearly as big as me when he stands on his back legs…
      Hope you’re having a wonderful day! 🙂 xx


  2. What an interesting-looking crystal! I’d not come across Desert Rose before so I enjoyed finding out about this. Sounds like Rocky is quite a cheeky rascal, but a lovable rascal that you can’t stay angry at for long! Happy Mother’s day to you 🙂 x

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    1. It is quite an interesting multi-layered and faceted-pleased you enjoyed the read! Rocky, bless him, into everything but Mum remembers to put things out of reach since he had hold of her bus pass!
      Thank you very much 🙂 xx


  3. Happy Mother’s Day 💕🌹🌸💐. UK celebrates it on a different day than us. Our is on 14 May. Great photos of pooches and wow 6′ 1″ really tall son! Have a great celebration with your boys. Blessings and Garfield hugs

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 I hope you have had a lovely day too!
      Rocky’s a clever little pup, I took him out for a walk today- first time, he’s had all his jabs now- and he walks beautifully 🙂 Quite pleased about that, as Erin will walk nicely somewhere…but then we have to run back!! 🙂 xxx

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  4. So nice of Charlie to help you out with your present! I like the look of this Desert Rose. I ‘re at first glance and thought it looked a bit like modern art made from tortilla chips. But it has won me round now!

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      1. Oh. I think my sister and I had the same arrangement as kids!! We each got a couple of small presents on the other’s birthday!!! We thought it was totally normal for years…

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  5. Happy Mother’s Day! Wasn’t expecting that as we celebrate that in May here. 😛
    And the crystal is so pretty, it really does remind me of a rose made out of sand, crystallised. 😀

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  6. Both dogs look beautiful (and Rocky is indeed a very handsome lad, I’d probably use my silly voice, too). Erin’s approach is shared by Lily-she actually makes faces when Brian does (yet again) something ridiculously puppyish, like falling off the sofa 😉
    As a 5’2” woman, I’m outraged by your sizeist attitude! Hedgehog always ‘forgets’ about me -especially when he wants stuff to be out of my reach (presents, his silly man toys that I actually rather like: screws and bolts and so on). I could use ladders but it’s so undignified…
    I like the stone, too-never seen anthing like it 🙂

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    1. My sister is about your height…I say that from the comfortable height of 5’7″ (and 3/4, that bit’s quite important) and Mum always gets cross if I put mirrors up for her since I work to my height rather than hers!!
      Erin is quite funny with him, although she can be grumpy…don’t know if that’s because she is a good bit older than him?

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      1. Puppies are annoying. She’s used to her creature comforts, she was the only dog in the house-it’s pretty normal she’s grumpy at times. She seems to be a normal, well socialised dog, so I really don’t think there are going to be real issues there (she’s also a bitch and that’s a huge advantage, she can tell him off with no consequences for herself).

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      2. He’s just so sad when she’s mean to him though…he’ll fetch his toy and come and lay it on my knee, asking to play..they do walk nicely together which is good-Mum originally only wanted a little dog, he was supposed to be a little dog (whippet size) but he’s already as tall as Erin in the shoulder!

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      3. Maybe he’s a Great Dane! Brian loves Great Danes (perhaps because I am partial to them).
        I feel sorry for Brian when some dogs (Lily included) don’t want to play with him. The look of helpless rejection and all that…But that’s actually just our interpretation of the situation. There are always other dogs who’ll play-and it’s important to respect other dogs wishes, too, which is a good lesson from Erin 🙂

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      4. True yes…do you know, he’s the spitting image of pics I’ve seen of Harlequin Great Danes..he keeps putting his ears up too. What ever he is, I don’t think he’s a whippet/lurcher cross at all!
        But yes, you’re quite right..we have to respect Erin’s feelings too, it’s a bit like expecting an older child to willingly share toys with a new arrival 🙂

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  7. Charlie is a good helper, I suppose…MOL 😀 Puppies are so cute, even if they break down everything, who can ever be angry of those little cutie pies 😀 Hope your Mother’s Day was as beautiful as the flowers. Double Pawkiss for the occasion 🙂 ❤

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