“Per Ardua Ad Alta” ~ Or Basically When You’re Feeling Down, Just Look UP

UP 4

I’ve heard quite a few variations on the translation of this Latin motto, but the one I like the best is “Through struggle to the stars”…

This, to me, means although you may be weighed down with the care and worry of your life, just stop a minute. And look. Look UP. A lot of the time we are rushing through life looking at our feet and literally casting our gaze downwards.

Look UP and the actual physical action of turning your eyes upwards can lift the spirits as you notice something new…

UP 9

When my son was little, I always used to say to him “Look!” and point out things that I thought might interest him, something different. I’m pleased to say that he’s carried this forwards into his growing UP life as he is now a keen photographer with a good eye and uncanny ability to interpret my shouts of “LOOK! Quick! I need a picture of that…”

UP 10

He’s been kind enough to take the majority of the photos I use on my blog, and I’d like to share a few more… for the purposes of looking UP.

UP 7

These trees… lifting their arms heavenwards into the light, letting in warmth and positivity, returning negativity to Mother Earth where it can be recycled…

UP 3

Architectural details are another thing that fascinate me, and here where I live there are some wonderful examples of buildings created by the architect Watson Fothergill who designed over a hundred buildings in the Gothic Revival and Old English vernacular styles, here in the early 20th century, red brick fancies that hark back to an earlier time in the city.

UP 5

I was so pleased when I saw this wonderful glass interior dome of the Council House, designed by T.C. Howitt in the Neo Baroque style and completed in 1929.

UP 6

And look! Two wonderful gargoyles, just perched on the corners… hmm… might find a use for them…

UP 2

And of course, I had to include these angels, for their symbolic value and traditional association with “UP”… and because the pictured crystals are uplifting and joyous.

UP 8

Try it. Physically, lengthen your spine, square your shoulders – it opens your rib cage and frees up your diaphragm so you can breathe- and just look. UP.

41 thoughts on ““Per Ardua Ad Alta” ~ Or Basically When You’re Feeling Down, Just Look UP

  1. What a great post and message, dear Samantha, I loved this “Look up”, so meaningful with you now. Thank you and also photographs are so beautiful, he is doing great. But you know, my favorite is cat 🙂 as always. Thank you for you both, and for your lovely cats too 🙂 have a nice day, Love, nia

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      1. You are welcome dear Samantha, Cats are amazing and I love them so much, you bring all beautiful and nice touches in your posts, not only cats, and I love to be in your world, I learn too. Thank you so much, have a great day, Love, nia

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful written and wonderful sentiment. I love to ‘look up’,it does lift my mood. Especially when you see beautiful architecture you never realised was there. The sky of course is the best place in my opinion to look at. It truely lifts me 🙂

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  3. This is so true! Often town centres have the most interesting architectural detail above shops, but we are focusing on the stuff in the window or just seeing the streamlined entrance the shopfitters created. Super pictures, by the way!

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    1. Thank you very much-yes it’s surprising what you see from a different angle…pleased you liked the pictures too..oh yes…saw McVitie’s thins…bought them…ate them…and was left feeling mildly disappointed. The promise of a biscuit but the sensation of a crisp-just confusing. Reminded me of those weird chocolate Pringle type things, whatever they were called.

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      1. Charlie is such a cute cat, my family could only take a picture if our cat if she’s flopped onto the floor. 😀

        And thanks for telling me what crystals thse angels are! They’re really nice. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks for the tip! Though I think I did that the wrong way with my (late) cat, because she’d come to the phone camera whenever I bring it out. I’ll try that again next time when I get another cat. 😀

        I suppose in the perspective of the cat, they must be thinking, “What is this crazy human doing this time…?” 😛

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  4. Great post! I “look up” all the time — at the 100-year-old trees at our cottage, at beautiful architectural details that everyone else ignores, at the moon and stars when I come home from work. It’s that brief pause, that “ah” moment; a soul-reviving interlude from the busy-ness of life.

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  5. The photos are really amazing. And the message is uplifting-as it should be 🙂 I like lying flat on my back surrounded by trees, just looking at them closing around me high up. Makes me feel safe (and small, but then, I am small) 🙂

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